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New Jersey - Theater

Perfect Crime
For more than 32 years, the mystery-thriller Perfect Crime has kept audiences guessing with its comic, romance-filled take on the whodunit, making it the longest-running non-musical play in New York City history. The complex, twisty story unfolds in the secluded Connecticut mansion of Harvard-educated psychiatrist Margaret Brent, who’s accused of murdering her wealthy British husband, and soon finds herself tangling with a handsome detective, who may just have fallen for her. Catherine Russell has starred as Brent, missing but a scant four performances, since the show opened in 1987, earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Discount Price:$29 (Regular Price: $72.65) BUY NOW
The Golden Gays — A Golden Girls Revue
Picture it: Atlantic City, July, 2019. Sophia Petrillo has gone missing! Your pals and confidants set out on an epic search to find her. In a series of hilarious “hot flashbacks,” Dorothy, Blanche and Rose find themselves singing and dancing their way through the Golden Girls’ most iconic moments; all the while in search for the next #TokenSophia. Will it be you?! The Golden Gays NYC (or GGNYC) burst onto the scene in 2017 — first at RuPaul’s DragCon then at the famed Rue-La-Rue Cafe. What began as a flashmob has now skyrocketed to sold-out engagements all over New York City and beyond. Their hit show Hot Flashbacks has played Off Broadway at Theatre Row and is currently in the midst of a standing two-year residency at The Laurie Beechman Theatre, New York’s premier destination for queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. In 2018, GGNYC completed two successful tours, both with Hot Flashbacks and their Christmas spectacular Thank Yule For Being A Friend. GGNYC also is a part of RuPaul’s DragCon, taking place in NYC every September. The Golden Gays consists of Jason B. Schmidt (as Dorothy), Andy Crosten (as Blanche), and Gerry Mastrolia (as Rose) along with creative team of Mason Griffin (Music Director) and Anthony Giorgio-Schmidt (Director/Choreographer). A musical parody, their shows consists of live singing and dancing, along with hilarious sketches from the television show’s most memorable moments.

Discount Price:$12 - $20 (Regular Price: $20 - $35) BUY NOW
The Rat Pack Undead
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. come back to life — as crooning zombies — in The Rat Pack Undead, the NYC Halloween hit now coming to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Showroom at the Claridge Hotel. You’ll no doubt dig these classic tunes, risen fresh from the grave and given a comically creepy twist, including “Come Die With Me,” “Get Me to the Crypt on Time,” “What Kind of Ghoul Am I?” and more, as the still-swinging trio of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Dino and the Candy Man sing, dance and lurch about the stage for a thoroughly entertaining show critics have raved “blew them away” and “left them wanting more.”

Discount Price:$12 - $20 (Regular Price: $20 - $35) BUY NOW
Menopause the Musical
Four women at a lingerie sale have nothing in common but a black lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much sex and more! This hilarious musical parody set to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s will have you cheering and dancing in the aisles! See what more than 15 million women and fans worldwide have been laughing about for 18 years! It’s the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!®

Discount Price:$27 (Regular Price: $54) BUY NOW
Pride & Prejudice: A New Musical Stream
Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice? Pride & Prejudice, based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, is a new musical adaptation by Tony Award nominee Paul Gordon (Broadway’s Jane Eyre). The show was filmed at the Tony Award-winning TheatreWorks Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, CA., where it played its world premiere from December 4, 2019 to January 4, 2020 and established an all-time box office record. The production was directed by TheatreWorks’ Founding Artistic Director Robert Kelley and choreographed by Dottie Lester-White.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Bullets on Broadway: A Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Bullets on Broadway is murder mystery party game you can download, print, and play! Plus, virtual playing rules are included to play by video chat with friends and family! The Story: It’s opening night of Murder in the First on Broadway, and nerves are high. The cast and crew are all a buzz backstage with the excitement of the lights, the sounds – and the dead body of big-shot Broadway Producer. There lies Jack Bialystock, shot in the back center stage before the curtain could rise. Was the murderer a cast member, like Anita Part who’s making her Broadway debut tonight, or seasoned performer Sienna Stealer? Was it the snooty theatre critic Bob Blandley, or a member of the audience like Megan Phan who somehow wandered backstage? There’s only one way to find out: play the game Bullets on Broadway! But hold onto your overpriced wine — the murderer may be YOU! Great gift and game for theater fans!

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin — Live Streamed Musical Event
A one-time-only live streamed broadcast musical event taking place this Mother’s Day! Experience some of America’s greatest songs in the context in which they were written! From “God Bless America,” to “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” “White Christmas,” “Always,” and so many more … in a musical event that has been performed in theatres throughout the nation and abroad.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $50) BUY NOW
An Evening with the Bard: Celebrating the Poetic Works of Dr. Maya Angelou — Virtual Theatrical Viewing
Def: /bärd/ noun ARCHAIC•LITERARY / a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition. ​The name most synonymous with the term “Bard” is William Shakespeare, however, tonight we celebrate the Bard of our time. The one known wondrously as Dr. Maya Angelou! Don’t miss the VIRTUAL VIEWING of this poetically staged work; artfully weaving together several of her poetic masterpieces through various mediums of artistic expression.

Discount Price:$6 (Regular Price: $12) BUY NOW
Emma: A New Jane Austen Streaming Musical
Fall in love again with the language of Austen with Tony-nominated Paul Gordon’s Emma. EMMA, a timeless love story from one of the most widely read writers of all time, is a musical that will entice modern audiences to fall in love again with one of Jane Austen’s most adored characters. Paul Gordon’s critically acclaimed stage adaptation re-imagines the Austen’s classic in mid-century modern yet keeps the language intact.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Online Murder Mystery — Pickleball Is Murder
Invite your friends to a virtual murder mystery. Buy the game, print out the parts, email them to the guests and the fun begins as you meet the characters. The winner of the inaugural pickleball tournament was shot to death last night and you are invited to help the newspaper reporter solve his murder. There are seven suspects, his spoiled fiance and her protective father, the coach who hasn’t been paid, the overbearing sponsor of the tournament, the jealous player who came in second, and the envious tennis coach. Each guest will read the part of one the characters; they will argue, share information, and discuss clues. One of them is guilty but no one, not even the murderer knows who is it and will not know until the last minute. The game includes the host manual/instructions and seven-character booklets with everything they need to know to play Pickleball Is Murder.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Murder Under the Big Top: Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Video chats have become a great way to keep up with friends and family in recent days — and now they’re a great place to uncover a dastardly murderer under the big top! Murder Under the Big Top is bringing whodunnit mystery fun to the world of a three-ring circus, with a fun game kit that’s playable by up to 20 people.

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Marry Harry — Online Musical Stream
Boy meets girl on a block in the East Village, a place like no other, where muses come to life, singing and dancing and magically providing guidance to two misguided romantics and their loving, albeit controlling, parents. Marry Harry is a romantic comedy that explores family (restaurant) business, family loyalty, marriage, love, food and finding one’s path in life with humor, heart and just the right amount of spice.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Online Murder Mystery: Murder on the Set
Invite your friends or co-workers to a virtual murder mystery. The movie star/singer Dave Daly was poisoned on the movie set and you and your guests become the suspects; you might be the know-it-all psychic, the jealous understudy, the has-been actress, the hometown girlfriend, the sinister gambler or the director/detective. Everyone is suspicious, everyone has information to share and no one knows the identity of the murderer until the last minute. People will be “dying” to attend your online event. The game includes the host manual/instructions and seven character booklets with everything they need to know to play Murder on the Set.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Camp Moss-Keto Mystery of the Missing Trophy (Virtual Mystery Game)
Become a party legend by throwing this camp-themed mystery party for your next camp event, game night, birthday party, or gathering! Make memories with this ready-to-play printable game kit playable by four to 20 people! Virtual rules are included to play on Zoom! Written for ages 10 and up! Kids looking for an adventurous summer they’ll never forget have two choices inside the Great Swampland State Park: Camp Moss-Keto, nestled by still waters, and Camp Sue-Mack, situated among lush undergrowth. Each camp offers a wide variety of activities like competitive sports, arts, and wilderness exploration, culminating in the Great Swampland Olympics on the last day of summer. Whichever camp wins the most events takes home the coveted Calamine Trophy. But this year, someone has stolen the Trophy! Was it one the kids, playing tricks? Was it one of the camp employees, desperate for prestige? Was it an outsider, like the lost hiker who seems strangely knowledgeable about the camps? Or was it — YOU? Find out when you play Camp Moss-Keto Mystery of the Missing Calamine Trophy!

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Beethoven: Live-Streamed Musical Event
An exclusive live-streamed theatrical event live from Florence, Italy. Dramatizing Dr. Gerhard von Breuning’s factual memoir, Aus dem Schwarzspanierhaus (Out of the House of Black-Robed Spaniards, Beethoven’s last residence), Hershey Felder brings Ludwig van Beethoven to life through the eyes of the Viennese Doctor Breuning who spent his boyhood by the Maestro’s side. Featuring some of the composer’s greatest works, from the Moonlight Sonata and Pathétique Sonata to selections from the 5th and 9th Symphonies, and the Emperor Concerto, Hershey Felder’s Beethoven is an intense, illuminating, unforgettable journey through time that immerses audiences in the astounding life of Ludwig van Beethoven. Proceeds from this event will benefit each of the many participating theatres throughout the nation.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as George Gershwin Alone — Live from Florence
George Gershwin Alone tells the story of America’s great composer, who with the groundbreaking “A Rhapsody in Blue,” made a “Lady out of Jazz.” The show incorporates the composer’s best-known songs from “The Man I Love” and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” through the hits of An American In Paris and Porgy and Bess, to a complete performance of Rhapsody In Blue. As the only actor-musician to create the role of George Gershwin on the stage, and with over three-thousand performances, from California to Broadway to London’s West End, for the first time, Hershey Felder will bring George Gershwin to life on the stage of one of Europe’s oldest and most famous theatres. We will bring the show to you LIVE from Florence, Italy.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
80s Mall Murder Madness: Murder Mystery Party Game
Have a blast from the past with you best pals when you play the brand-new murder mystery party game from Broadway Murder Mysteries, 80s Mall Murder Madness! It’s 1985, and real estate developer and “entrepreneur” Whit Wiley has just cut the ribbon opening the newest marvel in his shopping mall empire: the Wiley Waterside Galleria Mall in Malibu. Whit was to top the Forbes list of most rich and powerful men of 1985 — until he washed up in the mall fountain, strangled by his skinny tie. Who could be responsible for the murder of this influential businessman? Was it his first wife Willhemina Wiley, seeking revenge for Whit Wiley’s many extramarital affairs? Was it local super shopper Connie Sumer, angry over the Galleria’s inflated scrunchie prices? Or was it fashion designer Cal Von Cline, who objected to Wiley’s appallingly gaudy bad taste? Time to whip out that credit card and tease that hair as big as it can go — we’re shopping for a murderer in 80’s Mall Murder Madness!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Fabulous Fanny: The Songs & Stories of Fanny Brice – Online
Fabulous Fanny Brice brings the Roaring 20’s back with a bang for a theater experience right in your own home. Enjoy classic show tunes, good old-fashioned fun, and hilarity, as we travel through time with Fanny Brice, the legendary Jewish comedienne, Ziegfeld Follies/Broadway star, recording artist, and film actress extraordinaire. One of the most popular radio stars of all time, Fanny was the voice of “Baby Snooks” on air for 25 years and even better known as the inspiration for the musical & movie Funny Girl. Join her as she takes you on a nostalgic journey throughout her life and infamous relationships, while she entertains with many of her popular hits and songs inspired by her legacy. Perfect for all ages, lovers of history, and anyone that misses a fun night out at the theater!

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $11) BUY NOW
No One Called Ahead — Online
Ben seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for. While you enjoy your rental, please consider donating to the actor’s fund to help those Broadway artists affected by the Broadway shutdown due to Covid-19. Featuring Justin Matthew Sargent with Lora Lee Gayer, Ann Harada, Storm Lever, Morgan Weed & Pamela Winslow Kashani. Ben seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for when he begins to receive a series of visits from several astonishing women from the great beyond. Each encounter further rocks his world view. Will this night forever change the way he lives, loves and creates? Or will he make it to daybreak at all? This darkly comic romance with a tuneful contemporary score asks the question, “is there love after death"? For this artist, alone in the woods with his life on the line and his potential still undiscovered — the answer is not what he expected.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
The Twenties Were Murder — Online Murder Mystery
The year is 1928, the time of gangsters, flappers, prohibition and clubs serving “tea” in the back room. Big Charlie, the owner of The Big C. club, was murdered and you are invited to investigate and find out WhoDunIt. Every player will become a character; they might be Jewel, the jealous fiance; Chef Michel, the angry, former owner; Abby, the liquor supplier; Max, the body-guard; or they might be Dollye, the dancer; Louie The Kid or Senator Tom, Big Charlie’s brother. Each character has information to share and questions to ask. Bubles, the Club Hostess is running the investigation and she needs your help. One of theplayers is guilty but no one, not even the murderer, knows who it is and will not know until the last minutes when the sealed paper is opened and the murderer is revealed. the game is for eight players but more can particpate as the audience.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Horror on the Haunted House Tour: A Murder Mystery Party Game
This new murder mystery party game from Broadway Murder Mysteries is the perfect plan for Halloween and includes everything you need to plan, prep, and play! You are one of a group of thrill-seeking tourists gathered for a Halloween night ghost tour. You huddle close together as the howling wind swirls dead leaves around the five historic houses in the square. Four of them are guaranteed to be haunted by murder victims from decades past; the fifth house is where the tour starts and costumed actors re-enact the haunting crimes. The Tour Guide leads you up the dimly lit creaking staircase and turns you loose to explore the upper floor. Screams punctuate the silence as the actors jump out of their hiding places to portray murderers and victims. Suddenly, one more scream is heard and a heavy weight tumbles down the stairs. When the Security Guard turns on the lights, you can see the lifeless body of your Tour Guide sprawled on the lower landing. Somebody has pushed her—but who? Find out when you play Murder on the Haunted House Tour. But hold onto your maps because the killer could be YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Waiting in the Wings — Online
WAITING IN THE WINGS: THE MUSICAL stars two entertainers, destined for the big time, who are mismatched in a casting office from two very different online contests. Tony (Adam Huss), a stripper from New York, is cast in an Off-Broadway musical and needs to trade in his tear-away trunks for tap shoes and tights. Anthony (Jeffrey A Johns), a naive musical theatre enthusiast from Montana, needs to decide if he can strip all the way down just to stay in town. Hilarity ensues as they realize that in order to “make it” they’re going have to learn some new tricks. Shirley Jones, Sally Struthers, and Lee Meriwether round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Riot X: Live-ish 30 Virtual Plays in Your Real World
RIOT X has metamorphosed our monthly live show caterpillar into a beautiful monthly butterfly, and, on this night, we’ll all watch it flutter its wings spectacularly with a tantalizing hybrid of BRAND-NEW LIVE and VIDEO PLAYS!

Discount Price:FREE - $7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Terror in Tinseltown: A 1920s Hollywood-Themed Murder Mystery Game
Dress up in old Hollywood glamour and solve the murder of Sly Mandrake, star of the silver screen when you play the new murder mystery party game, Terror in Tinseltown. It’s 1928, and the birth of the talking picture has turned Hollywood on its ear. That is until famed silent movie star Sly Mandrake turns up dead on the set of his latest picture THE SINGING SHEIK. What seems to be a tragic accident now looks more and more like a Hollywood hit job. Who could have bumped off this heartthrob of the silver screen? Could it have been controlling director Burly Bellows, frustrated with Mandrake’s lack of elocution? Or was it his vengeful scene-stealing scene partner, emerging starlet Nettie Potts? Was is famed LA mobster Hoochie Coodilinni, or could it have been Mandrake’s scorned lover Zelda Pinchbottom? Pour yourself a glass of giggle water and do the Bunny Hug in this legendary Jazz Age whodunit, TERROR IN TINSELTOWN.

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder in A Paris Love Story — Live From Florence: Online
A very personal journey through the beloved city of Paris through the music of Claude Debussy (“Clair de Lune,” Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune …) and how this music shaped a whole new world of color in sound. This new world of “musical impressionism” gave us the beginnings of what we have come to know as “Movie Music.”

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Holiday Horror: Murder at the Ugly Sweater Office Holiday Party! — A Virtual Game
Dawn your ugliest holiday sweater and round up some friends to play this brand-new murder mystery party game by Broadway Murder Mysteries! The Tasty-Ful Design Company’s holiday office party is swinging—as well as a party can when it’s held in the breakroom on a Friday afternoon. And when everyone, from the VP down to the Security Guard, is decked out for an “Ugly Sweater” contest. But things are about to get uglier, as someone peeks into the copy room and finds Nepo Tasty, the owner’s nephew, strangled with the sleeves of his own sweater. Who would do such an ugly thing on such a festive occasion? It could have one of the employees that Nepo had insulted. It could have been someone who was jealous of his place in the owner’s affections. And ugliest of all—it could have been YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder in TCHAIKOVSKY — Live From Florence: Online
Based on the original OUR GREAT TCHAIKOVSKY, and featuring an extended focus on The Nutcracker Ballet (in honor of Christmas) as well as Tchaikovsky’s life in Florence Italy where he spent a good deal of time – Live from Florence will be filmed live on location where Tchaikovsky actually lived and worked in Florence. An interesting, surprising and engaging holiday treat.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist — Online
The Holidays are here and this year Estella Scrooge (like her ancestor Ebenezer) is haunted by three ghostly visitations and oh what uninvited visitors they are. In this unique take on the classic story, you’ll experience a mix of a few Dickens classic tales brought to life by Broadway royalty in this dazzlingly cinematic musical theatre adventure musical. Estella Scrooge is a young Wall Street tycoon with a penchant for foreclosing. A hotelier in her hometown of Pickwick, Ohio has defaulted on his mortgage loan and Estella fancies the idea of delivering the foreclosure in person on Christmas Eve. Arriving at Harthouse, Estella discovers that the defaulting party is none other than her childhood sweetheart, Pip Nickleby. A holiday treat for all ages

Discount Price:$29.98 - $45.98 (Regular Price: $29.98 - $45.98) BUY NOW
Forest of Feelings — Online
The Forest of Feelings is a magical place filled with a vast landscape of emotions. When two friends discover a lost laugh, with the audience’s help, they must take a physical and musical journey through the forest to return it to its faraway home. Created by Yo Re Mi, Forest of Feelings is an interactive show live on Zoom that teaches your youngest theatergoers about emotions, music and yoga.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Sholem Aleichem in Before Fiddler – Live From Florence: Online (World Premiere)
Sunday, February 7th, 2021 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Before the beloved musical Fiddler on the Roof there was Sholem Aleichem and his beloved character of ‘Tevye the Milkman.’ Before the beloved songs, “Tradition,” “If I were a Rich Man,” “Matchmaker” and more, there was music of the old world… a music that imitated talking, laughing, weeping, and singing, where musicians didn’t just make music, they spoke to you in song – Klezmer. In Florence, Italy, one of the oldest artistic centers in the world, a group of such musicians have been by day, virtuosos in Florence’s world famous Maggio Musicale symphony orchestra, by night, they are the Klezmerata Fiorentina…with their ancient European roots, and Hershey Felder as their storyteller, playing an array of characters and music from the “old world,” from a Tevyeh, to a Yenteh, to a Rabbi, to a newlywed daughter, to many many more…

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Monday Night MarshStream – Online
Like many theaters in our community, The Marsh has postponed all in-person shows until further notice. But that won’t stop Monday Night Marsh from continuing to feature unique works-in-progress. Monday Night MarshStream is our new Monday Night Marsh with a few twists. Every Monday at 7:30pm, we bring you live plays, musicals, and projects from performers, both familiar and new, via ZOOM.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Carmen – Online
Watch Opera Orlando’s production of Carmen from the comfort of your own home and on any device that has access to YouTube. This is a cinematic recording filmed on three cameras with exclusive backstage content, offering a different perspective from the live performance. Opera Orlando concludes its 5th anniversary season back in the Walt Disney Theater, as it presents Georges Bizet’s fiery masterwork, Carmen. Critically-acclaimed maestro Kelly Kuo makes his Opera Orlando debut and conducts musicians from the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, with Sara E. Widzer also making her Company debut, directing this original production set in the politically tumultuous and culturally provocative arena of 1960s Haiti.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
TAKE ROOT: Nia & Ness and Misaki Hayama
TAKE ROOT is a monthly curated series that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to present a paired evening of work. All January – June 2021 Season Performances will be shared virtually. The January 2021 performances feature work by Nia & Ness and Misaki Hayama. Nia & Ness’s “home. (an excerpt)” is a portion of their second evening-length dance-poetry piece “home.” that deeply explores their daily realities as a Black, out-lesbian couple living and loving in New York. With this work, they posit that their bodies are their homes, collecting stories like dust and decor as they move through the world. This work also recognizes that as Black out-lesbians, their bodies themselves put their literal shared home on display every time they walk out of its doors. From sharing their everyday experiences with “micro” aggressions to making visible the impacts of violence, they go there with this work. Misaki Hayama presents “Warabe Uta” for Take Root. “Warabe Uta” are traditional Japanese songs, similar to nursery rhymes often sung as part of children’s games. The dance pieces created and presented here explore this hidden history and show how the past has influenced new generations to find their future paths.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Puccini — Live From Florence: Online (World Premiere)
In the tradition of the “one man composer shows” adding operatic voices when called for, Puccini is the story of the great composer’s deliciously scandalous life, his female characters, and how the real women in his life affected the women he created on stage. Filmed live on location in the places where these events and these compositions and premieres actually took place Puccini will include music from La Bohème, Tosca, Turandot and more.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Synetic Theater Streaming Subscription
View the best from our stage plus exclusive new films from the comfort of home. Synetic Streaming’s website and app suite is an on-demand, world-class viewing experience that will let you stream singular Synetic-curated content from your couch or on the go. The platform includes encore presentations of your favorite Synetic theatrical productions from our video archives, original short and full-length films produced by Synetic’s filmmaking division, and licensed content from kindred creators. Plus you’ll get behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive sneak peeks, interviews with cast members, and other exciting extras! Synetic Theater emerged from the creative vision of founders Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili, Georgian artists who moved to the United States in the 1990s. Trained in dance, theatre and film, the Tsikurishvilis combine traditions of the Caucasus with distinctly American styles to tell classic stories through movement, music, technology and visual arts. Synetic Streaming brings their artistry right to your living room. From our stage to your screen!

Discount Price:$9.99 (Regular Price: $9.99) BUY NOW
17 Minute Stories! Live Streamed
Macha Theatre Works has commissioned 17 writer/performers to create a 17 Minute Story based on the prompt “How did I get here?”. These solo shows are crafted over months and performed live from Macha’s Cinematic Theatre for ONE NIGHT ONLY! The excitement of Live Theatre from the comforts of your own home! Each show provides a recipe for a Cocktail to go along with watching the performances. Macha Theatre Works is a fearless female theatre company putting strong female characters on stage since 2001

Discount Price:$17 (Regular Price: $37) BUY NOW
DAT Short Play Festival – Online
Deaf Austin Theatre is proud to host our first ever Short Play Festival. This event will showcase six new short plays written by Deaf playwrights. The theme for this year’s festival is “elevator,” so all shows are set in an elevator. Come check out the newest works by 6 amazing Deaf playwrights. All performances will be in American Sign Language. Voice overs and captions will be provided. This will be a virtual event starting April 30th- May 15th, premiering six new short plays written by Deaf playwrights. The event will start off with a 2 night premier live streamed event which will feature three of the six shows for this years festival. Each night we will have a Q&A with the writers and directors of that nights pieces. Then all of the shows will be available for on-demand streaming through May 15th.

Discount Price:$15 - $30 (Regular Price: $15 - $30) BUY NOW
Gallo, a fable in music – Online
How do landscape and man shape and transform each other and which came first? Join us for a live watch party and on demand encore viewing of the world premiere of Gallo, a fable in music! This wild, experimental opera was an immersive and interactive audience experience, and featured a soprano in a Houdini box filled with Cheerios and a countertenor in a chicken suit!

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
The Great Gatsby: A Radio Play
Jay Gatsby, a self-made millionaire, passionately pursues the elusive Daisy Buchanan. Nick Carraway, a young newcomer to Long Island, is drawn into their world of obsession, greed and danger. Set against the glamour and excess of the Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s tale of triumph and tragedy brilliantly captures the disillusionment of a society obsessed with wealth and status. This radio play adaptation of the Great American Novel captures Gatsby’s tragic pursuit of his impossible dream with original music and sound design by Zachary Andrews, performed by Andrews and Sydnee Fullmer.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Working: A Musical – Online
Based upon Studs Terkel’s 1974 bestseller, Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do, Working: A Musical shares actual workers’ words from the book and gives voice to their hopes and aspirations through music by Stephen Schwartz, James Taylor, Micki Grant, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, among others. Each person – trucker, waitress, stay-at-home mom, hedge fund manager, laborer, millworker, project manager, delivery person, and more – has a unique story to tell. The musical has undergone several revisions since its premiere in 1977 and on Broadway in 1978. CATCO will present the 2012 Revised Version with updated text and new songs by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Rooftop Movie Musicals
Join us for our Rooftop Movie Musicals Series across the hall on our outdoor terrace, social drink & food. Sit back, relax, put on your headphones, grab a drink, and enjoy classic, new, and innovative Movie Musicals from across the decades. Rainy days will be rescheduled and rain checks will be provided.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $24.25) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Leslie Uggams + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Leslie Uggams is a Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress and singer whose career has brought her from Harlem (The Apollo Theater) to Broadway (Hallelujah, Baby!), the big screen (Deadpool, Skyjacked) to television (Empire, The Leslie Uggams Show). Perhaps best known for her stirring portrayal of Kizzy in the landmark TV mini-series Alex Haley’s Roots (Critics Choice Award, Emmy and Golden Globe nominations), Leslie has performed to critical and popular acclaim ever since her first professional appearances at the age of nine at the famed Apollo Theater in New York City. There she opened for such musical legends as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Dinah Washington. Now, after nearly seven decades on stage and screen, Leslie is a legend in her own right. She is on the Board of Directors of the Apollo Theater, and she holds Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degrees from the University of Connecticut and the University of Michigan. She is also the recipient of an American Artist Award from Arena Stage in Washington, DC.

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The Seth Concert Series: Laura & Linda Benanti + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Tony Award-winner and five-time Tony Award nominee LAURA BENANTI is a highly celebrated stage and screen actress who recently debuted to rapturous reviews in the film WORTH at the Sundance Film Festival opposite Michael Keaton, Stanley Tucci and Amy Ryan. Laura can soon be seen in the film HERE TODAY starring opposite Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish. Both films will release in 2021. She is currently in production for HBO Max’s highly anticipated Gossip Girl reboot. She is also reprising her role on the final season of the hit TV series Younger, starring opposite Sutton Foster and Hilary Duff.

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The Seth Concert Series: Christine Pedi + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Christine Pedi’s award winning cabaret shows have played all over the USA, London, South Africa & several of the 7 seas. She’s the daily host of SiriusXM radio’s On Broadway channel and on Saturdays dukes it out on the air with Seth Rudetsky on “The Dueling Divas.” Theatre credits include: Broadway’s Chicago as Mama Morton, Talk Radio, Little Me, and Off Broadway’s long running satirical revues Newsical and Forbidden Broadway (Drama Desk nomination). “The Lady of 1000 Voices,” her vocal impressions can be seen and heard on YouTube, The Howard Stern Show and assorted commercials and cartoons. On Television she can be seen on the upcoming Dr. Death on NBC Peacock and was a “dead Soprano” (Mrs Bobby Baccala – He loved her so much he couldn’t defrost her ziti). Recordings include her solo cd Good To Mama.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Live on Stage: My Big Gay Italian Wedding
The 18th Anniversary production! Anthony Pinnunziato, a gay Italian-American from a large chaotic family, wants to marry his boyfriend Andrew Polinski in a traditional Italian ceremony. Anthony’s overbearing mother won’t give her blessing unless Andrew’s estranged mother also gives her blessing and the ceremony is performed by a priest. Matters are further complicated by Andrew’s ex-boyfriend, intent on breaking up the couple. My Big Gay Italian Wedding satirizes the controversy surrounding same-sex marriage while drawing on larger than life gay and Italian characters. It’s a wedding you’ll want to crash!

Discount Price:$39.50 (Regular Price: $49.50) BUY NOW
Cinderella the Musical – LIVE
“Acquires its own magic” – The New York Times Step into the magical world of Cinderella and see if the shoe fits. Meet mice that sing and dance while getting Cinderella to the ball in a magic pumpkin all arranged by her fairy Godmother. But the true magic is the unforgettable memories you will create with your family – memories that will last a lifetime! This beautiful musical by Michael Sgouros & Brenda Bell is based on the beloved classic French fairy tale. Poor Cinderella, she works all day, has to deal with those awful step-sisters and then sleeps in the cinders. But, don’t be too sad because Cinderella is one smart cookie. She’ll make it to the Prince’s ball and capture his heart. Sure, she may lose one of her shoes, but what she gains is worth more than gold! Literally Alive Family theatre is celebrating its 21st year Off-Broadway at the Players Theatre. Strict COVID protocols and social distancing rules will be in place at every performance.

Discount Price:$34 (Regular Price: $40) BUY NOW
Take Root Presents: L+M and Art of Motion Dance Theatre – Online
TAKE ROOT is pleased to present the dance works ARMAGEDDON OR SUNRISE OR SOMETHING by L+M and SIX SOLOS: Legend, Myth & Nature by Art of Motion Dance Theatre. ARMAGEDDON OR SUNRISE OR SOMETHING is a duet made for and by Leah Wilks and Mauriah Kraker. The work is built on scores investigating exhaustion, endurance and the sensuality/the geographic of both internal and external landscapes. The duo grapples with the necessity of proximity to each other: they shake, rumble and drag each other to the ground, lift each other up, carry + sing to each other. Throughout the work the body becomes landscape, home, monument, spellcaster, caretaker, boundary, and the location of desires. SIX SOLOS: Legend, Myth & Nature, conceived and narrated by Lynn Needle, is a one-act hour long presentation of six solos spanning seven decades of modern dance history, including Alwin Nikolais’ seminal work Noumenon, Claudia Gitelman’s Impromptu, and Lynn Needle’s excerpts from HEAVEN and EARTH – a creation myth, based on The Secret Life of Plants. The arc of the evening takes the audience through a visual and sculptural feast for the eyes that celebrates abstraction, nature, beauty, legend and dance as an art form.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $22) BUY NOW
Cyber Chat with Chance Theater Artists about Sweat
Join Chance Artists on Friday, July 16th for our next CHANCE CYBER CHAT. At this special one-hour Zoom event, we will be discussing Chance Theater’s OC Premiere production of Lynn Nottage’s Pulitizer Prize-winning drama, Sweat. The evening starts with some background about the show from our dramaturg, then a special Chance Artist Panel will start the conversation by exploring the artistic approach and broader themes of the show. Then, the chat will expand to include everyone on the Zoom call. This online engagement series is very popular among those who want to connect with artists and theater lovers to discuss the art of storytelling in the theater. || PLEASE NOTE: We are not watching the Sweat together as part of our Chance Cyber Chat. You will need to watch the performance online beforehand.

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Cyber Chat with Chance Theater Artists about Rose
Join Chance Artists on Friday, June 25th for our next CHANCE CYBER CHAT. At this special one-hour Zoom event, we will be discussing the acclaimed one-woman show, Rose starring Olivier Award winner Maureen Lipman, and available to watch on BroadwayHD. The evening starts with some background about the show from our dramaturg, then a special Chance Artist Panel will start the conversation by exploring the artistic approach and broader themes of the show. Then, the chat will expand to include everyone on the Zoom call. This online engagement series is very popular among those who want to connect with artists and theater lovers to discuss the art of storytelling in the theater. || PLEASE NOTE: We are not watching the “Rose” together as part of our Chance Cyber Chat. You will need to watch the performance online beforehand.

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Cyber Chat with Chance Artists about The Story of My Life
Join Chance Artists on Friday, June 4th for our next CHANCE CYBER CHAT. At this special one-hour Zoom event, we will be discussing our OC premiere production of the musical, The Story of My Life, which kicks off our 23rd Anniversary Season. The evening starts with some background about the show from our dramaturg, then a special Chance Artist Panel will start the conversation by exploring the artistic approach and broader themes of the show. Then, the chat will expand to include everyone on the Zoom call. This online engagement series is very popular among those who want to connect with artists and theater lovers to discuss the art of storytelling in the theater. * Please note: We are not watching the show together as part of our Chance Cyber Chat. You will need to watch the performance online beforehand.

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Titanique: The Maiden Voyage Concert – Online
What happens when the music of Céline Dion makes sweet Canadian love with the eleven-time Oscar®-winning film Titanic? You get TITANIQUE, an upcoming musical celebration that turns one of the greatest love stories of all time into a hysterical and joyful slay-fest. On Sunday, May 2, we’re sailing straight into your living room for TITANIQUE: The Maiden Voyage Concert. Streaming live from New York City’s Le Poisson Rouge, our story reveals what really happened to Jack and Rose on that fateful night, as told by Céline Dion (who hijacks a Titanic Museum tour and recharts the course of Titanic’s beloved moments). The evening will feature a powerhouse cast performing 15+ of Céline’s most iconic hits, including My Heart Will Go On, It’s All Coming Back To Me Now, and All By Myself. Girlfriends, it’s time to feel joy again. It’s time to feel love again. It’s time to strap on your life vest and never let go! We’ll see you on the Ship of Dreams.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
LIVE ON STAGE: My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish & I’m in Therapy
A native of Brooklyn, Steve Solomon grew up in the multi-ethnic neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. This was the perfect training ground for a dialectician and comedian. Steve learned at an early age how to use his gift for imitating accents to his advantage. He also realized that he was a prolific writer of jokes and stories; real jokes. The three-time award-winning My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m In Therapy has met with rave reviews to sold-out crowds throughout the country and overseas and became one of the longest-running one-man comedy shows in history. Steve has written three additional sequels to his original hit: “My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m STILL in Therapy” and his hilarious holiday show; My Mother’s Italian, My Father’s Jewish and I’m Home for the Holidays! Steve’s latest creation, Cannoli, Latkes & Guilt… the Therapy Continues, has been hailed as the very best of Steve’s work. Steve’s shows are currently touring the United States, Canada, and South Africa and have received critical acclaim including winning The Connecticut Critics Circle Award, The San Francisco Drama Desk nomination, “Best new off-Broadway play.”

Discount Price:$29.50 (Regular Price: $39.50) BUY NOW
John Cullum: An Accidental Star – Online
Go behind the scenes with Broadway icon John Cullum — from his 1960 debut in Camelot and Tony Award-winning performances in Shenandoah and On The Twentieth Century, to starring roles in On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, Urinetown and The Scottsboro Boys. John captivates with songs from the Golden Age of the American Musical and never-before-heard stories of working with friends Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Robert Goulet, Julie Andrews, and more. An Accidental Star is a rare opportunity to revisit the making of some of Broadway’s greatest shows, and the funny, moving and fascinating encounters John had along the way.

Discount Price:FREE - $50 (Regular Price: COMP - $50) BUY NOW
Antigone – A Play by Sophocles
Antigone, a play by Sophocles, is a political thriller that remains relevant in our modern times as it challenges us to think of answers to questions about the position of the individual within society, the empowerment of women, loyalty, faith and love.

Discount Price:$8 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Sergei Rachmaninoff in Anna & Sergei — Live From Florence: Online (World Premiere)
Hershey Felder stars as Sergei Rachmaninoff in Anna & Sergei — Live From Florence with special guests Ekaterina Siurina as Natalia Alexandrovna Rachmaninoff, Igor Polesitsky as Dr. Golitzin and more… Taking place as a memory play in the house in which the Russian Rachmaninoff died in Beverly Hills, this is the story of a very strange meeting between Rachmaninoff and Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed to be the sole surviving member of the Romanov Dynasty, the Princess Anastasia. Featuring Rachmaninoff’s most beloved melodies and music.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Triassic ParQ: The Musical – Live Immersive Audio Play
The world’s first live binaural musical! As important a work as ever was penned for the musical stage, this work of Destiny, this musical juggernaut, returns to NYC for the first time since its off-Broadway premiere in 2012. Experience the red hot profundity of hearing the tale of a certain Theme Park through the eyes of its resurrected dinosaurs as they discover the truth about faith, science, innocence, sex, and gender identity. And it’s still a musical! (Adult themes and language: NSFW or Little Dinos).

Discount Price:$8 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
54 Below Premieres: Jeremy Jordan: Carry On – Online
Broadway’s Jeremy Jordan, known for his powerful voice and provocative storytelling, returns to the stage with his most ambitious and personal performance to date. Equal parts humor and heartache, Carry On takes us deep into Jeremy’s new life as a father. Unpacking and attempting to reconcile his own complicated childhood, Jeremy soon discovers there is more to being a parent than he could have ever imagined. Featuring an array of musical styles, as well as some never-before-heard songs, Carry On has been thoughtfully reimagined for the virtual stage after winning multiple awards for its premiere at Feinstein’s/54 Below just over a year ago. Featuring musical direction by Benjamin Rauhala. The May 6th premiere also includes a live chat for fans to interact with each other before and during the show. Following the initial premiere date, the concert will be made available on demand for three weeks and accessible to fans across the world. 54 Below Premieres is a series of streamed concerts featuring cinematic, four-camera HD shoots to bring the glamour and intimacy of Broadway’s Living Room direct to in-home screens. Filmed on the Feinstein’s/54 Below iconic stage, these virtual performances will provide theater fans worldwide with new shows from their favorite Broadway stars. More information can be found at

Discount Price:$35 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
Love & Secrets: A Domestic Trilogy – Online
Love is in the air as Opera San José streams Love & Secrets: A Domestic Trilogy, three tales, comic and dramatic, of couples contending with the tumult, joys, and heartache of love. In Wolf-Ferrari’s Il segreto di Susanna_, an innocuous secret threatens a young newly-wed couple’s chances at happiness, in a drawing-room comedy of errors in the nineteenth-century Italian opera buffa tradition. Ned Rorem’s Four Dialogues_, based on the poetry of Frank O’Hara, marks one couple’s relationship from love’s first blush to the pangs of its bitter end. Tom Cipullo’s The Husbands, is a stunning rumination on widows, tenderly keeping their departed spouses forever present in their hearts. Choose your pay-what-you-can price and watch at home!

Discount Price:$15 - $40 (Regular Price: $15 - $40) BUY NOW
Sutton Foster: Bring Me to Light – Online
Sutton Foster takes over New York City Center, filling it with her indomitable spirit, for a concert with her friends Raúl Esparza, Joaquina Kalukango, Kelli O’Hara, and Wren Rivera that celebrates their connections to the historic theater and reflects on the challenges facing all of us. Together, they enliven City Center with the hope of what lies ahead through performances of musical theater favorites from Anyone Can Whistle, Camelot, Oklahoma!, South Pacific, Violet, The Wild Party, and more. Accompanied by Music Director Michael Rafter (piano) and Matt Hinkley (guitar), Bring Me to Light is directed by Leigh Silverman, with Jeanine Tesori serving as Creative Producer.

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Same, Same, But Different – Online
El lives in America, and Kailash lives in India. When they become pen pals and begin exchanging stories and pictures about their different lives, they quickly learn that although their worlds might be an ocean apart, they are quite similar.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Take Root – April: Zullo/RawMovement – Online
Green Space presents Zullo/RawMovement’s evening length work The Architecture of Proximity for the April performances of Take Root! The Architecture of Proximity is movement, architecture, sound, light and video. This immersive performance experience explores the relationship between physical spaces and the psychological, emotional and physical effects space can have on the body. Collaborators David Engelhard composed an original sound score, Megan Marvin created set decor, Kryssy Wright lighting design and Kat Sullivan created a new media video installation.

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Murder at the Debutante Ball: A Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Know those folks who say they’d kill to get ahead in life? Well, turns out one of them may have taken that turn of phrase just a little too literally in this fun, interactive online murder mystery party game. Murder at the Debutante Ball is a murder mystery party game you can download, print, and play! Plus, virtual playing rules are included to play by video chat with friends and family! The Story: The 187th Annual High Society Debutante Ball is destined to be a night for Charleston’s finest to remember. That is, until high society sweetheart Clara Lodesacash keels over mid-curtsey, in front of all her friends and frenemies. Who could have ended such a promising young woman’s life so brutally (and publicly)? Was it her oddball older sister, Patricia “Petty” Lodesacash, driven wild by jealousy? Or was it her rival belle of the ball, Quinn Quick? Was it notable southern playboy Shep Sheppard, or one of the Whitehead twins? Dust off your tuxedo jacket, pour yourself a mint julep and get ready to come out to society in Murder at the Debutante Ball.

Discount Price:$22.50 (Regular Price: $45) BUY NOW
54 Below Premieres: Marilyn Maye: Broadway, The Maye Way — Online
Marvelous Marilyn Maye returns to her home away from home to premiere a dazzling new show – online. While her annual April engagement at Feinstein’s/54 Below is postponed until the club reopens, we mark this legendary singer’s 93rd birthday with a virtual performance direct from Broadway’s Living Room, filmed the very week of her birthday. In this concert, Marilyn and her world-class jazz trio present Great American Songbook material from Broadway shows. Selected from various starring roles throughout her career, the songs are a tribute to the iconic performer’s connection with the music from Broadway’s Golden Age. Enjoy a sensational evening of songs and stories with one our greatest cabaret artists. The May 8 premiere also includes a live chat for fans to interact with each other before and during the show. Following the initial premiere date, the concert will be made available on demand for three weeks and accessible to fans across the world.

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The Broadway Cast Reunion Series: My Fair Lady – Online
Meet the Broadway and National Tour stars of the Tony Award winning revival of Lincoln Center Theater’s My Fair Lady on Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 5:00pm Pacific Time. Your purchase includes access to view the Video On Demand from 12:00am Pacific Time on May 13th through 11:59pm Pacific Time on May 16th. Featuring: Laura Benanti (Eliza Doolittle), Shereen Ahmed (Eliza/Tour), Rosemary Harris (Mrs. Higgins), Jordan Donica (Freddy Eynsford-Hill) and Sam Simahk (Freddy/Tour) The Broadway Cast Reunion Series gives audiences a chance to do what they may never have done before: visit “backstage” with the cast and hear personal, hilarious, unscripted stories and gossip – as the casts really let their hair down. Viewers can even ask questions via the chat feature!

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Two Sisters and a Piano by Nilo Cruz — Online
Set in 1991, during the Pan American Games in Havana and while the Russians are pulling out of Cuba, this play portrays two sisters, Maria Celia, a novelist, and Sofia, a pianist, serving time under house arrest. Passion infiltrates politics when a lieutenant assigned to their case becomes infatuated with Maria Celia, whose literature he has been reading.

Discount Price:$12.50 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Alice in Wonderland – Online
Crash through the looking glass with Alice on her zany adventure to an upside-down magical dreamland where imagination defies reality and madness makes logic. Weaving a whimsical poem of hilarious and colorful eccentrics, Lewis Carroll’s fractured fairy tale creates a prism through which we can again experience the mystery and effervescent wonder of growing up. Lights. Sound. Costumes. All of the gorgeous artistry that you know from our productions will be fully fleshed out in a multi-camera, high-quality film of this stage production.

Discount Price:$16 - $32 (Regular Price: $25 - $40) BUY NOW
Plays in Process: Ghosts – Online
A fresh and relevant new translation of one of Henrik Ibsen’s most vivid and controversial masterpieces. Join Artistic Director Braden Abraham as he leads an in-depth discussion with the artists, and experience first-hand exclusive excerpts from this highly-anticipated project, revealing how collaboration among a diverse group of theater artists uniquely expands the creative process. By Henrik Ibsen. Translated from the Norwegian by Paul Walsh. Directed by Carey Perloff. Originally produced by the Williamstown Theater Festival Mandy Greenfield, Artistic Director. Plays in Process installments feature exclusive excerpts of these plays and musicals, interviews with the actors and artists about the behind-the-scenes creative process of working on a new play, and more. Ticket sales to this event will help the Seattle Rep transition back to full-scale operations following the pandemic and creating astonishing art back on stage

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Lilies, or The Revival of a Romantic Drama
Set against a backdrop of revenge, obsession, and love, Lilies tells the story of Simon Doucet, recently released from prison after serving a 30-year sentence for a crime he did not commit. He arranges a private meeting with his former school friend, Jean Bilodeau, now a powerful Bishop. Simon and his friends, all former prison inmates, revisit the harrowing events that occurred during their final year at St. Sebastian’s school for boys.

Discount Price:$28 - $40 (Regular Price: $45 - $65) BUY NOW
The Normal Heart – Online
Join ONE Archives Foundation in collaboration with Invisible Histories Project for a virtual reading of Larry Kramer’s groundbreaking autobiographical play, The Normal Heart . This one-time streaming of the virtual reading will be followed by a live Q+A with the director and cast. Directed by Emmy Award-winning director Paris Barclay, this presentation, the first after Kramer’s death, will be the first time the Tony Award-winning play features a predominately BIPOC and LGBTQ cast. Read more about the virtual reading and the play. The all-star cast includes Sterling K. Brown (This Is Us, Black Panther); Laverne Cox (Orange Is The New Black, Promising Young Woman); Jeremy Pope (Hollywood, Choir Boy); Vincent Rodriguez III (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Insatiable): Guillermo Díaz (Scandal, Weeds); Jake Borelli (Grey’s Anatomy, The Thing About Harry); Ryan O’Connell (Special, Will & Grace); Daniel Newman (Walking Dead, Homeland); Jay Hayden (Station 19, The House Bunny); and Danielle Savre (Station 19, Heroes). The virtual reading will include a special introduction by Martin Sheen. Your ticket purchase to this event will support the legacy of HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ activists through the ONE Archives Foundation’s K-12 teacher trainings and lesson plans, exhibitions, and programs. You will also support the legacy of HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ activists through archiving and inclusion training, exhibitions, and programs that keep Southern LGBTQ history alive. Thank you for making history visible.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
LOLEK Virtual Performance
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. LOLEK brings to life the captivating story of Karol Wojtyla (later Pope St. John Paul II) and his heroic resistance to the Nazi Occupation of Poland during World War II. Out of the depths of one of the darkest times in human history rose a spiritual leader whose radiant faith, born of tragedy, would change the course of history.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Classical Conversations – Online
The Hamlen-Palm Series of house concerts has given music lovers a chance to gather, listen to and celebrate some of the greatest classical musicians of our time. While we look forward to being together again in person, the 2021 edition of the Hamlen-Palm Series will be presented through four Classical Conversations, online chats that will connect classical artists with those who love their work. The first conversation of the series debuts Thursday, April 29, with a discussion led by two-time Grammy Award winner Sasha Cooke between American composers Jake Heggie and Nico Muhly. Coming up in the Classical Conversations series: acclaimed violinist Leila Josefowicz and composer John Adams come together in conversation on Sunday, May 2, hosted by Abhijit Sengupta, director of artistic planning at Carnegie Hall. On Wednesday, June 16, American jazz pianist and composer Fred Hersch will share stories with iconic pianist Emanuel Ax, hosted by arts presenter Ken Fischer. Guests for the fourth Classical Conversations, which will feature emerging artists discussing classical music in the 21st century, will be announced soon.

Discount Price:FREE - $100 (Regular Price: COMP - $100) BUY NOW
Laguna Playhouse presents_Elliot and Me_ – Online
Elliot & Me is a musical comedy based on the lives of songwriter Elliot Willensky and his younger brother Steven. Elliot is a charming, free-spirited ladies’ man overflowing with talent and joie de vivre… with a knack to drive Steven crazy. The brothers have written a two-man show they are preparing to pitch to legendary Broadway producer Max Stone. It’s a heartfelt story of brotherly love based on a powerful bond that has grown through the years. Elliot and Steven both reflect on the volatile ups and downs of their shared experiences: from their raucous “wonder years” growing up in Bayonne, NJ; to the painful conflict when Elliot defies the expectations of his traditional middle-class Jewish family and drops out of medical school to write pop songs; to Elliot’s rise to stardom writing hits for Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston and Steven’s starry-eyed admiration for his Hollywood lifestyle; and eventually to their role reversals when Elliot’s career hits a few bumps in the road and he needs to rely on Steven for help. Elliot & Me is filled with humor, colorful personalities, unexpected situations, and uplifting musical moments.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
A Noise Within presents__An Iliad__ — Online
With ANW powerhouses Deborah Strang and Geoff Elliott alternating performances in An Iliad as the Poet reliving and recounting bloodshed through hundreds and thousands of years, they embody the lone witness of an ancient and ravaged Trojan battlefield who weaves a tale of tragedy and triumph, with an enduring love for every victim of war. The Poet, an eternal being tasked with a passionate examination of deadly conflict, grapples with grief and dualities of victory and loss, power and fragility, heroism and hubris in an unforgettable modern take on Homer’s classic. “As a one-person show, An Iliad delves into the primal nature of storytelling in a well-crafted and prescient tale of war,” said Co-Producing Artistic Directors Geoff Elliott and Julia Rodriguez-Elliott. “The play pinpoints humanity’s rage and how our addiction to it has fueled our conflicts since the beginning of history. By the end of the performance, you ask yourself how complicit you are in the endless cycles of wrath and warfare.”

Discount Price:$16 - $32 (Regular Price: $25 - $40) BUY NOW
The Story of My Life Online
To kick off its 23rd Anniversary Season, Chance Theater presents the Orange County premiere of the Drama Desk Award-nominated musical that is a soaring tribute to the power of friendship and the people who change our lives forever. The Story of My Life is a profoundly funny and deeply moving musical about lifelong best friends, Thomas and Alvin. As time tests the bonds of friendship, best-selling author Thomas calls on the only resource he has—his stories of Alvin—to better understand the best friend that got away.

Discount Price:$24.50 (Regular Price: $49) BUY NOW
The Broadway Cast Reunion Series: Come From Away – Online
Meet the original Broadway stars of the Tony & Olivier Award winning musical Come From Away. Featuring: Petrina Bromley (Bonnie & others), Jenn Colella (Beverly/Annette & others), Q. Smith (Hannah & others), Astrid Van Wieren (Beulah & others), Sharon Wheatley (Diane & others). The Broadway Cast Reunion Series gives audiences a chance to do what they may never have done before: visit “backstage” with the cast and hear personal, hilarious, unscripted stories and gossip – as the casts really let their hair down. Viewers can even ask questions via the chat feature!

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Watch on the Rhine – Online
Written and set during the rise of Hitler’s Germany, Watch on the Rhine is a play about an American family, suddenly awakened to the danger threatening its liberty. Hellman’s powerful drama won the 1941 New York Drama Critics Circle Award. Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Alan Cox, Carla Gugino, Mary Beth Piel & Jeremy Shamos.

Discount Price:$12 (Regular Price: $12) BUY NOW
Herding Cats
This first-of-its-kind, transcontinental event features two actors performing for an in-person audience on Soho Theatre’s London stage with a third actor performing live via video from the United States. The production, simultaneously accessible online to audiences across the globe via Stellar and in-person in London via Soho Theatre, marks a new type of international collaboration. Herding Cats is a Stellar Original production.

Discount Price:$29 - $35 (Regular Price: $29 - $35) BUY NOW
TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever — Online
TJ Loves Sally 4 Ever is a wildly irreverent and whip-smart satire that dissects a sordid slice of American history—the story of President Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings—with the goal of reimagining the future. When Sally, a young Black college student, is faced with unwanted advances from TJ, her college’s white Dean of Students, she sets out, amidst a swirl of marching bands, beauty pageants, and bubbly tour guides, to dismantle the legacies that bind us.

Discount Price:$24 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
A Bintel Brief — Online
A Bintel Brief, Yiddish for “A Bundle of Letters,” was an advice column in the Jewish Daily Forward wherein European Jewish immigrants, living on the lower East Side of New York, unburdened their hearts and revealed their deepest truths. PRT’s production of A Bintel Brief is an online dramatized documentary style performance of these letters, enacted by the PRT Company. Originally written in Yiddish, these letters were sent to the Jewish Daily Forward from 1907 to 1967. A Bintel Brief is a complimentary offering to our PRT family, friends, subscribers, and donors. If you are able, we hope you will consider making a donation in any amount so we may continue our work!

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Jenn Colella + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Jenn Colella recently starred in the Tony Award-winning smash hit musical Come From Away as Beverley/Annette and others, in a performance that garnered her 2017 Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk Awards and a 2017 Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical, as well as Craig Noel, Helen Hayes and Dora Awards for pre-Broadway productions of Come From Away. She has been previously seen on Broadway in If/Then, Chaplin, High Fidelity and Urban Cowboy (Outer Critics Circle Award nomination), Off-Broadway in Beebo Brinker Chronicles, Lucky Guy, Slut and Closer Than Ever. Jenn’s select regional credits include Come From Away (La Jolla Playhouse, Ford’s Theatre, Toronto), Peter Pan (Sacramento Music Circus & PCLO) and Side Show (Kennedy Center). TV credits include Feed the Beast, Elementary, The Good Wife. Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Matthew Morrison + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Matthew Morrison is a versatile actor who is recognized for his work on-stage and on-screen. He has been nominated for Tony, Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Morrison’s most recent Broadway credit is starring as J.M Barrie in the musical Finding Neverland through January, 2016. The Broadway production is an adaptation of the 2004 film written by David Magee. The story follows the relationship between Barrie and the Davies family, who became the author’s inspiration for the creation of Peter Pan. Morrison received two Drama Desk nominations for his role, and won the category of Favorite Actor in a Musical in the Audience Awards.

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The Seth Concert Series: Alex Newell + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Like a rush of energy or a jolt of adrenaline, certain voices sweep us off our feet. Alex Newell wields such a voice. With traffic-stopping delivery, sweeping range, and wild charisma, the Grammy® award-nominated singer, songwriter, actor, activist, and performer evokes a physical reaction every time he steps up to a microphone. Whether recording in the studio, performing on Broadway, or appearing on television, he instantly connects. The connection grows stronger on a series of new singles for Big Beat Records and 2020 project – his first in four years. Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers.

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The Heroes and Villains Monologues – Online
Earlier this year, we challenged eight playwrights to write a monologue incorporating a quote from heroes and villains pulled from history or fiction. The amazing monologues and performances that resulted are coming back to starting May 1! See The Heroes and Villains Monologues again or for the first time! Playwright participants include seven-time Emmy Award nominated Scott C. Sickles, Massachusetts Artist Fellow in Playwriting John Minigan, OBIE Award-winning producer Sandra Daley-Sharif, United Solo Festival’s Best Documentary One-Woman Show recipient Jenny Lyn Bader, and award-winning playwrights Catherine Weingarten, Ruth Zamoyta, Frank Tangredi and Eric Percival. The performers include Helen Hayes Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress nominated Danielle Bourgeois, Australian actress Stefanie Lekkas, actor/producer/VO artist Sascha Vanderslik (CA), Jason Asher, Kailah S. King, Zach McCoy, Sarah Okada, and Misti Tindiglia. The monologues are helmed by Drama League alum NJ Agwuna, Producing Director of F.A.B. Women at The Barrow Group Christine Cirker, international directors Pedro Santos (Portugal) and Lynn Petersen (Australia), Founding Artistic Director of AmiosNYC and ShotzSF in San Francisco Christian Haines, and Urban Stages’ staff, Ilanna Saltzman, Vincent Scott and Kim T. Sharp.

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The Seth Concert Series: George Salazar + Seth Rudetsky – Online
George Salazar is best known for playing Michael Mell in Be More Chill (garnering a Lucille Lortel Award, two Audience Choice Awards, and Drama Desk & Outer Critics Circle Award nominations). He was most recently seen as Seymour in the critically-acclaimed Pasadena Playhouse production of_ Little Shop of Horrors_. Other NY theater credits include Godspell (2011 Bway revival), The Lightning Thief (Drama Desk nom.); tick, tick…BOOM!; Here Lies Love. TV: Superstore_; Nancy Drew_; Bull_; Divorce_. Albums: Two-Player Game_, Be More Chill_, The Lightning Thief, The Jonathan Larson Project, Godspell. Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers.

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Spring Gala Featuring Justin Peck World Premiere – Online
NYCB’s 2021 Spring Gala Program, directed by Sofia Coppola and highlighted by a Justin Peck world premiere, will be available for all to stream May 6-20. Filmed at Lincoln Center for the occasion, it also includes excerpts from George Balanchine’s Divertimento No. 15, Duo Concertant, and Liebeslieder Walzer, and Jerome Robbins’ Dances at a Gathering.

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the LATRELL show – Online
the LATRELL show written and performed by Brandon Kyle Goodman and co-directed by Stefanie Black and Devere Rogers, is a dark comedy that explores the mental aerobics of being Black and Queer in America by way of a hilarious and opinionated talk show host, Latrell Jackson. As Latrell films a “very special” episode giving hot takes on his favorite hot topics, matters of the world begin to compromise his relatable persona.

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Until the Flood – Online
When Michael Brown was shot by a police officer in Ferguson in 2014, the outrage and protests that followed were a wake-up call to some and familiar, exhausting news to others. Dael Orlandersmith created characters for Until the Flood from dozens of interviews across Ferguson’s communities, using this specific flashpoint to look at race and power in the United States and worldwide. Written to be performed by one or multiple actors of any race or gender, Studio Associate Artistic Director Reginald L. Douglas has cast the play with a cross-generational ensemble of three Black women, celebrating the resolve for justice that remains as urgent today as it was seven years ago.

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MCC Theater Miscast21 — Online Gala
MCC Theater’s annual Miscast gala is one of the most exciting and unique theater events in town. Broadway’s hottest stars perform songs from roles in which they would not traditionally be cast. And the results are thrilling! Funds raised from Miscast help MCC Theater produce some of the most talked-about new work Off-Broadway and support our Youth Company and in-school partnerships that serve New York City public high school students, as well as our literary development work with emerging playwrights. This year’s performers include Annaleigh Ashford (B Positive, Kinky Boots_), Melissa Barrera (In the Heights_, Vida), Robin de Jesús (_tick, tick… Boom!_, The Boys in the Band), Renée Elise Goldsberry (Hamilton,_ Altered Carbon), Leslie Grace (In the Heights), Cheyenne Jackson (American Horror Story_, Xanadu), Jai’len Josey (SpongeBob SquarePants, The Secret Life of Bees), LaChanze (Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, The Color Purple), Idina Menzel (Frozen, Wicked), Kelly Marie Tran (Raya and the Last Dragon, Star Wars: The Last Jedi), Kelli O’Hara (The King and I, South Pacific), and Billy Porter (Pose, Kinky Boots). Additional performers and presenters will be announced at a later date.

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2.5 Minute Ride — Online
Lisa’s father is 74, nearly blind, a Holocaust survivor, and addicted to roller coasters. 2.5 Minute Ride follows two very different father-daughter trips: the annual Kron family pilgrimage to roller-coaster heaven in Sandusky, Ohio and Lisa’s once-in-a-lifetime trip to Auschwitz with her father. A travelogue through thrill and loss, Lisa Kron (book and lyrics, Fun Home) tracks her father’s enthusiasm, physical frailty, and ambivalence about the lives he might have lived with humor and unsentimental compassion.

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Open Mic StorySlam! – Online
Join us for an Open Mic StorySlam with special guest, Jessica Robinson. Tell a story, hear a story or both! Join Six Feet Apart Productions for an open mic style StorySlam. Prepare a five minute story on the theme of “Bad Behavior.” Throw caution to the wind, throw your name in the hat, throw your hat in the ring and join us! Audience members will vote for their favorite story of the evening. Theme: Bad Behavior Meltdowns, tantrums, bullies and more! Stories of behavior gone bad, stories to make Miss Manners cringe, stories that would guarantee a parental reprimand! At the office, in the classroom, at the store, on the road…the possibilities are endless. Who is the baddest of them all?

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PURA VIDA! — Online
Pura Vida! follows Jodie and Greg, a jaded American couple visiting Costa Rica in hopes to rekindle their romance. Their dream vacation quickly turns to disaster upon entering their disheveled hotel room, filled with ants, scorpions, and deceit. Things turn from bad to worse when they discover they have been robbed, the shrimp was fishy, and the only person around to help is them a shady Irishman. Pura Vida! is an exploration of the modern-day relationship and having the wisdom to figure out if something should be saved or kicked to the shore.

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Nongenue by Nikki Lowe — Online
Nongenue is a one-woman answer to the age-old questions, “Why can’t the fat friend have her own show?” “Can a character on TV be both pretty AND Fat” and truthfully, “Why WAS everyone so mean to Kimmie Gibbler?” Created and performed by comedian Nikki Lowe, you’re invited to experience a hilarious and heartbreaking celebration of “body positivity,” being “brave” and letting go. A deeply personal expression of the intersection between sad clown and sexy clown.

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The Housewives of Secaucus – What a Drag!
If you love all things drag, reality tv, and reunion shows, don’t miss the new interactive lip synching musical comedy that’s getting Off-Broadway back on its feet – and into high heels! The Housewives of Secaucus – What a Drag! spoofs those popular housewife shows you love to hate. Hold onto your wigs, because five queens of the Garden State are about to “werk-it” at the annual Mad Hatters Brunch – competing for “Best Hat,” “Woman of the Year” and even mayor of “Beautiful Secaucus, New Jersey.” Who will be unfriended? Who’s having an affair with who? Could the competition be…dun dun dun…rigged? Queens are spilling tea everywhere at this interactive extravaganza!

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The Sitayana (or “How to Make an Exit”) — Livestream
EWP, in partnership with New York City’s Hypokrit Theater and San Francisco’s EnActe Arts, presents the world premiere of Lavina Jadhwani’s Sitayana, an artful transposition of the Hindu epic The Ramayana told from Sita’s point of view. Part epic tale, part coming of age story, Sitayana is the ultimate breakup play. Sitayana is directed by Reena Dutt. The young princess Sita follows her new husband Ram to his kingdom in Ayodhya, only to learn that he has been banished to the forest! Refusing to abandon her partner, she joins him in exile, but finds her loyalty tested to surprising lengths. A solo piece written for a South Asian woman, The Sitayana is part Hindu epic, part coming of age story, and ultimately a breakup play. Adapted from the Sanskrit epic poem, The Ramayana. The first weekend of performances are rolling opening nights, with each performance featuring a different version. The second weekend is for the adventurous, the version of Sita livestreamed will be decided by the audience. Audience members will be sent a personality quiz “What Sita Are You?”, the most popular Sita will be livestreamed for the performance. Sita’s Mehndi Party: Centered around the marriage of Sita, be a wedding guest to a party that melds traditional henna art with epic festivities. Amar Chitra Sita: Venture into the illustrated world of the heroine Sita where artforms collide to bring her story to life. Sita’s Slumber Party: Have a slumber party with teenage Sita where she transforms her childhood bedroom into an epic reality.

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Michael McDonald Presents: Home Alone 3: Yo Mama Be There – Online
Michael McDonald is bringing you a brand new livestream concert entitled Yo Mama Be There on Friday, May 7th in celebration of Mother’s Day Weekend! The show will stream live on Mandolin on Friday, May 7th and will be available to watch or rewatch all weekend long.

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BURN mARALAGO, Detroit’s premiere high-velocity-clown-punk collective, was birthed out of a need to provide catharsis for our rage. The clown’s job is to hold a mirror to society, and sometimes that means embracing the primal need to SCREAM. Our group has fun making punk music, clowning around, embracing our rage, and making time to be ridiculous when everything feels so heavy. BURN mARALAGO’s (BML) co-founder, Rose Carver, never dreamed of being a clown until she had the opportunity to attend a masterclass in France with clowns like Slava Polunin and Jango Edwards. This transformed how she viewed art and music, and thus, a new punk collective was born. Rose saw how much fun creating from a place of pure authentic expression could be, and since then, she’s been trying to inspire others to get back to play! Co-Founders Rose Carver and Alex Nouhan saw BML as a way to channel their feelings about the politics in the United States, and it is a collective because everyone is invited to participate and create! BML is known for their interactive and irreverent antics through a punk rock motif. BML wants to make you a little uncomfortable, chanting “F*** You, Help me!” while spitting out blood and shredding guitars. BML’s goal is to allow for our founded rage to be a source of togetherness and remembering we are all human, and we can all access our innate right to clown around at any point.

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Death/Play, or the Mad Jester of the Warsaw Ghetto​ – Online
Rubinstein (first name unknown) was the most popular figure in the Warsaw Ghetto, 1941-42. His street antics and barbed sayings were daily news. His antagonist is Gancwaych, a feared Jewish collaborator with the Gestapo and corrupt survivalist. Rubinstein works to convince Gancwaych that, in essence, no one will survive. But art and the capacity to play may endure, even within inescapable death.

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Clowning Around with Punchline Loading! – Online
Come join Punchline Loading… as we get goofy and clown around with more brand new original sketches! Punchline Loading is a fun, funky, and creative group of writers, actors, and editors from NYC! Come clown around and laugh with (or at) us as we present…(drum roll please) Clowning Around! A brand new original show written by and starring our talented cast!

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