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New Jersey - Theater

The Golden Gays — A Golden Girls Revue
Picture it: Atlantic City, July, 2019. Sophia Petrillo has gone missing! Your pals and confidants set out on an epic search to find her. In a series of hilarious “hot flashbacks,” Dorothy, Blanche and Rose find themselves singing and dancing their way through the Golden Girls’ most iconic moments; all the while in search for the next #TokenSophia. Will it be you?! The Golden Gays NYC (or GGNYC) burst onto the scene in 2017 — first at RuPaul’s DragCon then at the famed Rue-La-Rue Cafe. What began as a flashmob has now skyrocketed to sold-out engagements all over New York City and beyond. Their hit show Hot Flashbacks has played Off Broadway at Theatre Row and is currently in the midst of a standing two-year residency at The Laurie Beechman Theatre, New York’s premier destination for queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. In 2018, GGNYC completed two successful tours, both with Hot Flashbacks and their Christmas spectacular Thank Yule For Being A Friend. GGNYC also is a part of RuPaul’s DragCon, taking place in NYC every September. The Golden Gays consists of Jason B. Schmidt (as Dorothy), Andy Crosten (as Blanche), and Gerry Mastrolia (as Rose) along with creative team of Mason Griffin (Music Director) and Anthony Giorgio-Schmidt (Director/Choreographer). A musical parody, their shows consists of live singing and dancing, along with hilarious sketches from the television show’s most memorable moments.

Discount Price:$12 - $20 (Regular Price: $20 - $35) BUY NOW
The Rat Pack Undead
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. come back to life — as crooning zombies — in The Rat Pack Undead, the NYC Halloween hit now coming to Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Showroom at the Claridge Hotel. You’ll no doubt dig these classic tunes, risen fresh from the grave and given a comically creepy twist, including “Come Die With Me,” “Get Me to the Crypt on Time,” “What Kind of Ghoul Am I?” and more, as the still-swinging trio of Ol’ Blue Eyes, Dino and the Candy Man sing, dance and lurch about the stage for a thoroughly entertaining show critics have raved “blew them away” and “left them wanting more.”

Discount Price:$12 - $20 (Regular Price: $20 - $35) BUY NOW
Menopause the Musical
Four women at a lingerie sale have nothing in common but a black lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much sex and more! This hilarious musical parody set to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s will have you cheering and dancing in the aisles! See what more than 15 million women and fans worldwide have been laughing about for 18 years! It’s the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!®

Discount Price:$27 (Regular Price: $54) BUY NOW
RADICAL Streaming Play
Theatre Rhino provides this virtual experience of our World Premiere of RADICAL to keep in touch with our community during the social distancing response necessitated by the current viral epidemic.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Saturday Night Stories Live Online
Saturday Night Stories Live is a series of curated open mic storytelling events featuring a variety of artistic styles and lots of heart! This is an amazing way to share community. We’ve been called an “Urban Campfire” and invite you to snuggle down to relax; as we are met by the rhythms of our featured local music artist and sound guy, Brandon Moreno, as he gets us started on our entertainment adventure. There will be presenter partners telling stories using a variety of methodology. Our curated open mic is bound to be adventurous entertainment at its best as we host a variety of guests that tell their stories through poetry, spoken word, music, singing, art, dance, photography, film and anything you can think of. Listen as you connect to these impactful tales. We will laugh and may shed a few tears.

Discount Price:FREE - $7.50 (Regular Price: COMP - $15) BUY NOW
3 Card Stud: Recorded Live — Streaming
Three elderly men find themselves caught up in a love triangle with a sexy young man and they can’t decide if he is sincere or playing them all or both.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Pride & Prejudice: A New Musical Stream
Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice? Pride & Prejudice, based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, is a new musical adaptation by Tony Award nominee Paul Gordon (Broadway’s Jane Eyre). The show was filmed at the Tony Award-winning TheatreWorks Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, CA., where it played its world premiere from December 4, 2019 to January 4, 2020 and established an all-time box office record. The production was directed by TheatreWorks’ Founding Artistic Director Robert Kelley and choreographed by Dottie Lester-White.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Bullets on Broadway: A Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Bullets on Broadway is murder mystery party game you can download, print, and play! Plus, virtual playing rules are included to play by video chat with friends and family! The Story: It’s opening night of Murder in the First on Broadway, and nerves are high. The cast and crew are all a buzz backstage with the excitement of the lights, the sounds – and the dead body of big-shot Broadway Producer. There lies Jack Bialystock, shot in the back center stage before the curtain could rise. Was the murderer a cast member, like Anita Part who’s making her Broadway debut tonight, or seasoned performer Sienna Stealer? Was it the snooty theatre critic Bob Blandley, or a member of the audience like Megan Phan who somehow wandered backstage? There’s only one way to find out: play the game Bullets on Broadway! But hold onto your overpriced wine — the murderer may be YOU! Great gift and game for theater fans!

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin — Live Streamed Musical Event
A one-time-only live streamed broadcast musical event taking place this Mother’s Day! Experience some of America’s greatest songs in the context in which they were written! From “God Bless America,” to “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” “White Christmas,” “Always,” and so many more … in a musical event that has been performed in theatres throughout the nation and abroad.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $50) BUY NOW
Come Out! Come Out!: Online Stream
A new musical by Ronnie Larsen, set in 1920s New York. A time when engaging in homosexual activity could get you arrested, beaten, even killed. Despite the dangers, gay men found areas where they could meet for clandestine trysts. Most settled for fleeting physical gratification. But some wanted more. Some longed for affection. Jacob just wanted to be kissed…by another man. See this high energy, light hearted, yet poignant new musical filled with music from the Roaring ’20s and frolicsome tap dancing. Think Eddie Cantor meets Fred Astaire in Central Park. “I wrote this piece as a reminder that our newly found rights and freedoms cannot be taken for granted,” says author Larsen. “ The things our main character wants is what we all want. He was just way ahead of his time.” Co-director Mills adds, “There are 12 vintage songs in this musical. Tap, soft-shoe and vaudevillian numbers bring this heartwarming show to life.”

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $19.95) BUY NOW
An Evening with the Bard: Celebrating the Poetic Works of Dr. Maya Angelou — Virtual Theatrical Viewing
Def: /bärd/ noun ARCHAIC•LITERARY / a poet, traditionally one reciting epics and associated with a particular oral tradition. ​The name most synonymous with the term “Bard” is William Shakespeare, however, tonight we celebrate the Bard of our time. The one known wondrously as Dr. Maya Angelou! Don’t miss the VIRTUAL VIEWING of this poetically staged work; artfully weaving together several of her poetic masterpieces through various mediums of artistic expression.

Discount Price:$6 (Regular Price: $12) BUY NOW
Emma: A New Jane Austen Streaming Musical
Fall in love again with the language of Austen with Tony-nominated Paul Gordon’s Emma. EMMA, a timeless love story from one of the most widely read writers of all time, is a musical that will entice modern audiences to fall in love again with one of Jane Austen’s most adored characters. Paul Gordon’s critically acclaimed stage adaptation re-imagines the Austen’s classic in mid-century modern yet keeps the language intact.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Online Murder Mystery — Pickleball Is Murder
Invite your friends to a virtual murder mystery. Buy the game, print out the parts, email them to the guests and the fun begins as you meet the characters. The winner of the inaugural pickleball tournament was shot to death last night and you are invited to help the newspaper reporter solve his murder. There are seven suspects, his spoiled fiance and her protective father, the coach who hasn’t been paid, the overbearing sponsor of the tournament, the jealous player who came in second, and the envious tennis coach. Each guest will read the part of one the characters; they will argue, share information, and discuss clues. One of them is guilty but no one, not even the murderer knows who is it and will not know until the last minute. The game includes the host manual/instructions and seven-character booklets with everything they need to know to play Pickleball Is Murder.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW — Online Subscription is a subscription website that connects voice teachers, students and musical theatre professionals with today’s best contemporary writers and songs. We represent over 180 writers and 600 largely unpublished songs, curated by industry professionals, searchable by voice and song type and available for purchase directly on our site. We are the only site that does not take a cent of the writers’ sales.

Discount Price:$14.95 - $34.95 (Regular Price: $19.95 - $49.95) BUY NOW
Artemisia: A Chicago Podcast
Raw, unedited conversations about feminism with Theatre Artists, Business and Non-Profit Leaders, Activists and Advocates who all embrace feminism as an important aspect of their work and their lives. Special programming includes readings of classic and contemporary feminist plays. Enjoy free anytime. New Podcast featured every Monday. Hosted by Julie Proudfoot, Founder and Artistic Director of Artemisia, A Chicago Theatre. Let’s keep the conversation going.

Discount Price:FREE - $50 (Regular Price: COMP - $50) BUY NOW
Murder Under the Big Top: Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Video chats have become a great way to keep up with friends and family in recent days — and now they’re a great place to uncover a dastardly murderer under the big top! Murder Under the Big Top is bringing whodunnit mystery fun to the world of a three-ring circus, with a fun game kit that’s playable by up to 20 people.

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Marry Harry — Online Musical Stream
Boy meets girl on a block in the East Village, a place like no other, where muses come to life, singing and dancing and magically providing guidance to two misguided romantics and their loving, albeit controlling, parents. Marry Harry is a romantic comedy that explores family (restaurant) business, family loyalty, marriage, love, food and finding one’s path in life with humor, heart and just the right amount of spice.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Online Murder Mystery: Murder on the Set
Invite your friends or co-workers to a virtual murder mystery. The movie star/singer Dave Daly was poisoned on the movie set and you and your guests become the suspects; you might be the know-it-all psychic, the jealous understudy, the has-been actress, the hometown girlfriend, the sinister gambler or the director/detective. Everyone is suspicious, everyone has information to share and no one knows the identity of the murderer until the last minute. People will be “dying” to attend your online event. The game includes the host manual/instructions and seven character booklets with everything they need to know to play Murder on the Set.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Camp Moss-Keto Mystery of the Missing Trophy (Virtual Mystery Game)
Become a party legend by throwing this camp-themed mystery party for your next camp event, game night, birthday party, or gathering! Make memories with this ready-to-play printable game kit playable by four to 20 people! Virtual rules are included to play on Zoom! Written for ages 10 and up! Kids looking for an adventurous summer they’ll never forget have two choices inside the Great Swampland State Park: Camp Moss-Keto, nestled by still waters, and Camp Sue-Mack, situated among lush undergrowth. Each camp offers a wide variety of activities like competitive sports, arts, and wilderness exploration, culminating in the Great Swampland Olympics on the last day of summer. Whichever camp wins the most events takes home the coveted Calamine Trophy. But this year, someone has stolen the Trophy! Was it one the kids, playing tricks? Was it one of the camp employees, desperate for prestige? Was it an outsider, like the lost hiker who seems strangely knowledgeable about the camps? Or was it — YOU? Find out when you play Camp Moss-Keto Mystery of the Missing Calamine Trophy!

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Beethoven: Live-Streamed Musical Event
An exclusive live-streamed theatrical event live from Florence, Italy. Dramatizing Dr. Gerhard von Breuning’s factual memoir, Aus dem Schwarzspanierhaus (Out of the House of Black-Robed Spaniards, Beethoven’s last residence), Hershey Felder brings Ludwig van Beethoven to life through the eyes of the Viennese Doctor Breuning who spent his boyhood by the Maestro’s side. Featuring some of the composer’s greatest works, from the Moonlight Sonata and Pathétique Sonata to selections from the 5th and 9th Symphonies, and the Emperor Concerto, Hershey Felder’s Beethoven is an intense, illuminating, unforgettable journey through time that immerses audiences in the astounding life of Ludwig van Beethoven. Proceeds from this event will benefit each of the many participating theatres throughout the nation.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Audit an Online Class With a Master Teacher Maria Gobetti
Jeff Kober, Armin Shimerman, Stephen Tobolowsky, Robert Hays, Cady Huffman, Steve Parks, Gregory Hines, Zilah Mendoza and other working actors were and are Maria’s students.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Dream Boston
Welcome to “Dream Boston,” a future vision of our city that’s somewhere between dream and reality. In a series of five-minute audio plays, local playwrights imagine their favorite locations, landmarks, and friends in a future Boston, when we can once again meet and thrive in our city. These micro-plays take place at well-known locations, such as the MIT Dome on the 4th of July with the sounds of the Boston Pops playing the “1812 Overture” floating in the background. Stop in at the Boston Public Library, where a librarian and a patron debate the ethics of reserving a book. You’ll also peek in on a not-so-perfect first date at the Massachusetts State House. Stay tuned for upcoming audio plays from playwrights Kirsten Greenidge and Brenda Withers. A new play will be released each Thursday! To access the plays, just go to the Dream Boston website. They’re free to watch anytime.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
POPScast: Valerie Perri — Online
Special guest, television and theatre star Valerie Perri sits dow with Resident Pops Conductor Larry Blank and Violist Brett Banducci. Best known for her portrayal of Eva Perrone in Hal Prince’s Broadway hit Evita, Perri discusses everything from her time working with Jerome Robbins, to working with her twin sons.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Electile Dysfunction, Hindsight Is 2020 — Online
Just in time for the mayhem of the 2020 election season! Actor, writer and Artistic Director Tony Braithwaite leads a cast of shameless pols in an original sketch comedy revue. The troupe skewers the left, right and center with citizen-on-the-street interviews, press conference special appearances, and irreverent songs and sidebars for a riotous trip through American politics.

Discount Price:$28 (Regular Price: $33) BUY NOW
Pasadena POPScast: Marc Shaiman — Online
From his early start as Bette Midler’s Musical Director, Grammy, Tony and Emmy Award-winning composer Marc Shaiman has made his mark on Broadway, Hollywood and everywhere in between. Shaiman sits down with Resident Pops Conductor Larry Blank to discuss his illustrious career from When Harry Met Sally to Hairspray, Southpark and his gay rights activism.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as George Gershwin Alone — Live from Florence
George Gershwin Alone tells the story of America’s great composer, who with the groundbreaking “A Rhapsody in Blue,” made a “Lady out of Jazz.” The show incorporates the composer’s best-known songs from “The Man I Love” and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” through the hits of An American In Paris and Porgy and Bess, to a complete performance of Rhapsody In Blue. As the only actor-musician to create the role of George Gershwin on the stage, and with over three-thousand performances, from California to Broadway to London’s West End, for the first time, Hershey Felder will bring George Gershwin to life on the stage of one of Europe’s oldest and most famous theatres. We will bring the show to you LIVE from Florence, Italy.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
80s Mall Murder Madness: Murder Mystery Party Game
Have a blast from the past with you best pals when you play the brand-new murder mystery party game from Broadway Murder Mysteries, 80s Mall Murder Madness! It’s 1985, and real estate developer and “entrepreneur” Whit Wiley has just cut the ribbon opening the newest marvel in his shopping mall empire: the Wiley Waterside Galleria Mall in Malibu. Whit was to top the Forbes list of most rich and powerful men of 1985 — until he washed up in the mall fountain, strangled by his skinny tie. Who could be responsible for the murder of this influential businessman? Was it his first wife Willhemina Wiley, seeking revenge for Whit Wiley’s many extramarital affairs? Was it local super shopper Connie Sumer, angry over the Galleria’s inflated scrunchie prices? Or was it fashion designer Cal Von Cline, who objected to Wiley’s appallingly gaudy bad taste? Time to whip out that credit card and tease that hair as big as it can go — we’re shopping for a murderer in 80’s Mall Murder Madness!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Fabulous Fanny: The Songs & Stories of Fanny Brice – Online
Fabulous Fanny Brice brings the Roaring 20’s back with a bang for a theater experience right in your own home. Enjoy classic show tunes, good old-fashioned fun, and hilarity, as we travel through time with Fanny Brice, the legendary Jewish comedienne, Ziegfeld Follies/Broadway star, recording artist, and film actress extraordinaire. One of the most popular radio stars of all time, Fanny was the voice of “Baby Snooks” on air for 25 years and even better known as the inspiration for the musical & movie Funny Girl. Join her as she takes you on a nostalgic journey throughout her life and infamous relationships, while she entertains with many of her popular hits and songs inspired by her legacy. Perfect for all ages, lovers of history, and anyone that misses a fun night out at the theater!

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $11) BUY NOW
The Perfect Year! Online
P3 Theatre Company Presents The Perfect Year! a New Year’s Eve Live Streaming Performance Conceived and Directed by Jon Peterson in collaboration with Tony Santamauro December 31st at 9:30pm. The evening will be hosted by P3 Theatre’s Executive Artistic Director, Jon Peterson, and critically acclaimed ‘Day After Day’ Creator and Director Tony Santamauro. Come join us as we wrap up this shit show of a year with a theatrical evening filled with gratitude, inspiration, and hope. Cohosts Jon and Tony will take you on a musical journey down P3 Theatre Company’s memory lane. You will laugh. You will cry. It will be better than CATS! Special Guest Stars: Zach Appel (Evita, Day After Day) Kara Brouelette (Laramie Project, Beautiful Thing) Darlene Carnahan Erin Stenehjem Fish Michelle Holmes (Steel Magnolias) Euriamis Losada (Evita) Christy Mauro-Cohen (Evita, Laramie Project) Philip McBride (Laramie Project, Greater Tuna) Lori Nuti John Rinaldi Deborah Lederer Robin (Day After Day) and Rita Wells

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
No One Called Ahead — Online
Ben seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for. While you enjoy your rental, please consider donating to the actor’s fund to help those Broadway artists affected by the Broadway shutdown due to Covid-19. Featuring Justin Matthew Sargent with Lora Lee Gayer, Ann Harada, Storm Lever, Morgan Weed & Pamela Winslow Kashani. Ben seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for when he begins to receive a series of visits from several astonishing women from the great beyond. Each encounter further rocks his world view. Will this night forever change the way he lives, loves and creates? Or will he make it to daybreak at all? This darkly comic romance with a tuneful contemporary score asks the question, “is there love after death"? For this artist, alone in the woods with his life on the line and his potential still undiscovered — the answer is not what he expected.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Playbill Social Selects: At This Theatre — Virtual Hamilton Tour
Are you as obsessed with Hamilton: An American Musical as we are? Broadway Up Close Owner Tim Dolan will lead guests on a virtual tour of Alexander Hamilton’s 1700s sidewalks in the “greatest city in the world.” In addition to exploring the historical sites from the musical, guests will hear rarely heard first-hand accounts from the making of the musical as Tim was a fly on the wall for the entire creation on Broadway. This HamilTour will be broken up into two parts (Oct. 7 and 14) to cover as much detail as possible. Don’t “wait for it,” – join us and be in the “virtual tour” where it happened.

Discount Price:$12.99 (Regular Price: $12.99) BUY NOW
The Twenties Were Murder — Online Murder Mystery
The year is 1928, the time of gangsters, flappers, prohibition and clubs serving “tea” in the back room. Big Charlie, the owner of The Big C. club, was murdered and you are invited to investigate and find out WhoDunIt. Every player will become a character; they might be Jewel, the jealous fiance; Chef Michel, the angry, former owner; Abby, the liquor supplier; Max, the body-guard; or they might be Dollye, the dancer; Louie The Kid or Senator Tom, Big Charlie’s brother. Each character has information to share and questions to ask. Bubles, the Club Hostess is running the investigation and she needs your help. One of theplayers is guilty but no one, not even the murderer, knows who it is and will not know until the last minutes when the sealed paper is opened and the murderer is revealed. the game is for eight players but more can particpate as the audience.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
COVID Classics: One-Act Plays for the Age of Quarantine — Online
This vibrant assortment of short plays brings together tales from trailblazing writers whose creative experiments redefined the possibilities of theater in moments of seismic change. Reimagining works by master dramatists Anton Chekhov, Luigi Pirandello, August Strindberg, and the first surrealist, Guillaume Apollinaire, this lively, eclectic collection reaches into the past and finds surprising echoes in the present.

Discount Price:$15 - $100 (Regular Price: $15 - $100) BUY NOW
Horror on the Haunted House Tour: A Murder Mystery Party Game
This new murder mystery party game from Broadway Murder Mysteries is the perfect plan for Halloween and includes everything you need to plan, prep, and play! You are one of a group of thrill-seeking tourists gathered for a Halloween night ghost tour. You huddle close together as the howling wind swirls dead leaves around the five historic houses in the square. Four of them are guaranteed to be haunted by murder victims from decades past; the fifth house is where the tour starts and costumed actors re-enact the haunting crimes. The Tour Guide leads you up the dimly lit creaking staircase and turns you loose to explore the upper floor. Screams punctuate the silence as the actors jump out of their hiding places to portray murderers and victims. Suddenly, one more scream is heard and a heavy weight tumbles down the stairs. When the Security Guard turns on the lights, you can see the lifeless body of your Tour Guide sprawled on the lower landing. Somebody has pushed her—but who? Find out when you play Murder on the Haunted House Tour. But hold onto your maps because the killer could be YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Waiting in the Wings — Online
WAITING IN THE WINGS: THE MUSICAL stars two entertainers, destined for the big time, who are mismatched in a casting office from two very different online contests. Tony (Adam Huss), a stripper from New York, is cast in an Off-Broadway musical and needs to trade in his tear-away trunks for tap shoes and tights. Anthony (Jeffrey A Johns), a naive musical theatre enthusiast from Montana, needs to decide if he can strip all the way down just to stay in town. Hilarity ensues as they realize that in order to “make it” they’re going have to learn some new tricks. Shirley Jones, Sally Struthers, and Lee Meriwether round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
The Law of Attraction Radio Play — Online
America’s Self-Help Sweetheart, MJ Powers, has built her brand on creating the ultimate guide to the perfect relationship. In real life, her lover Natasha is suing over the personal details in her latest book, her career is on the brink, and it looks like her “ultimate guide” is a jumbled roadmap. A brand new comedy of bad manners, The Law of Attraction explores just how miserable “perfect” really can be. World Premiere of The Law of Attraction available for streaming Oct 14-Nov 18, 2020. Multiple listens encouraged! Ticket includes link to radio play and bonus video footage with the cast and playwright.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $40) BUY NOW
Riot X: Live-ish 30 Virtual Plays in Your Real World
RIOT X has metamorphosed our monthly live show caterpillar into a beautiful monthly butterfly, and, on this night, we’ll all watch it flutter its wings spectacularly with a tantalizing hybrid of BRAND-NEW LIVE and VIDEO PLAYS!

Discount Price:FREE - $7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Roosevelt: Charge The Bear — Online
What do you know about the man the Teddy Bear was named for? President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt is one of the most fascinating people of the 20th century. Phil Johnson stars in this new one-man show and brings this multi-faceted character to life in a truly riveting, energetic, and passionate performance. In this gripping 90-minute presentation, the new president grapples with the issues that would define his term: taking on the trusts, trying to get his message across to the people, and his colossal challenge – the coal strike of 1902. Miners and others were killed, tensions were high, and - the biggest threat of all - innocent people were at risk of freezing to death that winter. This American president dealt with these in his own relentless energetic way. He was a great man, a great American. By the way, TR was not a fan of the nickname “Teddy!”

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Broadway Roulette Mixer — Online
Broadway Roulette Mixer is the fun and easy way to mix with Broadway talent from anywhere in the world! Log in and enjoy unprecedented access to Broadway’s best for behind-the-scenes stories, unscripted Q&A, and exclusive performances. Hear what Broadway is really like from artists who have originated roles, who have stepped into a runaway hit, and everything in between. Just don’t get too attached, because every 15 minutes we “spin the wheel” and a new guest arrives!

Discount Price:$19.99 (Regular Price: $19.99) BUY NOW
Terror in Tinseltown: A 1920s Hollywood-Themed Murder Mystery Game
Dress up in old Hollywood glamour and solve the murder of Sly Mandrake, star of the silver screen when you play the new murder mystery party game, Terror in Tinseltown. It’s 1928, and the birth of the talking picture has turned Hollywood on its ear. That is until famed silent movie star Sly Mandrake turns up dead on the set of his latest picture THE SINGING SHEIK. What seems to be a tragic accident now looks more and more like a Hollywood hit job. Who could have bumped off this heartthrob of the silver screen? Could it have been controlling director Burly Bellows, frustrated with Mandrake’s lack of elocution? Or was it his vengeful scene-stealing scene partner, emerging starlet Nettie Potts? Was is famed LA mobster Hoochie Coodilinni, or could it have been Mandrake’s scorned lover Zelda Pinchbottom? Pour yourself a glass of giggle water and do the Bunny Hug in this legendary Jazz Age whodunit, TERROR IN TINSELTOWN.

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Holiday Online Trivia Night, Hosted by Suzie the Elf!
Have you seen A Christmas Story a million times or danced around the house to “All I Want For Christmas Is You”? Good news, Christmas comes early with Holiday Online Trivia Night! Host Suzie the Elf will be your guide with 50 questions ranging from Miracle on 34th Street, Frosty the Snowman, and “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” to Meet Me in St. Louis, Ebenezer Scrooge, and much more! Laugh and enjoy an evening of holiday fun with Suzie The Elf and fellow Christmas fans from all over the country! The first place winner gets bragging rights, a $150 State Theatre gift certificate, and a State Theatre swag bag. The second place winner gets a State Theatre swag bag. Your participation is a donation to State Theatre New Jersey’s Community Engagement programs. Donate What You Can—a minimum donation of $5 allows you to participate, larger donation amounts are greatly appreciated! Online Trivia Night will be hosted on Zoom on your desktop computer and played on a smartphone-based trivia game called Kahoot. An email with login information will follow your donation to enter. One player per entry.

Discount Price:$5 - $20 (Regular Price: $5 - $20) BUY NOW
Live On Stage: My Big Gay Italian Christmas
One of the latest in a series of Big Gay Italian shows, My Big Gay Italian Christmas brings the holidays into the mix for the continuing adventures of the Pinnuziato family. This time it’s Christmas and on the menu is a bisexual love triangle, heated political conversations run amuck, over-the-top characters and a crushing snow storm. Written by Anthony J. Wilkinson, this show is filled with all of the perfect ingredients for a hilarious night out!

Discount Price:$39.50 (Regular Price: $49.50) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder in A Paris Love Story — Live From Florence: Online
A very personal journey through the beloved city of Paris through the music of Claude Debussy (“Clair de Lune,” Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune …) and how this music shaped a whole new world of color in sound. This new world of “musical impressionism” gave us the beginnings of what we have come to know as “Movie Music.”

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Adam Pascal + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers. Adam Pascal, a Tony-nominee and Obie and Theatre World Award winning star, has created some of the most memorable roles in recent Broadway history. He shot to stardom for originating the role of Roger in the Broadway blockbuster Rent, as well as the London production, and starred in the film version. He also originated the role of Radames in Elton John and Tim Rice’s Aida, and was featured as the Emcee in the critically acclaimed revival of Cabaret directed by Sam Mendes. He has recently starred on Broadway in Memphis, Chicago and the original cast of Disaster! (co-written by Seth Rudetsky!) Other of his recent performances include the role of Freddie in Chess at the Royal Albert Hall in London, alongside both Idina Menzel and Josh Groban.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Wayne Brady + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers. Multiple Emmy Award-winning and Grammy Award-nominated Wayne Brady has made his mark on stage and screen as an actor, singer, dancer, improviser, songwriter and television personality. Best known as the host CBS’ Let’s Make a Deal, Brady is also a master at improv, which he displays every week on The CW’s Whose Line Is It Anyway? Long an accomplished singer and performer, Brady was named the winner of season two of The Masked Singer and also earned a Grammy nominee for his debut album. Brady is also a talented vocal artist, having voiced roles on series for Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. Brady has also found success on stage with roles in some of Broadway’s biggest shows including Chicago, Kinky Boots and Hamilton.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Birdland Jazz Club Virtual Concert Series – Reeve Carney
Reeve Carney was recently cheered as Orpheus in the Broadway production of Hadestown. Prior to that, he was best known for the role of Dorian Gray in Showtime’s hit series Penny Dreadful and for originating the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the smash Broadway production Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, a role that he was handpicked for by Julie Taymor and U2’s Bono and The Edge. Reeve was last seen in FOX’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do The Time Warp Again. His film credits include Gemini, The Tempest and Snow Falling on Cedars. Recordings include his debut solo album, Youth is Wasted (five Independent Music Awards including Best Album) and Mr. Green Vol. 1, with the band, Carney.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
A Christmas Carol: A Radio Play — Online
This holiday season, Actors Theatre brings Dickens’s tale of redemption, connection, and generosity into your home for the whole family to enjoy. This spirited listening experience, brought to life by our creative team in collaboration with award-winning radio professionals, is infused with all the hearty laughs and abundant good cheer that make this story a cherished Christmas classic.

Discount Price:$10 - $100 (Regular Price: $10 - $100) BUY NOW
P3 Theatre Cabaret Fundraising Series
Support the arts as we continue to bring happiness and music to you in these challenging times. Direct from our homes to your screens……. P3 Theatre Company presents our exciting 5-week Cabaret Fundraising Series Tuesday, November 24th at 7pm PT P3 Theatre Company Executive Artistic Director Jon Peterson presents his critically acclaimed one-man musical cabaret. Tuesday, December 1st at 7pm PT Christy Mauro-Cohen, star of P3 Theatre Company’s EVITA, presents her one-woman cabaret that has entertained audiences across the globe. Tuesday, December 8th at 7pm PT ‘Crazy Aunt Mary featuring Steve Pinkney – guitar/vocals and Michelle Holmes – bass/vocals Tuesday, December 15th at 7pm PT Shawn Kilgore’s A Christmas Cabaret with Joshua Glenn Wilson Tuesday, December 22nd at 7pm PT 3 Mile Radius – An Acoustic Duo with Kara and Chris Brouelette

Discount Price:$5 - $100 (Regular Price: $5 - $100) BUY NOW
A New York Holiday Minute — Online
In a series of six short plays commissioned by Out of Box Theatrics, New Yorkers of all walks of life navigate their way through the highs and lows of living in the city during the holidays. From cynical Christmas elves to awkward family gatherings to heartwarming holiday magic, New York City during the holidays offers a fresh start unlike anywhere else. Representing BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities, featured playwrights include Anthony Anello, Harron Atkins, Elise Forier Edie, Lauren Jennings, Kevin Renn, and Marcus Scott.

Discount Price:$14 - $24 (Regular Price: $24 - $34) BUY NOW
Bard Brunch with Genny Yosco – Online
Each week, host Genny Yosco creates a Shakespeare-themed food or drink, and then sits down to virtually interview an upcoming online Shakespeare project!

Discount Price:$5 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Like After Death — Online
A new short film project set to stream exclusively through All Together Now, an interactive virtual theatre space. The audience will vote on which scenes make up the film each night and the order in which the film will air. Like After Death is a dark comedy that leads us on a kaleidoscopic journey through the life and death of a social media influencer named Clarissa. Jumping back and forth through time and between the friends, family members and followers she left behind, a portrait of a complicated young woman emerges, challenging us to examine the assumptions we make about people, and the filters through which we view each other.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
The Chris White Trio Tribute to A Charlie Brown Christmas — Online
Experience the Chris White Jazz Trio’s take on one of the season’s classic soundtracks: Vince Guaraldi’s 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas. Guests of all ages are invited to tap their toes and sing along to this unique holiday tribute, which takes place during ZooLights Presented By ComEd and Invesco QQQ!

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $16.45) BUY NOW
Holiday Horror: Murder at the Ugly Sweater Office Holiday Party! — A Virtual Game
Dawn your ugliest holiday sweater and round up some friends to play this brand-new murder mystery party game by Broadway Murder Mysteries! The Tasty-Ful Design Company’s holiday office party is swinging—as well as a party can when it’s held in the breakroom on a Friday afternoon. And when everyone, from the VP down to the Security Guard, is decked out for an “Ugly Sweater” contest. But things are about to get uglier, as someone peeks into the copy room and finds Nepo Tasty, the owner’s nephew, strangled with the sleeves of his own sweater. Who would do such an ugly thing on such a festive occasion? It could have one of the employees that Nepo had insulted. It could have been someone who was jealous of his place in the owner’s affections. And ugliest of all—it could have been YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Secret Library — An Interactive Mystery Performance
Our society is in need of an Era of Enlightenment. Could you be one of the New Oracles? Join the team that will unlock the mysteries behind The Secret Library! The Secret Library is a digital performance combining live actors with escape-room like elements. This experience ventures beyond the common videoconferencing experience to include an integrated “stage” to encourage immersion. Search for clues, question characters with suspicious intentions, and work collaboratively as you uncover the mysteries surrounding this ethereal realm of knowledge. This experience utilizes fully interactive features to bring you into the story even before the event even begins.

Discount Price:$31.50 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
Exit 36 Slam Poetry Virtual Festival — Festival Pass
Exit 36 Slam Poetry Festival is a three-day, virtual poetry festival that seeks to serve the community through educational, theatrical, and literary performances. The festival will nurture, support, and showcase regional, national and international writers, facilitators, and artist from all over the country to honor the creative genius of our own cultural arts pioneers. The festival includes writing workshops, artists’ talks, and the Slam Poetry competition. In its third year, the objectives remain the same to pay homage to poetry, spoken word, literacy, community engagement, and to celebrate the arts.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Broadway Holiday 2020 Online
Join us for the Broadway Holiday 2020! From the warmth and comfort of your own home, we are preparing to share in holiday festivities like never before and cannot wait to experience this magic with you. As you cozy up around your Christmas Tree with the fireplace roaring and hot chocolate in hand, be amongst the national and international audience to experience a spectacular screening of Broadway Holiday 2020!

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Luna Eclipse — Online
LUNA ECLIPSE written & directed by Sara Fellini. Prerecorded from a socially distanced full theatrical performance. Presented by spit&vigor. A mysterious woman, Aine Luna, invites you the viewer into her home for a seance, in an attempt to track a mysterious inherited mental illness by summoning long-dead members of her family. The viewer then takes a very intimate, sometimes voyeuristic tour of the emotionally charged moments in the lives of deeply troubled individuals.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
X Part One: The Insidious: Remote Interactive Experience
Starring: Cheech Manohar (“Kevin G” in Mean Girls the musical) & Kim Exum (“Nabulungi” in Book of Mormon). Alvarez Keko Salazar Productions & Tony Mayes present Poseidon Theatre Company’s (Featured in: The New York Times, New York Post, New York Daily News & Wall Street Journal) a new experience: X Part One: The Insidious. This bold new venture into interactive media, brings you into a world in the not so distant future, where you become a trainee of the “WE”. Fusing together the mediums of film, music, original words by Jason Veasey (A Strange Loop, The Lion King) in his writing debut with an original score by Manuel Pelayo and Giancarlo Bonfanti with theme songs by Matt Katz. Directed and Conceived by Aaron Salazar. X shakes up the form of online entertainment by immersing you into the experience where the show literally jumps off the screen and into your hands. X is a single user experience, designed to be a feast for the senses.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
Monday Night MarshStream
Like many theaters in our community, The Marsh has postponed all in-person shows until further notice. But that won’t stop Monday Night Marsh from continuing to feature unique works-in-progress. Monday Night MarshStream is our new Monday Night Marsh with a few twists. Every Monday at 7:30pm, we bring you live plays, musicals, and projects from performers, both familiar and new, via ZOOM. EVERY Monday at 7:30pm LIVE

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Jesus Hopped the A Train – Online
Pulitzer Prize-winner Stephen Adly Guirgis darkly comic meditation on redemption and faith, Angel Cruz is a 30-year-old bicycle messenger awaiting trial for the death of the leader of a religious cult. Inside Rikers Island, a terrified Angel is befriended by a charismatic serial killer named Lucius Jenkins. Lucius has found God and been born again, and now, Angel’s life and the course of his trial will be changed forever. This Olivier Award Nominated play is “fire-breathing…[a] probing, intense portrait of lives behind bars.” – The New York Times

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
The Steadfast Tin Soldier — Online
Gather the family together to experience Tony Award-winning Lookingglass Theatre Company’s production of The Steadfast Tin Soldier. Based on Hans Christian Andersen’s story about a little tin soldier who never gives up, Chicago’s beloved holiday tradition will stream in your home this December! Ensemble Member Mary Zimmerman’s production is a gorgeous spectacle of music and movement that the Chicago Tribune calls “★★★★ A treat for all ages! It’s transformational, truly. Barely more than an hour long, this major new work is one holiday experience you don’t want to miss.”

Discount Price:$25 - $75 (Regular Price: $25 - $75) BUY NOW
The Golden Girls Live: The Christmas Episodes — Online
2020 has been rough, but nothing can keep the Girls down. Continuing our beloved holiday tradition, The Golden Girls Live: The Christmas Episodes, is taking the show online! Bringing you four LIVE streaming events to enjoy with family, friends and coworkers from the comfort of your own home – with sing-along carols and a limited quantity of virtual meet & greets. Because these shows are broadcast live, each performance will be a little different and we can expect some improvised shenanigans!

Discount Price:$30 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Miracle in Hamilton Park: Virtual Christmas Cabaret
Every year Seven Angels Theatre has a spectacular Christmas Show. This year we will continue the tradition with a fabulous cabaret style show with many of your local favorite performers. Scheduled to perform will be: Semina De Laurentis, Tom Chute, Jimmy Donohue, Constantine Pappas, Marissa Perry, Mandy Leigh Thompson, Marcia Maslo, Juliette Koch, Joyce Follo Jeffrey, Priscilla Squiers, Autumn Sheffy, Michelle Gotay, Stephanie Varanelli Miles, Robert Melendez, Samantha Rae Bass, Janine Molinari, Santa Claus, Buddy the Elf. AND Special Guests: Ed O’Neil, Bruce Connelly and Dan Lauria. The show will premiere on December 5 at 7 PM. Only one ticket is needed per household. Invite family and friends to watch.

Discount Price:$30 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Darius de Haas: Let Me Carry You This Christmas – Online
Holiday memories, joy, cheer and most of all, great music! Darius de Haas has performed in the original Broadway productions of RENT, Kiss of the Spiderwoman, Shuffle Along and the hit TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (he’s the singing voice of “Shy Baldwin”). In this outing, he brings the love of his favorite holiday to the Radio Free Birdland stage. Interweaving musical tributes to Nat King Cole, Whitney Houston, and Sarah Vaughan as well as his own musical family, Darius will sing songs celebrating cherished loved ones and heroes including “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” “Who Would Imagine A King,” and “This Christmas.” He will also premiere his upcoming holiday single “Let Me Carry You This Christmas.” Darius de Haas enjoys a multifaceted career as a singer, recording artist and actor.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
The Light – Online
When they are forced to confront a devastating secret from the past, a surprise proposal gift puts the future of Genesis and Rashad’s relationship at risk. The Light is a 70-minute, real-time rollercoaster ride of laughter, romance and despair that uncovers how the power of radical love can be a healing beacon of light. Leigh Rondon-Davis and Kenny Scott are a couple in real life and these two exceptional actors will perform this play live in their own home!

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $40) BUY NOW
The Fantastical Tale of The Nutcracker and The Mouse King: Live Immersive Audio Experience
This holiday season, gather round the hearth for a hilarious and thrilling world premiere audio adaptation of the original German fairy tale that inspired the world’s favorite ballet. The once-familiar story will become surprisingly new as you immerse yourself in the dark fantasy world of ETA Hoffman’s Nutcracker Prince, young Marie who loves him, her strange and mysterious Godfather Drosselmeier, and of the war between the Christmas toys and the evil seven-headed Mouse King bent on destroying them all. This LIVE immersive audio experience is unlike anything you’ve heard before! A sweeping, romantic, comic adventure for the whole family, this Nutcracker promises to become a new holiday staple for years to come.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Marga Gomez Not Getting Any Younger – Online
Marga Gomez tackles the latest generational divides, weaving her commentary through hilarious surreal life vignettes: little Marga visits the worst amusement park ever with her showgirl mom, little Marga attends a dysfunctional birthday party for her childhood nemesis Crazy Lisa and adult Marga tries to get a senior discount at Forever 21. In an energetic and meta 55 minutes Marga looks back on how even an outspoken lesbian can find herself in the closet for women of a certain age.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Virtual Story Time with Santa
Join Lincoln Park Zoo and Santa to celebrate the most joyous time of the year. Held over Zoom, this program will kick off with the jolly man reading The Mitten by Jan Brett, as well as Bear Stays Up for Christmas by Karma Wilson. At the end of the program, you will meet a Lincoln Park Zoo animal and receive a special, inside look at its habitat.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $16.45) BUY NOW
Amas Musical Theatre Presents Hip Hop Cinderella – A New Musical Online
A riff in the hip hop space-time continuum is coming your way! Watch for a rapping robot who can open quantum portals, an interplanetary rap competition, family squabbles, and a hyper-partying Prince. Our space-age Cinderella certainly has her work cut out for her! Propelled with music and lyrics by Rona Siddiqui, book by Scott Elmegreen, and based on a treatment by Linda Chichester and David Coffman, be sure to tune in for our special opening night gala on December 10 at 7:00pm with video on demand streaming until December 27! Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for students and seniors (on the honor system), and $25 for households of four or more people. HIP HOP CINDERELLA – A New Musical is an out-of-this-world musical adventure produced by Amas Musical Theatre in association with and performed by alumni students of the Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy. Amas Musical Theatre is a non-profit multi-ethnic theatrical organization devoted to the creation, development, and professional production of new American musicals, the celebration of cultural equity and minority perspectives, the emergence of new artistic talent, and the training and encouragement of underserved young people.

Discount Price:$15 - $25 (Regular Price: $15 - $25) BUY NOW
Three beautiful female singers with powerhouse voices sing the biggest hits of the greatest divas in music history. This vibrant show spans four decades covering the 1960’s through the 1990’s with hits by Aretha Franklin, Carole King, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Cher, Dolly Parton, Donna Summer, Abba, and many more! Live on Stage at the Avenel Performing Arts Center! This is NOT a virtual show.

Discount Price:$29.50 (Regular Price: $39.50) BUY NOW
Jagged Live in NYC: A Broadway Reunion Concert
Jagged Little Pill was an instant smash on Broadway, and now the stars of the Tony-nominated show are reuniting to bring you a special concert event performed and streamed live from the New York stage. An exciting new way to experience the musical’s songs and empowering message, Jagged Live in NYC features the Broadway cast and band singing live renditions of iconic Alanis Morissette songs from the musical.

Discount Price:$27 (Regular Price: $27) BUY NOW
Creating and Performing Your Own Work Class Performances – Online
Creating and Performing Your Own Work Class Performances Students start with their own script, idea, character, etc. and create a twenty-minute performance piece. Topics will include: getting out of your own way; writing and improvising; the narrator as a character; the difference between psychology and art; relating to the audience.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
A Christmas Carol: the Radio Play
One of the longest-running productions in the country, Alleyway’s 38th production of the Dickens’ classic is now reimagined as a radio play! Starring David C. Mitchell as Scrooge, and featuring an entire cast returning from last season, this is Alleyway’s most intimate production of the holiday favorite yet. Adapted by and featuring Neal Radice as Charles Dickens.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Holidaze Harmony — Virtual Livestream Concert
It’s a night of pure holiday entertainment. A soulful season’s greeting. Broadway veterans and acclaimed recording artists Terron Brooks and Kamilah Marshall star in this spectacular concert event filmed live on our stage for online audiences. Life-long best friends, Kamilah and Terron started this concert tradition 13 years ago. Holidaze Harmony is part variety show, part dynamite vocals and all heart. Known as the “Black Donny and Marie” — the evening is full of banter and bloopers and soul-stirring harmonies. Backed by three of LA’s premiere musicians, the duo have selected an array of songs that will have you dancing in your living room and even singing along. Director Joseph Leo Bwarie (Frankie Valli in Broadway’s Jersey Boys_) takes you behind the scenes in an intimate conversation with the two stars where the laughs are plenty and the memories are magic. Terron Brooks (_The Soul of Broadway, NBC miniseries The Temptations, Broadway’s The Lion King) and Kamilah Marshall (NBC’s Hairspray! Live, Broadway’s Rent, Hairspray, Bette Midler’s The Showgirl Must Go On Las Vegas engagement and Midler’s Kiss My Brass world tour) are coming to you from the legendary Garry Marshall Theatre in Burbank, CA. Home to the sold-out live shows of past Holidaze Harmony concerts, the Garry Marshall Theatre is named after Hollywood heavy weight Garry Marshall (creator of Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley, and director of 18 pop culture movie greats including: Pretty Woman, Beaches, Runaway Bride, Valentine’s Day and The Princess Diaries 1&2). Dark Blue Mondaze also produces the all-new, filmed incarnation of the fan-favorite Holidaze Harmony.

Discount Price:$24 - $27 (Regular Price: $29 - $35) BUY NOW
The Naughty List Online
A perfect date night, family gathering, or holiday gift to yourself! THE NAUGHTY LIST is an original holiday-themed dance theatre performance full of magic, music, and mischief! This reimagined coming-of-age story features your favorite holiday icons in a flurry-filled race to save the holidays. Check the list twice, because someone’s been naughty who should’ve been nice! Presented by Stage West. Produced by Moonrise Initiative.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
A Christmas Carol — Online
FREE from Dec 1 – 24 Mark Clements’ Classic Production of A Christmas Carol Each year, nearly 40,000 people experience Milwaukee Rep Artistic Director Mark Clements’ epic adaptation at the beautiful historic Pabst Theater. We are opening our video vault to bring a never-before-seen recording of the 2016 production filmed and produced by HMS Media.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS: Home for the Holidays
A stellar lineup of theater favorites will show there’s no place like Broadway for the holidays as they welcome you into their homes and hearts during Home for the Holidays on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. The concert is produced by and benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. Watch the free stream at beginning at 8:00pm Eastern. The stream will be available through December 19. You’ll feel the holiday spirit when some of Broadway’s most celebrated stars perform songs based on traditions from their homes and from where their shows are set. With songs from comedic to heartfelt, it’s your perfect seasonal variety show. From the welcoming warmth of Come From Away‘s Gander, Newfoundland, to the rich culture of South Africa through cast members from The Lion King, you’ll escape into a world where Broadway can help make the season merry and bright despite today’s challenges. The illustrious lineup is set to include Carolee Carmello, Alan Cumming, André De Shields, Lena Hall, Heather Headley, Ramin Karimloo, Karen Olivo, Jelani Remy, Conrad Ricomora, Jennifer Sanchez and the Grammy Award-winning Broadway Inspirational Voices. More special guests will be announced in the coming weeks.

Discount Price:FREE - $500 (Regular Price: COMP - $500) BUY NOW
Story Pirates: SLEEP SQUAD — Online
SLEEP SQUAD is a family-friendly, interactive, virtual theater experience that turns your home into a rocket ship to launch kids into their dreams. Featuring brand new, unique, kid-driven comedy and music from the Story Pirates that you can’t see or hear anywhere else, this world premiere on-demand production creates a new kind of bedtime ritual for kids age 4-12. SLEEP SQUAD stars Tony Award Nominee Lilli Cooper (SpongeBob SquarePants, Tootsie) as the Dream Queen, who guides adventurers through three different enchanting virtual experiences, adapted from stories written by real kids. These include a visit to a desert island, a dinosaur’s birthday party, and an intergalactic nightclub, allowing kids to take ownership of the imagination-powered storytelling. SLEEP SQUAD concludes with soothing music that will help lull adventurers to sleep.

Discount Price:$35 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder in TCHAIKOVSKY — Live From Florence: Online
Based on the original OUR GREAT TCHAIKOVSKY, and featuring an extended focus on The Nutcracker Ballet (in honor of Christmas) as well as Tchaikovsky’s life in Florence Italy where he spent a good deal of time – Live from Florence will be filmed live on location where Tchaikovsky actually lived and worked in Florence. An interesting, surprising and engaging holiday treat.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
The Hip Hop Nutcracker — Livestream
Recorded Live at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, The Hip Hop Nutcracker is a holiday mash-up for the entire family. Directed and choreographed by Jennifer Weber, The Hip Hop Nutcracker is a contemporary dance spectacle set to Tchaikovskyʼs timeless music. A unique and joyful event, this evening-length production is performed by a supercharged cast of a dozen all-star dancers, a DJ, a violinist, and MC Kurtis Blow, one of hip hopʼs founding fathers, who opens the show with a short set. Just like the original, in The Hip Hop Nutcracker, Maria-Clara and the Nutcracker Prince go on a dream adventure battling a gang of mice, visiting the land of sweets and learning the lessons of the holiday season. Innovative digital graffiti and visuals transform the landscape of E.T.A. Hoffmannʼs beloved story from traditional 19th Century Germany to the vibrant, diverse sights and sounds of contemporary New York City. Through this re-mixed and re-imagined version of the classic, the dynamic performers of The Hip Hop Nutcracker take us on a journey that celebrates love, community and the magic of the holiday season.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Funny Bōnz – Online
P3 Theatre Company presents Funny Bōnz Directed by Kenney Green and Musical Direction by Phil Hinton. Life is stressful under normal circumstances. The status quo of our world today has brought stress levels to stratospheric heights. We all need a way to unwind and you know what they say, “Laughter is the best medicine.” Enter Funny Bōnz, the “humerus” solution to surviving these times! A little levity can derail stress almost immediately. Funny Bōnz is a politically-incorrect musical sketch comedy revue featuring musical satire of current events, politics, and pop-culture; streaming live to your favorite device. Think of it as a musical SNL. Produced by P3 Theatre Company, Funny Bōnz was created in the style of Laffing Matterz, an award-winning dinner theatre that entertained audiences from around the world in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area for an unprecedented nine (9) years. Laffing Matterz creator and producer, Rita Wells, along with original Laffing Matterz cast member, Jon Peterson (also P3 Theatre Company’s Founder and Executive Artistic Director), and P3 Theatre Company’s live stream engineer, Brian Russell are the co-creators of this fantastic production. Funny Bōnz will be reimagining the satirical style of its predecessor taking the in-person comedy club feel to a virtual platform to bring the comedy club directly into your homes! Starring original Laffing Matterz cast members Kimberley Hinton, Shawn Kilgore, Lori Nuti, Jon Peterson, Rita Wells and Angela J. Thomas. Introducing Philip McBride and Jeremy Saje.

Discount Price:$12.50 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Kerry Butler + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Ana Gasteyer + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Seth Rudetsky’s internationally acclaimed Broadway concert series that first began in Provincetown at The Art House in 2011 will debut as a weekly virtual series entitled The Seth Concert Series. Presented by Mark Cortale the series premiered ten years ago and is currently housed in more than a dozen major venues worldwide. In its new format, the series will continue to offer viewers a seamless mix of behind-the-scenes stories prompted by Rudetsky’s insightful, funny and revealing questions – and the music from the artists’ stellar careers.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
School Girls; or, the African Mean Girls Play Virtual Benefit

Discount Price:$30 - $50 (Regular Price: $30 - $50) BUY NOW
The Little Princess – Online
From the celebrated writer of The Secret Garden, Frances Hodgson Burnett’s timeless tale of one little girl’s resilience is coming to life right in your home! Quintessence Theatre presents The Little Princess, a holiday adventure for the whole family. Team up with Sara Crewe as she tries to navigate the cruel Miss Minchin’s boarding school, equipped with only her books, vivid imagination, and the help of her friends. Directed by founding member of Pig Iron Theatre Company Suli Holum, this newly-adapted full virtual production will feature an ensemble cast performing from specially designed home sets, stunning puppetry, and original music.

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Clowning Around With Shakespeare: A Telethon Where YOU Choose the Hijinks! – Online
In this telethon-style performance to support Infinite Jest Theatre Company, we are turning Shakespeare’s Hamlet on its head as you, the audience member, vote with your dollars for what zany circumstances you want to see the actors perform the next scene under. Ever wanted to see “To be or not to be” performed with a Scottish accent, while wearing a clown nose, and jumping on one leg? Now is your chance! Or maybe you think Ophelia’s “mad scene” needs to be rapped? Donate to make it happen! Directed by Infinite Jest Theatre Company founder Collette Rutherford and hosted by company members Samantha Barrios and Melodie S. Rivers, this delightful new take on Hamlet is sure to make you laugh as our talented cast undertake the ridiculous improvisations you choose to perform what is perhaps Shakespeare’s greatest work. Streaming online only for one performance only. Don’t miss out on your chance for Clowning Around With Shakespeare!

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
A Blood Mary Christmas 2020! – Online
For the 11th consecutive year (and first time virtually!), Space 55 presents A Bloody Mary Christmas, a holiday musical for people who hate the holidays and musicals. Sun City retirees Blanche, Bertha and Mabel sing, dance and drink themselves silly as they battle a heartless homeowner’s association that tries to evict them from their condo on Christmas Eve. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pee a little. Need we add that this show isn’t even remotely appropriate for children? Streaming LIVE on December 4, 11, 18 & 19 on the Space 55 YouTube Channel. Starring Mary Timpany, Suze St John, Thea Eigo, and Kalei Devilly. Directed by Willa Eigo.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
RIGHT NOW: DECEMBER, the second installment in The Best of SoHo Benefit Streaming Series, is the latest funny, ridiculous, and heartfelt chapter in Dockery’s ongoing performance piece about the bizarre new reality of 2020, and his own personal space within it. Performed to an empty room at the historic SoHo Playhouse, the show unpacks the human drive to create art – even when no one’s actually watching. In this ever-expanding age of social distancing, RIGHT NOW: DECEMBER is as much a record of the performer’s mental state as it is a reckoning of our collective emotional well being. Will the communal experience of theater save us, even virtually? We’ll try: right here, right now. Winner of innumerable “Best of Fest” awards. *“Best storyteller in the U.S.” -The Orlando Sentinel. *A benefit stream for the Soho Playhouse.**

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La Indiana Online Play
The world premiere of Saida Santana Mahmut’s play La Indiana, a name that alludes to the cultural legacy emanating from the frequent trips made by so many across the Atlantic, from the Canary Islands to Cuba and back. Starring Ms. Santana herself, the plot revolves around Antonia, the playwright’s great-grandmother, a woman from Canarias who emigrates to Cuba at the turn of the 20th century (1905). After many years in Cuba, she becomes a widow and decides to return to Gran Canaria with her five children, earning the name of “La Indiana,” a nickname that was usually reserved for men. Antonia is the inspiration for a story that aims to capture a particular time during the Canarian migration to Cuba at the beginning of the last century, when many stood astride a cross-cultural junction, and later opted to return to the Canary Islands. The full stage production will be streamed from Madrid, and will be followed by a Q&A with the playwright via Zoom, moderated by Mayra McCarthy, director of our Theater Program.

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Tennessee Williams’s The Night of the Iguana Virtual Benefit Reading
In Tennessee Williams’s The Night of the Iguana, a defrocked clergyman encounters inside disturbances amid outside disturbances during one stormy night at the Costa Verde Hotel in Acapulco as the world prepares for World War II. After four women of different ages and backgrounds, along with a 97-year-old poet, engage in the clergyman’s spiritual struggles, their lives leap dramatically forward. And the catalytic, defrocked clergyman makes it through the night. The benefit presentation for The Actors Fund will feature Golden Globe winner and Emmy nominee Dylan McDermott (Netflix’s Hollywood), Emmy nominee and Tony Award winner Phylicia Rashad (Broadway’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof), Roberta Maxwell (Broadway’s Summer and Smoke), Tony nominee, Obie and Drama Desk Award winner Austin Pendleton (Broadway’s Choir Boy) , Jean Lichty (Off-Broadway’s A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, The Traveling Lady), and Keith Randolph Smith (Broadway’s Jitney, American Psycho) with Carmen Berkeley (Off-Broadway’s Our Dear Dead Drug Lord), Eliud Kauffman (Roundabout Theatre’s 72 Miles to Go), Julio Macias (Netflix’s On My Block_), Stephanie Schmiderer (_No Exit, The Human Voice), Bradley James Tejeda (Broadway’s The Inheritance), and John Hans Tester (Amazon’s Hunters ).

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Estella Scrooge: A Christmas Carol With A Twist — Online
The Holidays are here and this year Estella Scrooge (like her ancestor Ebenezer) is haunted by three ghostly visitations and oh what uninvited visitors they are. In this unique take on the classic story, you’ll experience a mix of a few Dickens classic tales brought to life by Broadway royalty in this dazzlingly cinematic musical theatre adventure musical. Estella Scrooge is a young Wall Street tycoon with a penchant for foreclosing. A hotelier in her hometown of Pickwick, Ohio has defaulted on his mortgage loan and Estella fancies the idea of delivering the foreclosure in person on Christmas Eve. Arriving at Harthouse, Estella discovers that the defaulting party is none other than her childhood sweetheart, Pip Nickleby. A holiday treat for all ages

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The (Virtual) Magic Duel: Live Streaming Show
Ranked by TripAdvisor as one of the top 10% of attractions worldwide and Yelp’s best rated performing arts event in Washington DC, The Magic Duel is launching a live, streaming version. After 5 years of highly rated live shows, this 60-minute, virtual performance will soon pit magical boomer Mark Phillips against conjuring zoomer Ryan Phillips in a duel for the title of DC’s Best Magician. More than a magic show featuring 2 world class magicians, the Magic Duel is part AGT, part Survivor and part Top Chef (without the yelling or the food). Delivered directly to your living room, this live, streaming conjuring competition lets audience members choose the challenges, judge each magician’s efforts, and vote for their favorite! Audience members can purchase participant tickets to interact directly with the performers via Skype, making decisions that affect the outcome of tricks or having their minds read remotely and in real time! In addition, the format of a virtual show means most of the magic performed will be skill based sleight-of-hand popularized by stars of magic like Shin Lim. This is your chance to see what magicians call “finger-flinging” up close on screen. Each ticket serves as admission for a single household; families are welcome and the magic is designed to entertain ages 12 and above.

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YES, VIRGINIA starring Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, The Goldbergs) and Arnetia Walker (Broadway’s The Wiz, Dreamgirls) This quirky, feel-good holiday comedy is sure to warm your heart! The story centers on two older women navigating the perils of aging in suburban Detroit. Virginia Campbell was a longtime housekeeper and confidant for Denise Miller and her family, helping Denise raise her children during a difficult divorce. But when she shows up for work, Denise is very confused. Especially since she thought she had let her go several months ago, over a bowl of breadsticks at The Olive Garden. She is sure of it. So why is Virginia here? When an accident in the kitchen keeps Virginia from being able to walk, Denise offers to care for Virginia for a few days until she has healed. Their roles suddenly reversed, they share memories of their lives and families over the course of an evening. Soon they learn secrets about each other that they had kept from everyone else, and bond in a way that they hadn’t been able to in the past, over their very different, but similar pains.

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Public Works Twelfth Night – Online
Seattle Rep’s Public Works presents selections from a musical adaptation of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night Conceived by Kwame Kwei-Armah & Shaina Taub with Music and Lyrics by Shaina Taub This virtual performance is free to watch, with donations gratefully accepted.

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A Christmas Karen: A Seize the Show Online Experience
What if after Ebenezer Scrooge vowed to keep Christmas in his heart, it turned out people don’t just change overnight? In this brand new re-invention of the classic, Seize the Show turns the tale on its head, A Christmas Karen. Placed in modern day Manhattan, it’s five years since Karen’s famous Christmas morning redemption, and now we find ourselves right back where we started, with Karen barking orders while ignoring the Holiday spirit she seemingly embraced. In this newly adapted, one of a kind adventure, you play her assistant, and have to assist Karen through the Christmas season, while making choices as to what kind of person you want to be. Do you indulge your meglomaniac boss to hold on to that bonus or try to maintain the spirit of the holidays and your own sanity? Seize The Show’s unique live action, real time performances allow the audience to make choices that affect the story while you’re watching. With multiple endings and story paths, it’s never the same show twice. Follow Karen as she is being haunted by memories of her ex-husband; avoids the Cratchit family shopping for last minute gifts at Target and as she sees her bleak future on the screen of her phone while scrolling through a dating app. Join us for what promises to be a brand new Christmas tradition that questions everything we know about the classic and our relationship with those people we just can’t seem to get rid of.

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Hershey Felder Live From Florence: 4-Show Season Subscription — Online
Hershey Felder is a phenomenon — there’s no other way to categorize this truly unique talent who’s created close to a dozen hit one-man bio-musicals about the greatest composers ever known. With this 4-show season subscription, you’ll witness Felder’s extraordinary range in action as his Live From Florence performances bring to life Tchaikovsky, Sholem Aleichem, Puccini and Rachmaninoff.

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Hershey Felder Presents – Live From Florence: 3-Show World Premiere Subscription — Online
Hershey Felder’s iconic one-man musicals have brought to life everyone from Beethoven to Irving Berlin, and now the virtuoso is once again using his brilliant storytelling and musical talents to bring you three world premieres. With this three-show subscription, you’ll see new performances featuring masterful portrayals of Puccini, Rachmaninoff and Sholem Aleichem.

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How I Murdered My Best Friend (Online Event)
THIRTY-SEVEN LIVE, NEW, ON-LINE SHOWS SINCE SHELTER IN PLACE AND COUNTING! In this show, Jeremey and James hit it off the moment they met. But there was always a competitive streak. And that streak became life-threatening.

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Poe: In His Own Words – A Livestream Event
Join Edgar Allan Poe as shares his spookiest tales and anecdotes from his life. Based on his award-winning one-man play, actor Travis Rhett Wilson inhabits the Master of the Macabre as he narrates his tragic life and delivers tales of madness like “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” as well as Poe’s hauntingly melancholic final poem, “Annabel Lee.” Poe: In His Own Words — An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe will transport you back in time to the 1840s to spend the evening with one of our most iconic writers.

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The Night Before Christmas a Radio Musical — Online
This holiday season, we invite you and your family to gather ‘round the fire and enjoy the warmly humorous radio musical The Night Before Christmas. Set upon the backdrop of a winter blizzard, a group of misfit travelers, made up of colorful characters and larger than life personalities, get stranded in a country cabin on Christmas Eve. As they work out their differences, trying to make the best out of a bad situation, they soon realize that it’s not who you spend the holidays with that is important, but how you spread holiday cheer that really matters! Filled with classic holiday carols that we all know and love, this radio musical is a perfect way for the entire family to get in on the holiday spirit!

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A Virtual Cabaret to Benefit the National Breast Cancer Coalition
The Cabaret brings together Hollywood and Broadway stars for an evening of pre-recorded and live performances, all to support our mission to end breast cancer. Hosted by Jennifer Coolidge, Laurie Metcalf and Joy Reid, with performances by Jason Alexander, Colleen Ballinger, Mary Birdsong, Laura Bell Bundy, Garrett Clayton, Merle Dandridge, Juan Pablo Di Pace, Elise Go, Lindsey Gort, Harvey Guillén, Jon Huertas, Taran Killam, Alice Lee, Andrew Leeds, Lesli Margherita, Eric McCormack, Lindsay Pearce, Melissa Peterman, Lea Salonga and Steven Weber.

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Fool La La: Home for the Holidaze — Online
You are cordially invited to get connected with some much-deserved holiday laughter in this most-unusual year as Unique Derique takes this annual jolly circus-inspired celebration to the Online World! The Clown Prince of Fools combines classic physical comedy and virtual playfulness in a kooky Clown-u-copia of innovative, digital delight. All ages are invited to play in this hippity-hop, internet romp full of fabulous, fantastic, family fun! After the show, join Unique Derique in a free online Juggling and Hambone workshop for the whole family and discover your own virtual Fool La La FUN!

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TREES is a musical witness statement addressing climate change, deforestation, and the selfishness of mankind. Based on the true story of the destruction of our planet and inspired by the international bestseller, The Hidden Life Of Trees, by Peter Wohlleben. TREES gives voices to the last remaining trees on Earth. Featuring new original music and lyrics by Mur and filmed for the first time ever at the Wild Project theatre in New York City. TREES was originally premiering in its entirety at La MaMa on April 2, 2020 and was postponed due to COVID19. The current restrictions that face the performing arts community brings an opportunity for innovation, creation, and evolution in theater. TREES was trimmed down to 30 minutes and leans into the evolution and beauty of digital theater.

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Meet Me In St. Louis: A Holiday Special In Song and On Screen — Online
In this heartwarming holiday musical from Irish Repertory Theatre, “the leader of streaming theater productions” (Theatermania), the Smith family grapples with life changes and new love in a bustling St. Louis on the brink of the 1904 World’s Fair. This special digital adaptation from Charlotte Moore (who starred as Anna Smith in the original Broadway cast) will include favorite tunes, including “The Trolley Song,” “The Boy Next Door” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” along with the romantic suitors, comedic misunderstandings and jovial pranks that make this classic musical a holiday treat for families of all ages, no matter where you’re celebrating this year. This new digital production is an abridged version of the 1989 Broadway musical, based on the 1944 film starring Judy Garland, and runs online from December 11 to January 2. It will include two special "Meet Me Anywhere” days with screening times convenient for viewers in all time zones on Saturday, December 19 and Saturday, January 2.

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A Drunk Christmas Carol – Online
Follow a classically-trained theater troupe as they dive into a hilarious brand new 2020 adaptation of Scrooge’s transformative tale by artistic director Alisa Stewart, with a lift of extra holiday spirit! Two actors (randomly chosen on show night) take 4 shots of a spirit selected in advance by the audience. The actors then overconfidently attempt to read the script crafted with the help of the audience. Hilarity and mayhem ensue while three sober actors and the host try to keep the script on track. Gift card “presents” will be given away to audience members throughout the show. ​During registration, YOU are invited to cast the show, select booze shots, pick “all drink” words, insert crafty 2020-flavored plot twists, and decide if you want to be considered as an All-Seeing Christmas Spirit who can stop the show at any time and make an actor spin a “Wheel of Fate” that could land on anything from making an actor drink again, sing a carol, dance a jig, or even change the show’s setting altogether to 1860 Deadwood, Arizona or a baseball locker room. The show is not a Zoom production, rather a livestream performance from RIGHT HERE, on this website! ETP actors will perform together live in front of multiple cameras in the same room. ETP actors will start a self-imposed quarantine on November 26 and be in a bubble through the date of the event so as to practice active social distancing to fellow actors in this new wave of lockdowns in time of COVID-19.

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