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Rush Policies and Lottery Policies are set by each individual show, but we are happy to compile them for you to become your one stop destination.

Answers to many of the frequently asked questions our visitors and customers may have can be found below. If you need help, please check here before you contact us.

Q: What is a RUSH ticket?

A: RUSH usually means a ticket that is purchased on the same day as the performance, usually at a steep discount off the regular price. RUSH can be STUDENT RUSH (usually for students only) or GENERAL RUSH, which means that anyone can purchase these tickets. Some shows also offer SENIOR RUSH for patrons at least 62 or 65 years old.

Q: Sample Listing of Rush/Discount Tickets

A: Broadway: CHICAGO The longest running musical revival ever @ The Ambassador Theatre, 219 W 49th Street- $31.50 available daily when box office opens. (not valid Sat. eves.) /$21.25 standing sold day of performance only if/when seats are sold out/ $66.50 tix for orchestra and front mezz/ $49.50 for rear mezz- CODE: CHEX4TH by phone at 212-947-8844 or pick up a coupon at

Q: Are RUSH tickets only for theater performances?

A: No. RUSH is a general term that means discount tickets to any event or attraction. It might refer to museum entry, concerts and even special exhibitions like the Bodies Exhibit.

Q: Can I purchase RUSH tickets in advance?

A: No, RUSH tickets are almost always for "same day" performances or admissions only. If you want to purchase discount tickets in advance, have a look at These discounted tickets may be purchased in advance, on line, on the phone or in person at the box office by anyone, not just students.

Q: Can I purchase RUSH tickets online or over the phone?

A: No, RUSH tickets are almost always purchased in person at the box office. Also, many rush tickets are sold for cash only, no credit cards.

Q: What about standing room?

A: Many Broadway shows sell standing room. Usually they will do this only when all the regular seats are sold. Standing room is often behind the last row of the orchestra, therefore giving a great view (better than the last row) for a cheap price. Most Broadway theaters have about 16-20 standing room places that sell for about $25.00. Check at the box office. Anyone can buy standing room tickets when they are available.

Q: Can I get free tickets for ushering?

A: All ushers in Broadway Theaters are paid, union positions. But off-Broadway Theaters often use volunteer ushers who arrive about an hour before the show, help seat people, and then get to watch the show for free. Each off Broadway theater has a different policy. Best thing to do is inquire at the Box office of the show you wish to see.

Q: What about the TKTS Booth at Broadway and 47th Street?

A: The TKTS booth at Broadway and 47th Street sells tickets for many Broadway and off Broadway shows for the same day. Tickets are mostly 50% off, plus a $4.00 service charge per ticket. TKTS accepts credit cards, cash, travelers checks or TKTS Gift Certificates.

Most of the shows send their most expensive tickets to the TKTS Booth, so you will still be paying $62.50 plus a service charge for a $125 Broadway ticket and about $35.00 plus service charge for an off Broadway ticket.

The TKTS Booth starts selling most days at 3:00 PM for the evening performances. On matinee days, TKTS starts selling at 10:00 AM on Wednesday and Saturday and 11:00 AM on Sunday. On holidays and weekends the lines can be very long. Special note: Often just before curtain time, there is no line and since many of the theaters are within 2 blocks of the TKTS Booth, you can grab a last minute ticket with no wait. The TKTS booth stays open until 8:00 PM. Another special note: there is a separate window for plays, so you may not have to wait in line after all.

Theater Development Fund operates three TKTS Discount Booths in New York City

1. The Times Square Booth sells day-of-performance tickets only. (Broadway at 47 Street)
2. The South Street Seaport Booth (at the corner of Front and John Streets)sells tickets to evening performances on the day of the performance, and matinee tickets the day before.
3. The Downtown Brooklyn Booth (One Metrotech Center at the corner of Jay Street and Myrtle Avenue) sells tickets to evening performances on the day of the performance, and matinee tickets the day before.

All locations sell tickets at 50%, 40%, 30% and 20% off full-price (plus a $4.00 per ticket service charge.) Availability and ticket inventory change throughout the day and at the discretion of individual productions.

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