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New Jersey - Dance

Valerie Green/Dance Entropy in Succession: Online Performance
Succession channels fluid movements of a fetus in the amniotic sac, aging, an installation of hundreds of flowers, a spiritual burial, and a symbolic rebirth. Ms. Green has thread together segments from her body of solo works creating a life cycle journey.

Discount Price:$10 - $100 (Regular Price: $10 - $100) BUY NOW
Valerie Green/Dance Entropy in Impermanent Landscape: Online Performance
Impermanent Landscape is an evening length performance in the round inspired by the ideas of cubism, perspective, perception, and impermanence. Breaking the 4th wall and moving choreography outside of the traditional stage and audience formats, Impermanent Landscape features the geometry and architecture of overlapping bodies, creating its own personal landscape. Supported by a sonic terrain of original music by Martyn Axe while featuring an additional layer of sound bites, from sensors triggered by the dancers’ movement through a live video feed.

Discount Price:$10 - $100 (Regular Price: $10 - $100) BUY NOW
Valerie Green/Dance Entropy in Everything: Online Performance
Everything is a dance performance installation evoking the ever-expanding universe, transforming the performance space into a constellation of stars and human bodies in various states of formation and explosion. Inspired by astrophotography, string theory, interconnectivity and meditations on space and time. The new dance work weaves together a visual, physical and emotional translation of the cosmos.

Discount Price:$10 - $100 (Regular Price: $10 - $100) BUY NOW
Valerie Green/Dance Entropy in Utopia: Online Performance
Valerie Green/Dance Entropy, in collaboration with visual artist Keren Anavy, explores the idea of the perfect place through the mediums of dance and visual art. The work questions whether Utopia might be an internal place, investigated through personal and intimate moments and alongside the community. The notion of what it means to be safe persists inside an environment that is continually built and deconstructed.

Discount Price:$10 - $100 (Regular Price: $10 - $100) BUY NOW
Valerie Green/Dance Entropy in Castle Stories — Streaming
Castle Stories is conceived and directed by Artistic Director Valerie Green, and choreographed by Valerie in collaboration with the dancers. During this international collaboration in Malmo, Sweden, Valerie worked with participants in an intense 2-week process, creating a site specific work at Malmous Slott. Castle Stories was made in response to the environmental surroundings and history of the fortress/castle and pulling from the realities of the participants.

Discount Price:$10 - $100 (Regular Price: $10 - $100) BUY NOW
DancePlug Online
Take online dance classes and learn choreography by watching easy-to-follow tutorials. Train under the best dance teachers, across a variety of styles for any skill level! Easy-to-follow tutorials include instructor commentary with counts, speed control, slow motion, split screens, rewind 10 secs, section markers, captions and Apple TV air-play. Become a member to enjoy unlimited access to over 450 combinations, exercises, fundamentals and warmups for all skill level. New class tutorials added weekly!

Discount Price:$49 (Regular Price: $80) BUY NOW
Online Class — Beginners Salsa Dancing: Easy 6 Step Formula
Your complete guide to dancing Salsa. From the foundation to being a show-stopper on the dance floor, Josie Neglia will take you step-by-step (literally) to fully understand and develop into a great Salsa social dancer even if you have never danced before! Seven modules are broken down in an easy-to-follow format. Then once you have all the working parts, you will put it together in a flowing way with Josie’s 6-Point Salsa Formula.

Discount Price:$9 (Regular Price: $199) BUY NOW
Werq The World: Pride Castle — Online Stream
If we had to choose our own quarantine house, it would look a lot like Pride Castle. Because it’s always going to be a fun time when you pair Drag Race Season 12 winner Jaida Essence Hall and reigning Miss Congeniality Heidi N. Closet with other powerhouse queens. Tune in and see for yourself when they sashay onto the screen for this special edition of Werq The World.

Discount Price:$9.99 (Regular Price: $9.99) BUY NOW
Global Arts Live-Boston Dance Theater Livestream
Founded in 2018 by Jessie Jeanne Stinnett, Boston Dance Theater (BDT) is a Boston-based contemporary dance company codirected by Stinnett and award-winning Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili. BDT showcases the talents of Boston-based dancers and presents works by acclaimed choreographers. This fall BDT will perform repertory selections by the company’s current artistic collaborators. This livestream conversation is free so that people hit hardest by COVID-19 can participate. If you are able to donate, please do so generously. All donations keep Global Arts (a)Live and ensure we can continue to present the world’s finest contemporary dance companies and commission new works by outstanding choreographers.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
New York City Ballet Digital Fall Season
NYCB is offering a Digital Fall Season for you to enjoy free at home. Watch works from our incredible repertory every Tuesday from September 29 – October 20, plus five world premiere evenings: October 27 – 31. Two bonus family-friendly programs will also stream on Saturdays, October 10 and 24.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW