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New York - Theater

Blue Man Group New York
Blue Man Group will rock your world, blow your mind and unleash your spirit. Leave your expectations at the door and let three bald and blue men take you on a spectacular journey bursting with music, laughter and surprises. More than 50 million people of all ages, languages and cultures have experienced the unexpected with Blue Man Group. Now it’s your turn! Be sure to get your tickets now for the show’s run at New York’s Astor Place Theatre.

Discount Price:$57 - $59 (Regular Price: $70) BUY NOW
Robin And Me
Dave’s got a lot on his mind and the only person who can help him unpack it all is his imaginary friend and real life idol: Robin Williams. Robin and Me: My Little Spark Of Madness is an autobiographical play that follows Dave Droxler as he becomes multiple characters and whimsically relives hilarious and difficult life moments, including the times when his father dropped the ball and Robin stepped in to get him through. But how long will it take before Dave learns how to do it without Robin’s help?

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $32.50) BUY NOW
Merrily We Roll Along on Broadway
See worldwide stage and screen star Daniel Radcliffe, Tony Award winner Lindsay Mendez, and two-time Tony nominee Jonathan Groff in the classic Stephen Sondheim musical Merrily We Roll Along on Broadway. To have Radcliffe, Groff, and Mendez on the same stage is a once-in-a-lifetime event. With these three beloved stars taking on one of Sondheim’s most unique scores, Merrily We Roll Along, which first went up off Broadway in fall 2022, was one of the buzziest productions of the season, and promises to be the same in fall 2023 on Broadway. Step into a bygone heyday of the 20th-century entertainment industry, when three friends’ 20-year relationship falls apart as their careers finally come together. See why Merrily We Roll Along has won over countless audiences with a timeless story about growing up, messing up, and the people and dreams we sacrifice in the name of success.

Discount Price:$79 - $359 (Regular Price: $79 - $359) BUY NOW
Come hear six talks of distorted forms and distended proportions, gothic gargoyles and long-ago goliaths, the good, the bad, and all that is beautifully ugly, join us for Odd Salon NYC: GROTESQUE! Odd Salon curates cocktail hour lectures highlighting strange-but-true stories from history, science, art, and adventure, live on stage, over cocktails. We bring experts and enthusiastic amateurs together to explore history’s overlooked and under-told stories, from legends of lost cities to masters of art forgery, engineering failures to murderous sideshow performers, daring heists, questionable taxidermy, and tales of epic revenge. Sometimes with stick figures. Founded in San Francisco, in 2014 by Annetta Black, Tre Balchowsky, and Rachel James, Odd Salon is inspired by the salonnières of the Enlightenment, the illustrated lectures of the Victorian period, and a strong desire to tell weird stories in good company. After several years of hosting salons in San Francisco, in 2018 we expanded to add a new chapter in New York City. We are a community project and we have partnered with amazing organizations including the California Historical Society, the Long Now Foundation, the California Academy of Sciences, the tall ships of the Grey’s Harbor Historical Seaport, and the Exploratorium science museum. As a community-focused and mission-driven organization dedicated to the diffusion of unusual knowledge, we are proud to be a membership supported, fiscally sponsored project of the InterCulture Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit organization. Curated by Odd Salon NYC Fellow and Co-Producer Greg Taubman. Doors at 6:30; show at 7:00

Discount Price:$12.50 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Public Property
I’m Monroe Martin, and I have a new one-man show called Public Property. It’s about self-discovery and the effects that the foster care system has had on my adult life. I realized I’d been in survival mode for 36 years and it feels like I escaped from one of those bunkers where crazy dudes store their second family. I’ve been roaming this big dumb rock called earth for years, but I feel like I’m experiencing things for the first time: friendship, love, and all those other feelings people take drugs to suppress. I’m unsure if I’m fully out of survival mode; maybe this is me sticking my dry-ass hand out the window and feeling the breeze. I thought I was well-adjusted this entire time, but I’ve been off-centered for decades.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
The Power of Yep
The Power of Yep is the smash hit new Self-Help book by Dalton Goggles and Trip Carmichael. Through stories, advice, and games these two southern gentlemen show you how to “Yep your way through life.” Tonight they are kicking off their book tour, which will take them around the world, sharing their bestselling advice with the masses. However, things go awry when the public vote for their final performance is revealed to be Tampa Bay, Florida. Something happened in Tampa, and our heroes are determined to never return. What happens when the life philosophy that their empire is built upon is put to the test? Watch as this show falls apart and is put back together by a couple of redneck best friends in 60 minutes. The Power of Yep is part character comedy, part play, and part advice show from Carter Lee Iddings and Lexi Ritter.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Chloe has cheated in almost every relationship she’s ever had, and she’s been in a lot of relationships, because she is a serial monogamist who is very bad at one of those words. Infidelity is more common than any of us admit; most people just keep it a guilty secret forever. Chloe is a comedian, writer, and actor in NYC, with a special on Comedy Central. This solo show arcs from standup comedy at the beginning to heartbreaking self-investigation at the end: think Nanette performed by Don Draper. Through autobiographical stories and observational humor, she walks through why someone cheats and how to face an addiction to intimacy. Because while progressive society engages with nuance in almost every other area of sexuality and gender, cheaters remain black-and-white villains. We take an abstinence-only approach to infidelity: just don’t do it! And we all remember how well abstinence-only worked in sex ed. The show does not advocate cheating; but it does know everyone’s little secret.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Death of a Salesman: a New Play
Death of Salesman a New Play is about death, sales, men, but most importantly, it is 100 percent brand new baby (Sunglasses Emoji). Watch in awe as the nation’s two brightest entrepreneurs hustle, grind, backstab, and sacrifice everything they have to bring their vision to life (the vision is eco-friendly tennis balls).

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
A Gaga Guide to the Lower East Side
Throughout the pandemic Phill has been conducting A GAGA GUIDE TO THE LOWER EAST SIDE, a walking tour of the Lower East Side with an emphasis on the exploits of his favorite pop star and downtown denizen Lady Gaga. For months, Phill has been faithfully guiding inquisitive minds past the boyhood home of George and Ira Gershwin, to the sites of former Yiddish theaters and delis, and through Instagrammable graffiti strewn parks, right to the birthplace of Mother Monster. But a Yelp review has set off a chain reaction that threatens to take today’s tour in a totally unexpected direction. A GAGA GUIDE TO THE LOWER EAST SIDE is a unique immersive theater experience that blends actual historical walking tour, theatrical character monologue and current celebrity worship culture.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $28) BUY NOW
Paradox parachute (EstroGenius Festival)
Paradox Parachute by Zhen Heinemann is a brand new work in development by an artist who has been performative with the public since 2001, and offering EstroGenius audiences experiences to make their minds swirl since 2018. Curated by John C. Robinson and Melissa Riker

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Teach Me How to Die
“Will Professor Mirrormord be able to teach them the impossible?”

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
Iconic – A Cabaret Variety Show
The Copa NYC & Billy Marti Present Iconic – A Cabaret Variety Show!

Discount Price:$15 - $50 (Regular Price: $15 - $50) BUY NOW
On Your Feet! The Story Of Emilio & Gloria Estefan
ON YOUR FEET! is the inspiring true story about heart, heritage and two people who believed in their talent—and each other—to become an international sensation: Gloria and Emilio Estefan. Now their story is an exhilarating original musical winning the hearts of critics and audiences alike, with the Chicago Tribune declaring “IT’S A HIT!” and The New York Times cheering, “The very air in the room seems to vibrate in this undeniably crowd-pleasing musical!” ON YOUR FEET! features some of the most iconic songs of the past quarter-century, including “Rhythm is Gonna Get You,” “Conga,” “Get On Your Feet,” “Don’t Want To Lose You Now,” “1-2-3” and “Coming Out of the Dark.” Prepare to be on your feet from start to finish!

Discount Price:$43 - $48 (Regular Price: $86 - $96) BUY NOW
Excavating the Rising Star (EstroGenius Festival)
The exploits of real life paleoanthropologists and archaeologists are on display in a futuristic museum constructed with AI technology in Infinite Variety Productions’ workshop presentation of a new documentary theatre play, Excavating the Rising Star. Sapere Aude (our AI host) uses interviews of the women scientists who ventured to South Africa in 2013 to examine what it is like to pursue a career in the sciences, explore spaces deep inside the Earth, discover a previously unknown human ancestor and sit in wonder about what it means to be human.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Solo Voce: The Night You Stopped Acting, by Anabella Lenzu (EstroGenius)
The night that you stopped acting/ La noche que dejaste de actuar confronts the absurdity and irony of life, while being an artist and a spectator in today’s world. The work reflects Anabella Lenzu’s experience as a Latina artist living in New York and comes from a deep examination of her motivations as a woman, mother, and immigrant. Choreographer and Performer: Anabella Lenzu Direction: Fernando Santiago Technology advisor and multimedia: Todd Carroll Costume Designer: Jennifer Johanos Script: Anabella Lenzu Creative Collaborator & Script editor: Daniel Pettrow Dramaturgy advisor: Naoko Maeshiba ***The night that you stopped acting/ La noche que dejaste de actuar was developed, in part, with support from The Center at West Park, Foundation for Contemporary Arts-COVID-19 Bridge Fund, NYC, The Vermont Community Foundation Grant, Artist-in-Residence at Spoke The Hub, Brooklyn Arts Council Grant and Rockefeller Brothers Fund Grant.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Home_Warming, Black Enough__ & Inside Flesh Mountain (EstroGenius Festival)
A shared program of Black Enough by Muriel Peterson, Three Pure Ones by Kim Savarino, and Inside Flesh Mountain by Portia Wells. Curated by maura nguyen donohue. Muriel “Murri-Lynette” Peterson, Rachel Repinz and Portia Wells share a program in an afternoon of dance and film, curated by maura nguyễn donohue. HOME-WARMING, by Rachel Repinz. The collection of works will include 2 short dance films, along with one live solo work-in-progress, and one live group dance piece. All 4 works center around the idea of “home” specifically from the perspective of the “homemaker.” Black Enough, by Muriel “Murri-Lynette” Peterson is based on her experiences growing up in both NYC and Long Island, and discusses the tensions between African Americans and other groups within the African Diaspora. Inside Flesh Mountain, Part I by Portia Wells returns to the festival as a solo.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
all in between | a 3rd space to be by sj swilley (EstroGenius Festival)
all in between|a 3rd space to be by sj swilley is a story telling and abstract narration of the space in between wholeness and withdrawal, humanity and spirit. It is a reckoning with an ever shifting gender performance, and a spiritual investigation of queerness as portal to existing as something “other”. Audience is invited to remain for a casual discussion post show. Curated by John C Robinson and Melissa Riker

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Sound(ing) Together | Core/Us and Resonant Body (EstroGenius Festival)
Sound(ing) Together | Vanessa Goodman and slowdanger offer two performance works of sound invention through the body and how it moves. Interested in strange and mesmerizing sonic realms? This is a show for you. Show runs 90 mins, with a short pause. Core/Us is a new group work from Action at a Distance. Choreographed by artistic director Vanessa Goodman, four dancers transverse our perception of how we hear movement and see sound with intensity and dedication. The live score sculpts an ever-evolving atmosphere that builds gravity for the body. Patiently shifting states and layers of momentum define this unique piece marked by its immersive world-building. Performed by Anya Saugstad, Shion Skye Carter, Ted Littlemore and Adrian de Leeuw with lighting by James Proudfoot. Core/Us was made possible with generous support from The Canada Council for the Arts, La Rotonde, John Robinson and The Dance Centre. Resonant Body – slowdanger’s co-artistic directors taylor knight (they/he) and anna thompson (they/them) re-examine ocular-centricity in dance performance in Resonant Body, a duet performance and extended research-based project. Theorizing that every movement we make, in some form, is sound, Resonant Body examines how our impact resonates physically in space through sonic memory. Research includes impacting the body against structures such as thunder sheets and utilizing technology to record, loop and amplify the sonic remnants of the body’s impact within space, and is furthered by continually questioning how we define sustainability and resilience within capitalist mechanization.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Solo Voce: I Need A Hero by Kayla Engeman (EstroGenius Festival)
I Need A Hero is a one woman show which features dancing, projection, singing, power points, voice over, and embarrassing home videos from 1998 to show the audience all the ways in which Kayla needs to be rescued: whether it’s from living at home with a loud Italian mother, going to endless weddings of her girlfriends, trying to walk home from a bar down a dark street, or losing a friend in a sudden accident. The show progresses through a list of trivial and serious grievances while using multimedia to hit on themes of grief, anxiety, death, dating, family, friendship, childhood dreams, and trauma.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Bonhoeffer-Last Days
This play covers the last few days of the life of German dissident theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Bonhoeffer had previously stood up to the Nazis and been told to stop giving public lectures. He did not and was arrested. After several months in prison, a letter was found by the Gestapo tying him into a plot to have Adolf Hitler assassinated, and he was moved to Flossenburg Maximum Security Prison and condemned to death by hanging. This theatrical production is brought to the stage by a renowned director (and co-producer), Alan Baxter. It is an extremely important work because it addresses current and provocative themes, such as the present world fascination and support of fascism and far-right politics, the rising racism against ethnic groups manifested by attacks against, and police brutality of African Americans and the worldwide rise of antisemitism.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
The Tale Of An-Noor (EstroGenius Festival)
The Tale of An-Noor, written and performed by Marina Celander, is the tale of a magic bird who flies great distances to visit her friends the Old Tree and the Old River. An-Noor listens to her friends and they share tales of epic migrations, sorrows and loss, of overcoming huge odds, and feeling joy in everyday life at the edge of the river. Told through dance, puppetry and light An-Noor lets children know that there is magic all around us as long as we keep on dreaming and following the stars. Show runs 45 minutes and is intended for children.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Reckless Son
Reckless Son, a solo show from singer songwriter Matt Butler, was inspired by his experience performing inside places like Ohio’s Chillicothe Correctional Institution, Utah’s Gunnison Prison, and New York’s Rikers Island. It’s a collection of music, monologues, personal history, and lessons learned from those behind bars. Filled with Americana songs influenced by Woody Guthrie, Townes Van Zandt, and other troubadours, Reckless Son is more than a show. It’s a calling.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
STREB EXTREME ACTION presents Time Machine
“TIME MACHINE” is a journey through Elizabeth Streb’s career that explores her classic solos from the 70s and 80s, early equipment experimentations from the 90s, and jaw-dropping extreme action opuses with the large scale “action machines” the company has since become known for from the early 21st century. This historic look back connects the line from the company’s experimental past to the extreme action of their current and future works. STREB EXTREME ACTION pushes the limits of dance with its unique blend of athleticism, skill, daring, and the invention of Action Machines. This unmatched approach allows the dancers to employ a new set of motions in space, encouraging complex body discoveries, therefore mysterious forces are harnessed. The company is renowned for its death-defying stunts and high-energy, physically demanding performances that challenge traditional notions of dance and push the boundaries of what is possible. Bring your friends, the family, and experience the fun, grit, and explosive sights of action and innovation.

Discount Price:$12.50 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Powerline Road – A New Musical
Developed in Theatre Now’s Musical Writers Lab, POWERLINE ROAD is a a neo-noir synth-pop musical about power – who has it, who wants it, and what people are willing to do to get it. Follow four Floridians through 24 suspenseful hours as they navigate divorce, politics, conspiracies, drugs, the prison industrial complex, and the perils of social media, and discover what it means to take power into their own hands…. A lot can happen before sunset.

Discount Price:$17.50 - $25 (Regular Price: $35 - $50) BUY NOW
Billy Porter – Black Mona Lisa Tour: Volume 1
Grammy, Emmy, and 2x Tony winner Billy Porter brings passion and joy to New York with his first-ever career-spanning pop music concert tour: Black Mona Lisa Tour: Volume 1. Expect a full band, backed by a video installation, fronted by Billy Porter telling his life story through song. This 90-minute powerhouse event will feature his chart-topping hits “Love Is on the Way” and “Love Yourself,” a tinge of Broadway, a nod to Pose, and stunning performances of future pop classics from his forthcoming new album, Black Mona Lisa. This is an experience not to be missed. Porter says, “It’s really the first time that I’ve been able to fully express myself and who I am through my music. Through my mainstream pop music space. It’s like my magnum opus. It’s everything to me. You’ll really get a glimpse into who I am even deeper with this music.”

Discount Price:$59.50 - $99.50 (Regular Price: $59.50 - $99.50) BUY NOW
A Night Of Wonder And Good Fortune: Mind Reading and Bizarre Happenings
A Night Of Wonder And Good Fortune is an intimate evening of Mind Reading and Bizarre happenings by world renowned Mentalist Kirsch. You will experience demonstrations of the sixth sense. Bring your mind and Kirsch will bring the fun. The show is on Thursday nights only.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $50) BUY NOW

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Rough Trade
Living together was going just great for gay besties Bunting and Finch: balancing ruthless day jobs with aspiring visual arts careers, while still finding time to blackout at Hardware after one too many vodka sodas. But when Finch starts dating a wealthy pharma daddy finance bro, the intertwining web of Gay New York proves just how toxic and self destructive it can be. Rough Trade is a vicious comedy about classism, chosen family, and holding on (too) tightly to the ones you love.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
When Your Soulmate Dies
Epstein & Hassan were married for 37 years, and their hit off-Broadway show She’s Black He’s Jewish They’re Married Oy Vey ran in Greenwich Village for 3 years; Blackjewlove was their theme and hilarious, honest discussions of race, sex and marriage were their specialty. When Your Soulmate Dies was written from Naimah Hassan’s nursing home bed while she suffered from stage 4 cancer, kidney failure, and Covid, and had been given a month to live. Epstein and Hassan decided to share their powerful experience. You will laugh, cry and experience a multi-media performance unlike anything you have seen before.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW

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Wagner’s Lohengrin
Wagner’s soaring masterpiece makes its triumphant return to the Met stage after 17 years. In a sequel to his revelatory production of Parsifal, director François Girard unveils an atmospheric staging that once again weds his striking visual style and keen dramatic insight to Wagner’s breathtaking music, with Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin on the podium to conduct a supreme cast led by tenor Piotr Beczała in the title role of the mysterious swan knight. Sopranos Tamara Wilson and Elena Stikhina, as the virtuous duchess Elsa, falsely accused of murder, go head-to-head with soprano Christine Goerke as the cunning sorceress Ortrud, who seeks to lay her low. Bass-baritone Evgeny Nikitin is Ortrud’s power-hungry husband, Telramund, and bass Günther Groissböck is King Heinrich. World premiere: Großherzogliches Hoftheater, Weimar, 1850 Lohengrin stands at the epicenter of Richard Wagner’s career—chronologically, thematically, and artistically. It is a Romantic-era reimagining of a persistent Medieval legend about a mystical knight who champions an oppressed maiden on the sole condition that she never ask his name, and the issues at stake range from the spiritual (the role of the divine in human lives) to the political (nation building in times of transition and migration) to the deeply personal (the centrality of mystery in erotic attraction). The wide thematic divergence within the story spurred Wagner to create a score that triumphantly covers all bases, breathtaking in its sweeping variety, yet approachable and theatrically effective.

Discount Price:$30 - $119 (Regular Price: $30 - $119) BUY NOW
Walking With Bubbles
Walking With Bubbles is a new musical that explores mental illness and how far a mother will go for her son, her family, and ultimately, herself. Meet Jessica – A Single mom and Broadway actress hell-bent on making her dreams come true. But, it’s harder to keep up the act when a secret from her past follows her and her young son, ‘Bubbles’, to the Big Apple. Hendy’s intimate first-person narrative invites audiences into her seemingly perfect New York City life from center stage as a Broadway leading lady into to the depths of a volatile mental illness.

Discount Price:$59 (Regular Price: $79) BUY NOW
Naked Boys Singing!
The title says it all in this campy musical revue! After a record breaking twenty one year run Off-Broadway, and a recent highly publicized Las Vegas residency, the boys are back in New York City at the newly renovated AMT Theater. Naked Boys Singing is a traditional musical revue, in the vein of vaudeville and high-camp musical theater, that celebrates the male form with a lot of laughs and no costuming! With song titles ranging from “The Bliss of a Briss” to the culinary inspired “I Beat My Meat”, Naked Boys Singing is 60 minutes of non-stop music and laughter!

Discount Price:$49 - $65 (Regular Price: $69 - $89) BUY NOW
Tennessee Rising: The Dawn of Tennessee Williams
What led Tennessee Williams to become the most groundbreaking and unique playwright of the twentieth century? Tennessee Rising: The Dawn of Tennessee Williams explores the formative six-year period from 1939-1945 in which an unknown writer named Tom metamorphosizes into the acclaimed playwright known as Tennessee. The solo play brings these unknown years center stage as the audience becomes friend and confidant to young Williams as he experiences the unexpected highs and devastating lows of his early career, wherein his most iconic character emerges: himself.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $35) BUY NOW
Crumbs From The Table of Joy
Keen Company is thrilled to present the first New York revival of Crumbs from the Table of Joy by two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage and directed by Colette Robert! Set against the social politics of the 1950s, this charming, funny, and moving play follows 17-year-old Ernestine Crump as she adjusts to life after the passing of her beloved mother. In search of spiritual answers, Ernestine’s father relocates the family from Pensacola to Brooklyn where the Crumps must navigate a changing family dynamic, an unwelcoming neighborhood, and a shifting set of American ideals. Crumbs from the Table of Joy questions the limits of escapism and the power of everyday hope.

Discount Price:$37.50 - $87.50 (Regular Price: $62.50 - $87.50) BUY NOW
Dog Man: The Musical
A Hilarious Heartfelt Family Adventure Based On The Worldwide Bestselling Series! Best buds George and Harold have been creating comics for years, but now that they’re in 5th grade, they figure it’s time to level up and write a musical based on their favorite character, Dog Man, the crime-biting sensation who is part dog, part man, and ALL HERO! How hard could it be? With the head of a dog and the body of a policeman, Dog Man loves to fight crime and chew on the furniture. But while trying his best to be a good boy, can he save the city from Flippy the cyborg fish and his army of Beasty Buildings? Can he catch Petey, the world’s most evil cat, who has cloned himself to exact revenge on the doggy do-gooder? And will George and Harold finish their show before lunchtime? Find out in this epic musical adventure featuring the hilarity and heart of Dav Pilkey’s beloved characters.

Discount Price:$41 - $101 (Regular Price: $41 - $101) BUY NOW
The Mystery of the Mosaic Bridge
For his final case before retiring, a detective opens up a case which was easily dismissed a year ago — a case regarding a young woman’s “suicide.” As the witnesses come in one by one, each offering a piece of the story, it quickly becomes clear that the case isn’t as straightforward as it seemed.

Discount Price:$26 (Regular Price: $52) BUY NOW
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show
Critically acclaimed The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show features a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets, faithfully adapting four Eric Carle stories. The timeless classic makes its way off the page and onto the stage. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show features a menagerie of 75 lovable puppets, faithfully adapting four of Eric Carle’s stories, BROWN BEAR, 10 LITTLE RUBBER DUCKS, THE VERY LONELY FIREFLY and of course, The Very Hungry Caterpillar Show. The critically acclaimed production is created by Jonathan Rockefeller and the team behind Disney’s Winnie the Pooh: The New Musical Stage Adaptation, Paddington Gets in a Jam, and Sesame Street the Musical.

Discount Price:$39 - $99 (Regular Price: $39 - $99) BUY NOW

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Having dazzled UK audiences at the National Theatre and garnered widespread acclaim around the world, this engaging new play makes its North American premiere and marks the New York debut of writer and director Alexander Zeldin. This powerful piece of drama—written after a years-long process of community collaboration and immersion, personal interviews, and first-hand accounts—draws attention to the cracks in the welfare system when several families are brought together in a shelter in the lead up to Christmas. The audience is invited to step inside their reality and bear witness to some of the touching, humorous, and profoundly human instances of their combined existence. Played with the house lights up and audience members seated amongst the company, the heart-breaking production reveals the cast seeming to live rather than act. The result is an authentic and intimate story for our times that shows rather than tells, born out of the daily rituals of survival to expose the humanity behind housing insecurity.

Discount Price:$47 - $145 (Regular Price: $75 - $145) BUY NOW
The Seagull/ Woodstock, NY
A group of New York theater people retreat to a house in the Hudson Valley hoping to get away from it all. Except they can’t seem to escape the ambitions, rivalries and fragile egos that follow them everywhere. Chekhov’s sharp satirical eye for hypocrisy and self-absorption among well-meaning people is given fresh, fun emphasis as Thomas Bradshaw returns to The New Group with his contemporary reworking of a classic masterpiece. Directed by The New Group’s Founding Artistic Director Scott Elliott. This world premiere reunites playwright Thomas Bradshaw and director Scott Elliott, who previously collaborated at The New Group on Bradshaw’s plays Intimacy and Burning.

Discount Price:$55 - $65 (Regular Price: $69 - $79) BUY NOW
King James
“King” LeBron James was just the hero that Cleveland needed. One of the greatest NBA players to ever hit the court, his influence on the whole city loomed large for the dozen years of his reign. Pulitzer Prize finalist Rajiv Joseph’s (Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo) wonderfully funny and remarkably moving new play chronicles the unexpected friendship between two men whose intertwined fortunes are tied to those of their idol. This highly anticipated, adrenaline-packed New York premiere about the power of connection is directed by Tony Award winner Kenny Leon (A Raisin in the Sun, Fences).

Discount Price:$49 (Regular Price: $69) BUY NOW
Summer, 1976 on Broadway
Summer, 1976 is a deeply moving, tenderly insightful new play about friendship, memory, and the small moments that can change the course of our lives forever. Over one fateful summer, an unlikely friendship develops between Diana, a fiercely iconoclastic artist and single mom, and Alice, a free-spirited yet naive young housewife. As the Bicentennial is celebrated across the country, these two young women in Ohio navigate motherhood, ambition, and intimacy, and help each other discover their own independence.

Discount Price:$59 - $299 (Regular Price: $69 - $299) BUY NOW
New York, New York on Broadway
New York, New York is a new musical with songs by John Kander and Fred Ebb, additional lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda, and direction by Susan Stroman. The New York, New York musical takes its title and setting from Martin Scorsese’s 1977 film of the same name, but it features an entirely new plot by David Thompson and Sharon Washington. Just after World War II ends, in 1946, the city is rebuilding, and lots of artists are moving there hoping to make their dreams come true. But even survival in the city is tricky for these musicians, singers, dancers, and artists — can they make it? Multiple Kander and Ebb songs from the movie remain, like “The World Goes Round” and the iconic “New York, New York” theme. Kander also composed new songs, with lyrics by Tony, Grammy, and Pulitzer-winning writer Lin-Manuel Miranda in place of the late Ebb.

Discount Price:$49 - $299 (Regular Price: $49 - $299) BUY NOW

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Camelot on Broadway
Based on The Once and Future King by T.H. White, Camelot, Lerner and Loewe’s 1960 follow up to My Fair Lady, is a story about the quest for democracy, striving for justice, and the tragic struggle between passion and aspiration, between lovers and kingdoms. This epic and timely tale features the iconic characters King Arthur, Queen Guenevere, and Sir Lancelot as well as the beloved original score with lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe which includes “If Ever I Would Leave You,” “What Do the Simple Folk Do?” and the title song “Camelot.”

Discount Price:$89 - $179 (Regular Price: $89 - $189) BUY NOW
Peter Pan Goes Wrong on Broadway
Co-written by Mischief company members Henry Lewis, Jonathan Sayer and Henry Shields, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is a highly physical comedy packed with finely-tuned and inspired slapstick, delivered with split-second timing and ambitious daring. The play sees the ‘Cornley Drama Society’ back on stage battling technical hitches, flying mishaps and cast disputes as they attempt to present J.M Barrie’s much-loved tale. But will they ever make it to Neverland?

Discount Price:$69 - $199 (Regular Price: $69 - $199) BUY NOW
The Thanksgiving Play on Broadway
Starring D’Arcy Carden (The Good Place), Katie Finneran (Bloodline), Scott Foley (Felicity) & Chris Sullivan (This Is Us)! Good intentions. Bad decisions. Great fun. In Larissa FastHorse’s satirical comedy The Thanksgiving Play, a troupe of really well-meaning theater artists dream of creating something revolutionary: a culturally sensitive, totally inoffensive Thanksgiving school pageant that finally gives a voice to Native Americans. Finding said Native Americans … isn’t so simple. And that’s when things start to get absurd. Sending up a whole feast of social issues, this bitingly funny play roasts everything right, wrong, and woke in America.

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Ben Platt in Parade on Broadway
Emmy, Grammy, and Tony Award winner Ben Platt (Dear Evan Hansen) returns to the New York stage as Leo Frank alongside Micaela Diamond (The Cher Show) as Lucille Frank in this starry Gala presentation of the Jason Robert Brown (Songs for a New World) and Alfred Uhry (Driving Miss Daisy) musical. Inspired by historical events, Parade follows the Franks—a Jewish couple living in Marietta, Georgia—as they’re pulled apart and drawn together by Leo’s 1913 murder trial, conviction, appeal, and eventual lynching. Brutal legal drama contrasts with haunting pastoral lyricism as an unlikely love story unfolds—a unique blend of tones that won both Brown and Uhry Tony Awards (for Original Score and Book respectively).

Discount Price:$49 - $279 (Regular Price: $59 - $279) BUY NOW

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White Girl in Danger
Tune in to the epic and viciously funny new musical WHITE GIRL IN DANGER from Michael R. Jackson, the Tony Award ® and Pulitzer Prize winning creator of A Strange Loop (2022 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical). It’s a fever dream mashup of classic daytime and primetime soap operas, Lifetime movies, and red-hot melodrama. The citizens of the soap opera town Allwhite face high-stakes drama and intrigue all the days of their lives. But Keesha Gibbs and the other Blackgrounds have been relegated to backburner stories of slavery and police violence for all of theirs. Keesha is determined to step out of the Blackground and into the center of Allwhite’s juiciest stories. Can Keesha handle the Allwhite attention—especially from the Allwhite Killer on the loose? What role do the other Blackgrounds play in Keesha’s Allwhite schemes? And just whose story is this anyway? Find out at WHITE GIRL IN DANGER.

Discount Price:$49 - $125 (Regular Price: $59 - $125) BUY NOW
Katie Holmes in The Wanderers
Orthodox Jews Esther and Schmuli are newly married, and their future is written in the laws of the Torah. Secular Jew Abe is a famous novelist who believes he can write his own future…until an unexpected email from a movie star puts his marriage to the test and threatens to prove him wrong. From playwright Anna Ziegler (The Last Match) comes the New York premiere of a play that ripples across cultures, challenging two very different couples with the same question: Can we be happy with what we have while we have it?

Discount Price:$94 - $170 (Regular Price: $94 - $170) BUY NOW
Pictures from Home on Broadway
Three of the theatre’s most inventive, inspired and award-winning artists will bring to vivid theatrical life a comic and dramatic portrait of a mother, a father and the son who photographed their lives. Based on the landmark photo memoir by Larry Sultan, adapted to the stage by Sharr White, starring Nathan Lane, Danny Burstein, and Zoë Wanamaker and staged by award-winning director Bartlett Sher, PICTURES FROM HOME will evoke memories of childhood, parenthood, and the hard-won wisdom that comes with both. This is a new American play, a play of heart and great humor.

Discount Price:$42.50 - $189 (Regular Price: $49 - $289) BUY NOW
Fat Ham on Broadway
Fat Ham, the deliciously funny, Pulitzer Prize-winning new play, comes to Broadway following a critically acclaimed, sold-out run at The Public Theater. Playwright James Ijames and Director Saheem Ali reinvent Shakespeare’s masterpiece, creating what The New York Times calls “a hilarious yet profound tragedy smothered in comedy.” Juicy is a queer, Southern college kid, already grappling with some serious questions of identity, when the ghost of his father shows up in their backyard, demanding that Juicy avenge his murder. But here’s the rub! Revenge doesn’t come easy to Juicy, a sensitive and self-aware young Black man in search of his own happiness and liberation. From an uproarious family cookout emerges a compelling examination of love and loss, pain and joy.

Discount Price:$54 - $249 (Regular Price: $69 - $249) BUY NOW
The Wizard of Oz
Presented by Plaza Theatrical Productions, this one-hour version of The Wizard of Oz is the perfect introduction to live theater for children. Come join Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion, and Toto, as they travel the universe of Dorothy’s imagination!

Discount Price:$13 - $20 (Regular Price: $26) BUY NOW
A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical on Broadway
Including a score of Diamond’s most beloved songs, A Beautiful Noise features a book by four-time Academy Award nominee Anthony McCarten (Bohemian Rhapsody, Darkest Hour, The Theory of Everything), direction by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer (Spring Awakening, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, American Idiot), and choreography by Olivier Award winner and four-time Tony Award nominee Steven Hoggett (Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Once, Black Watch). With his first break into songwriting in the 1960s and his meteoric rise in the 1970s, and plenty of crushing disappointments and heart-stopping triumphs along the way, Neil Diamond has maintained an almost unthinkable level of superstardom for five straight decades. How did a poor Jewish kid from Brooklyn become one of the most universally adored showmen of all time? There’s only one way to tell it: a musical set to his era-defining smash hits that entranced the world.

Discount Price:$69.50 - $349.50 (Regular Price: $69.50 - $349.50) BUY NOW

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Bette Davis Ain’t For Sissies: Acclaimed Solo Show Starring Jessica Sherr
Hollywood icon Bette Davis broke the glass ceiling for women in the entertainment industry. Trapped by the movie studios who owned her, Bette wrestled with movie moguls, and fought against their unfair system of low pay and meager roles. See Bette triumph over the studio heads’ misogyny to win starring roles and compensation on par with her male counterparts. Her story inspires and empowers audiences to fight for fair and equitable treatment, and to never let themselves be defined by someone else’s expectations! Actress and playwright, Jessica Sherr, powerfully channels Bette Davis in her fight against the male-dominated studio system. On the night of the 1939 Oscars, Bette returns home knowing she’s to lose Best Actress to Vivien Leigh’s Scarlett O’Hara, because the press has leaked the winners. Miss Davis takes us on the bumpy ride of her tumultuous rise, as this tenacious actress fights her way up the studio system to reach the top of her profession. Through conversations with her mother Ruthie, scenes of her friendship with Olivia De Havilland, her love affairs with revered film director William Wyler and eccentric millionaire Howard Hughes, her dysfunctional relationship with her daughter, her four failed marriages, her groundbreaking court case with Warner Brothers (which she lost), and being subject to ageism in Hollywood, we experience Bette’s most defining and most vulnerable moments: her courageous battle against sexism and inequity. Bette Davis Ain’t For Sissies, directed by Karen Carpenter, gives audiences a humanizing experience into the mind of a global icon whose voice could not remain silent. Her battles and victories were generations ago, but her story is an inspiration for today, empowering audiences to stand up and fight for what they believe in. Forever!

Discount Price:$21.50 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Mike Lemme: The Roach – Places & Things I Hide At Work
Fresh from bringing two critically acclaimed plays to the Edinburgh Fringe, the largest arts festival in the world, NYC comedian and playwright Mike Lemme returns to the Cre8ive NYC Studios to build his new hour of stand-up comedy and storytelling. These unique performances will take place inside an artist studio. No stage, no microphone, only 20 seats available per show. If you’re interested in seeing how a comedian builds a show, you’ll love this experience. Think of it as seeing a comedy show as an exhibit in an art gallery. The Roach – Places & Things I Hide At Work is a confessional celebration of all the times we smile at work while wanting to scream.

Discount Price:$5 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Bad Cinderella on Broadway
In the exceptionally beautiful kingdom of Belleville, the fields are idyllic, the prince is charming, and the townsfolk are ravishing. Only one stubborn peasant stands in the way of absolute perfection: Cinderella. To the flawless residents and royals of Belleville, this damsel IS the distress. From ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER comes “a big, colorful, fun fairy-tale rewrite” (The New York Times), featuring an original story and book by Oscar-winning writer EMERALD FENNELL (Promising Young Woman, Killing Eve) and lyrics by Tony Award winner DAVID ZIPPEL (City of Angels). Choreographed by JOANN M. HUNTER (School of Rock) and directed by LAURENCE CONNOR (Les Misérables).

Discount Price:$39 - $299 (Regular Price: $39 - $299) BUY NOW
Colin Quinn: Small Talk
In his latest attempt at humor, Colin breaks down the one area he’s actually gifted in: Personality. Mr. Quinn has been chatting it up with friends, family, municipal employees and counter people for his whole life and now he can teach you how to stop sucking the energy out of the room.

Discount Price:$27 - $81 (Regular Price: $61 - $91) BUY NOW
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
After their summer 2022 production that set New York City ablaze, Ruth Stage returns to St. Clement’s with the blessing of the Tennessee Williams estate! 42 more performances and an unprecedented re-engagement license of one of the greatest plays ever written. Set in the “estate in the Mississippi Delta of Big Daddy Pollitt, a wealthy cotton tycoon, the play examines the relationships among members of Big Daddy’s family, primarily between his son Brick and Maggie the “Cat”, Brick’s wife. Matt de Rogatis will reprise his critically acclaimed role as “Brick” in the Joe Rosario directed production. Don’t miss the performance that Juan Ramirez of The New York Times praised when he said, “Tennessee Williams would probably love Matt de Rogatis’ Brick.” Also, Cobra Kai’s Courtney Henggeler stars as the plays central character, “Maggie” the Cat and Drama Desk & Obie Award winning actor Frederick Weller stars as “Big Daddy!”

Discount Price:$37.50 (Regular Price: $75) BUY NOW
Paper Kraine
We’re back for a sixth season of new works in development! The Paper Kraine was created in 2016 to bring together works in their earliest stages, audiences, and nonprofits. Monthly, the PK team curates a new works sampler platter around a theme related to a nonprofit. This month, all PK ticket proceeds and a passed hat go to support the work of the Ali Forney Center, which offers LGBT+ Youth Shelter and Services This season is dedicated with unending gratitude towards the team of FRIGID NY. We all know artists making great work: all they need is a space, and FRIGID’s dedication to making that accessible for artists is a vital part of the New York arts ecosystem. Try something new, delicious and strange. Come for the art. Stay for the community. Paper Kraine was created on the principle that we all know writers, directors, actors, and creators who make wonderful work. All they need is a space. The Paper Kraine is committed to creating a venue for early-career artists to show humor-focused work in the spirit of adventurous discovery. We encourage risk-taking, question-asking, and the development of a supportive community of artists seeing, encouraging, and challenging each other’s work with the ultimate goal of enriching the artistic community through cross-pollination and meeting new people.

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Drunk Shakespeare
What happens when one Shakespearean actor enjoys an adult beverage (or five … ) before they and their classical trained troop tackle one of the Bard’s classic stories? That’s the ridiculous fun of Drunk Shakespeare — a hilariously unpredictable night of theatrical mayhem that turns “iambic pentameter” into “imbibement pandemonium.”

Discount Price:$27 - $49 (Regular Price: $55 - $89) BUY NOW
The Play That Goes Wrong
The time is right to see THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG, Broadway’s funniest smash hit! This Olivier Award-winning comedy is a hilarious hybrid of Monty Python and Sherlock Holmes. Welcome to opening night of The Murder at Haversham Manor where things are quickly going from bad to utterly disastrous. With an unconscious leading lady, a corpse that can’t play dead, and actors who trip over everything (including their lines), it’s “A RIOTOUS EXPLOSION OF COMEDY!” (The Daily Beast) and “TONS OF FUN FOR ALL AGES!” (HuffPost). Ben Brantley of The New York Times calls THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG “A GUT-BUSTING HIT,” and Cindy Adams of the New York Post has just one word for you: “GO!” Get tickets now – it would be WRONG to wait!

Discount Price:$59 - $135 (Regular Price: $99 - $135) BUY NOW
Little Shop of Horrors
See Euphoria’s Maude Apatow as Audrey February 7 to April 2! The world’s most ravenous plant has returned to its acclaimed, sold-out run at the Westside Theatre! Winner of the 2020 Drama League, Outer Critics Circle and Drama Desk Awards for BEST MUSICAL REVIVAL OF THE YEAR, LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS is “wildly exuberant” (The Hollywood Reporter), and a New York Times Critic’s Pick. This smash-hit production stars Tony Award winner Matt Doyle (Company, The Book of Mormon). Together they bring succulent life to a show that has made millions of theatergoers laugh, scream, and give up gardening for good. Get tickets now and enjoy a taste of what we’ve all been craving: live theater!

Discount Price:$69 - $239 (Regular Price: $69 - $239) BUY NOW

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Kimberly Akimbo on Broadway
Kimberly (Tony Award winner VICTORIA CLARK) is about to turn 16 and recently moved with her family to a new town in suburban New Jersey. In this “howlingly funny heartbreaker of a show” (The New Yorker), Kim is forced to navigate family dysfunction, a rare genetic condition, her first crush…and possible felony charges. Ever the optimist, she is determined to find happiness against all odds and embark on a great adventure.

Discount Price:$49 - $279 (Regular Price: $69 - $279) BUY NOW
Leopoldstadt on Broadway
TOM STOPPARD returns to Broadway with his critically acclaimed, Olivier Award-winning Best Play. Set in Vienna, the play takes its title from the Jewish quarter. This passionate drama of love and endurance begins in the last days of 1899 and follows one extended family deep into the heart of the 20th century. Full of his customary wit and beauty, Stoppard’s late work spans fifty years of time over two hours. With a cast of 38 actors and direction by Patrick Marber, LEOPOLDSTADT will play on Broadway beginning September 14. This ‘unforgettable family saga’ (The Sunday Times) must not be missed.

Discount Price:$39 - $349 (Regular Price: $49 - $349) BUY NOW
Stranger Sings! The Parody Musical
Take a trip back to Hawkins, Indiana: 1983… when times were simpler, hair was bigger, and unsupervised children were getting snatched by inter-dimensional creatures. STRANGER SINGS! THE PARODY MUSICAL is a wild and irreverent send-up of the hit Netflix series – and all it’s campy 1980’s glory. Join Mike, Eleven, Lucas, Dustin, and the whole Hawkins gang for a night of adventure, thrills, indulgent pop culture references, pubescent angst, heavy synth, poor parenting, convoluted love triangles, cheap effects, singing monsters, and maybe, just maybe… justice for everyone’s favorite missing ginger, Barb Holland.

Discount Price:$49 - $99 (Regular Price: $49 - $99) BUY NOW

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When the music of Céline Dion makes sweet Canadian love with the eleven-time Oscar®-winning film Titanic, you get TITANIQUE, a musical celebration that turns one of the greatest love stories of all time into a hysterical and joyful slay-fest. Featuring powerhouse voices and show-stopping numbers (plus, contemporary pop culture and punchy odes to the 90s film), TITANIQUE is a one-of-a-kind musical voyage bursting with nostalgia & heart. It’s a pure love letter comedy, fun and all things joyful! See you aboard the Ship of Dreams! “This is f**kin’ outstanding. Bravo!” -David Foster “A CAN’T MISS!” -Buzzfeed

Discount Price:$59 - $160 (Regular Price: $59 - $160) BUY NOW
Elvis Lives! Tribute Direct from Atlantic City
W 72nd Street welcomes Elvis impersonator extraordinaire, Jeff Krick Jr. Direct from Atlantic City! This consummate performer has won awards galore across the nation for his striking portrayal of Elvis. The flair, the sound, the swagger, the charisma and the presence of the King combine to convince your senses that he’s right in front of you! From the Event Organizer Elvis may have left the building forever, but he’ll never leave the hearts of adoring fans — especially when you’ve got Jeff Krick Jr. channeling the rock legend in Elvis Lives! The Atlantic City Elvis Jeff Krick Jr. has become one of the most successful tribute artists to embody the look and sound of the King, earning sixth place in the entire world at the prestigious Ultimate Elvis Tribute Contest and in the Top 10 at the Images of the King Contest in Elvis’ hometown of Memphis. He is a two-time Fan-Favorite Award winner and three-time Top 10 Finalist at the Ocean City MD Elvis Festival. Jeff comes from a very musical family and as a child, while other kids were listening to the sounds of Eminem and Justin Bieber, the sounds of Elvis and other awe-inspiring artists like Conway Twitty and George Strait flooded his play lists. Hailing from Reading, PA, Jeff began singing before he was able to talk and has been performing professionally since age 16. In his short but busy career, he has headlined Cruise Ships, numerous Elvis and music festivals, and has performed as far West as Hawaii and Las Vegas! You’ll be “All Shook Up” as Jeff shakes his hips and sings all your favorite tunes in this Elvis Tribute Concert on 72nd Street in New York City!

Discount Price:$15 - $35 (Regular Price: $20 - $50) BUY NOW
Friends! The Musical Parody
It’s a seemingly typical day at New York’s only coffee shop, Central Perk, until an unexpected runaway bride with beautiful hair enters the picture and kicks the whole gang out of second gear!

Discount Price:$38 - $48 (Regular Price: $49.50 - $68) BUY NOW
Joke & Dagger: Dungeon, Dragons, and Improv
Dungeons and dragons and improv, oh my! Every month, join a group of heroes as they navigate the realm of Drullumund with all the fantasy adventuring and loud improvising one can possibly handle.

Discount Price:$7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
The Addams Parody
Every month, a group of loud actors completely make up a never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen-again show parodying The Addams Family. ​The Cast: Dylan Murray as Gomez; Genny Yosco as Morticia; Paeton Chavis as Wednesday; Saturday Lawson as Grandmama; Brian O’neill as Fester; Chris Weigandt as Lurch

Discount Price:$7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Puccini’s Tosca
Sparks are sure to fly as some of opera’s most electrifying artists light up Puccini’s classic thriller. Sopranos Aleksandra Kurzak, Angela Gheorghiu, and Liudmyla Monastyrska take on the title role of the desperate diva, opposite tenors Michael Fabiano, Roberto Alagna, and Yusif Eyvazov as the ardent painter-revolutionary Cavaradossi. Baritone John Lundgren makes his Met debut as the merciless Baron Scarpia, sharing the role with James Morris and Željko Lučić, who reprises his acclaimed portrayal. Carlo Rizzi and Domingo Hindoyan take the podium for David McVicar’s spectacular production. World premiere: Teatro Costanzi, Rome, 1900. Puccini’s melodrama about a volatile diva, a sadistic police chief, and an idealistic artist has offended and thrilled audiences for more than a century. Critics, for their part, have often had problems with Tosca’s rather grungy subject matter, the directness and intensity of its score, and the crowd-pleasing dramatic opportunities it provides for its lead roles. But these same aspects have made Tosca one of a handful of iconic works that seem to represent opera in the public imagination. Tosca’s popularity is further secured by a superb and exhilarating dramatic sweep, a driving score of abundant melody and theatrical shrewdness, and a career-defining title role.

Discount Price:$30 - $144 (Regular Price: $30 - $144) BUY NOW
CHEMICAL X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Show
Every month, a group of loud actors completely make up a never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen-again episode of The Powerpuff Girls, with an added free screening of a classic episode after the performance. Yes, everything is improvised, even the fights.

Discount Price:$7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Silent But Deadly: A Clown & Mime Experience
Using our head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we’ll be contorting and wiggling into your hearts and nightmares. After a long year of miming in the digital theater world, Silent But Deadly is back for in-person performances guaranteed to make you think … something or other.

Discount Price:$7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
I Mostly Blame Myself
I Mostly Blame Myself is a live sketch show based on the YouTube show of the same name. It’s a series of dark, weird yet relatable sketches that approach controversial topics we’ve been too nervous to discuss with our peers, such as: Did most of us peak in high school? Probably. Beverages will be offered before the show and during a brief intermission.

Discount Price:$21 (Regular Price: $42) BUY NOW
Sponsored By: Sketch Comedy
Sponsored By: is a variety sketch comedy show featuring improvisers, stand-ups, musical guests, and well … sketch comedy!!

Discount Price:$21 (Regular Price: $42) BUY NOW

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Perfect Crime
For more than 32 years, the mystery-thriller Perfect Crime has kept audiences guessing with its comic, romance-filled take on the whodunit, making it the longest-running non-musical play in New York City history. The complex, twisty story unfolds in the secluded Connecticut mansion of Harvard-educated psychiatrist Margaret Brent, who’s accused of murdering her wealthy British husband, and soon finds herself tangling with a handsome detective, who may just have fallen for her. Catherine Russell has starred as Brent, missing but a scant four performances, since the show opened in 1987, earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Discount Price:$38 - $45 (Regular Price: $49.50 - $62) BUY NOW
Fresh Out Of The Box
The funnest sketch show in New York City.

Discount Price:$20 - $21 (Regular Price: $42) BUY NOW
True Crime: the Musical
Musical improv duo Beautiful Dreamers (Jillian Vitko and Maggie Lalley) created this one-of-a-kind show, where they get an audience suggestion of the victim, the murder weapon, and the location — from there, they completely improvise a musical right before your eyes to get to the bottom of this never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen again murder case.

Discount Price:$21 (Regular Price: $42) BUY NOW
Rooftop Movies at The Green Room 42
Join us for our Rooftop Movie Series across the hall on our outdoor terrace, social drink & food. Sit back, relax, put on your headphones, grab a drink, and enjoy classic, new, and innovative movies from across the decades. Headphones will be provided. In the event of rain, the movie will be moved into our outdoor tented area.

Discount Price:$20 (Regular Price: $24.25) BUY NOW

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Seven Sins
Give in to temptation and eat the apple with Adam and Eve in a mythical dreamscape inspired by the fall of man and the seven deadly sins. “THE SEXIEST DATE NIGHT IN TOWN” (BroadwayWorld) and “COMPANY XIV’S MOST LAVISH, THRILLING SHOW TO DATE” (TheaterMania) is back by popular demand for a limited engagement and features a signature mélange of athletic circus artists, virtuosic singers, Baroque Burlesque beauties and lush design in a hedonistic cavalcade of divine revelations.

Discount Price:$39 - $215 (Regular Price: $49 - $215) BUY NOW
The Office! A Musical Parody
Singing! Dancing! Paper! It’s a typical morning at Scranton’s third largest paper company until a documentary crew begins filming the lives of the employees of Dunder Mifflin, for no logical reason. That’s right, Dunder Mifflin is back in business, with a couple of twists. You’ll see all your favorite moments from the show, and I really mean ALL. In just two hours, the talented cast and crew cover all the marriage proposals, management changes, office parties, Dundie awards and other shenanigans that make up the best moments of all nine seasons of the show. Don’t miss this hilarious, unauthorized musical parody of the hit TV show, The Office, now playing at The Jerry Orbach Theater in New York City.

Discount Price:$38 - $48 (Regular Price: $49.50 - $68) BUY NOW
Murdered by the Mob: An Interactive Comedy-Mystery Dinner Show
If you miss The Sopranos and have watched Goodfellas and The Godfather too many times to count, then you’re gonna love seeing who gets Murdered by the Mob. This outrageous interactive comedy-mystery has been entertaining New York City audiences for more than 15 years. When one of the made men celebrating at Arno Ristorante is the victim of a hit, everyone’s a suspect — including you. So fugeddaboutit and enjoy an Italian dinner, dancing and an entertaining show while mingling with mobsters and matching wits with the cop who’s on the case.

Discount Price:$89 (Regular Price: $140) BUY NOW
Gazillion Bubble Show
This long-running New York City hit combines spectacular light and laser effects with masterful bubble artistry. The Yang family’s amazing transformation of ordinary soap bubbles has earned them international fame and 16 Guinness World Records. The Gazillion Bubble Show has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Show with David Letterman, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fox & Friends, The View, the Today show and more. Young or old, this is an event the whole family will enjoy.

Discount Price:$39 - $99.50 (Regular Price: $79 - $99.50) BUY NOW
Top Drawer
Top Drawer: Stories of Dysfunction and Redemption from Park Avenue to Havana is Adelaide Mestre’s award-winning show tracing her journey to Cuba to seek out her deceased father’s piano, left behind when her family fled in 1960. This one-woman play takes place in both the past and present, as you follow her on her quest to reclaim her family’s heritage. In flashbacks, Mestre chronicles her life growing up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side with her mother, a thrice-married, opera-singing socialite with impossible top-drawer standards, and her father, a gay, Cuban, manic-depressive concert pianist. In story and song, she shares about her parents’ doomed love affair, her father’s struggle with his homosexuality and his eventual tragic suicide. With sentiment and humor, she spins a tale of dysfunction and redemption. Watch the family drama unfold when Top Drawer comes to The Triad in New York.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Pop Music With a Broadway Twist
Line ‘em up and let ’em sing! Some of Broadway’s finest will be adding their stamp onto today’s biggest pop hits. Performers from shows like American Idiot, Spring Awakening, Les Miz and Rock of Ages add a ‘lil over-the-top pop to stadium anthems and radio hits by some of your favorite stars, including Rufus Wainwright and Adele. Catch a rotating roster of artists singing the most popular jams at Pop Music With a Broadway Twist, at Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City.

Discount Price:$18 - $90 (Regular Price: $34.50 - $100.50) BUY NOW
Back By Popular Demand Series
Give the people what they want! That’s the concept behind Back By Popular Demand at 54 Below in New York City — a performance series that brings back popular 54 Below acts for an encore performance. Don’t miss this impressive variety of musical styles and other talents on display.

Discount Price:$15 - $80 (Regular Price: $29 - $89.50) BUY NOW
54 Below: Musicals in Concert
If there’s a big Broadway anniversary to be celebrated, 54 Below is where the party starts. Their series Musicals in Concert gathers top New York talent to pay tribute to the greatest shows of the Great White Way.

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Verdi’s Aida
The mighty walls and towering monuments of ancient Egypt once again fill the Met stage, as Verdi’s great spectacle returns. Soprano Latonia Moore—hailed for her performances in Porgy and Bess and Fire Shut Up in My Bones—stars as the Ethiopian princess torn between love and country, sharing the role with rising soprano Michelle Bradley. Mezzo-sopranos Anita Rachvelishvili and Olesya Petrova alternate as Aida’s implacable Egyptian counterpart Amneris, with tenors Brian Jagde and Marcelo Álvarez as the warrior Radamès, the object of both of their affections. Baritones George Gagnidze, Quinn Kelsey, and Luca Salsi portray Aida’s father, Amonasro, and bass-baritone Christian Van Horn is the iron-fisted priest Ramfis. Maestro Paolo Carignani conducts. World premiere: Opera House, Cairo, 1871. This grandest of grand operas features an epic backdrop for what is in essence an intimate love story. Set in ancient Egypt and packed with magnificent choruses, complex ensembles, and elaborate ballets, Aida never loses sight of its three protagonists. Few operas have matched Aida in its exploration of the conflict of private emotion and public duty, and perhaps no other has remained to the present day so unanimously appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

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Chicago on Broadway
Don’t miss RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Jinkx Monsoon as Matron “Mama” Morton through March 26! A true New York City institution, Chicago has everything that makes Broadway great: a universal tale of fame, fortune, and all that jazz; one show-stopping song after another; and the most astonishing dancing you’ve ever seen. No wonder Chicago has been honored with 6 Tony Awards, 2 Olivier Awards, a Grammy and thousands of standing ovations. Whether you’re looking for your first Broadway musical, whether you’ve seen the Academy Award-winning film and want to experience the show live on stage or whether you’ve seen it before and want to recapture the magic, Chicago always delivers.

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