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New York - Theater

Gazillion Bubble Show
This long-running New York City hit combines spectacular light and laser effects with masterful bubble artistry. The Yang family’s amazing transformation of ordinary soap bubbles has earned them international fame and 16 Guinness World Records. The Gazillion Bubble Show has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Late Show with David Letterman, Live with Regis and Kelly, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Fox & Friends, The View, the Today show and more. Young or old, this is an event the whole family will enjoy.

Discount Price:$20 - $59 (Regular Price: $79) BUY NOW
Perfect Crime
For more than 32 years, the mystery-thriller Perfect Crime has kept audiences guessing with its comic, romance-filled take on the whodunit, making it the longest-running non-musical play in New York City history. The complex, twisty story unfolds in the secluded Connecticut mansion of Harvard-educated psychiatrist Margaret Brent, who’s accused of murdering her wealthy British husband, and soon finds herself tangling with a handsome detective, who may just have fallen for her. Catherine Russell has starred as Brent, missing but a scant four performances, since the show opened in 1987, earning her a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Discount Price:$29 (Regular Price: $72.65) BUY NOW
Back By Popular Demand Series
Give the people what they want! That’s the concept behind Back By Popular Demand at Feinstein’s/54 Below in New York City — a performance series that brings back popular Feinstein’s acts for an encore performance. Don’t miss this impressive variety of musical styles and other talents on display.

Discount Price:$15 - $163 (Regular Price: $25 - $187) BUY NOW
The Golden Gays — A Golden Girls Revue
Picture it: Atlantic City, July, 2019. Sophia Petrillo has gone missing! Your pals and confidants set out on an epic search to find her. In a series of hilarious “hot flashbacks,” Dorothy, Blanche and Rose find themselves singing and dancing their way through the Golden Girls’ most iconic moments; all the while in search for the next #TokenSophia. Will it be you?! The Golden Gays NYC (or GGNYC) burst onto the scene in 2017 — first at RuPaul’s DragCon then at the famed Rue-La-Rue Cafe. What began as a flashmob has now skyrocketed to sold-out engagements all over New York City and beyond. Their hit show Hot Flashbacks has played Off Broadway at Theatre Row and is currently in the midst of a standing two-year residency at The Laurie Beechman Theatre, New York’s premier destination for queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race. In 2018, GGNYC completed two successful tours, both with Hot Flashbacks and their Christmas spectacular Thank Yule For Being A Friend. GGNYC also is a part of RuPaul’s DragCon, taking place in NYC every September. The Golden Gays consists of Jason B. Schmidt (as Dorothy), Andy Crosten (as Blanche), and Gerry Mastrolia (as Rose) along with creative team of Mason Griffin (Music Director) and Anthony Giorgio-Schmidt (Director/Choreographer). A musical parody, their shows consists of live singing and dancing, along with hilarious sketches from the television show’s most memorable moments.

Discount Price:$12 - $20 (Regular Price: $20 - $35) BUY NOW
BOO Short Play Festival
Players Theatre’s Halloween-themed short play festival is so frighteningly fun, even its title is scary! BOO is a three-week series that features works from a variety of playwrights, each presenting their own unique brand of Halloween horror in the form of short plays. Once your pulse returns to normal, you’ll vote for your favorite play of the night, and at the end of the week the audience favorite wins a cash prize. New York’s Steve and Marie Sgouros Theatre offers an intimate setting that’s perfect for producing this year’s spine-tingling thrills. Please see the full event description for a schedule of plays.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Love Actually? The Unauthorized Musical Parody
The hilarious, brand-new musical follows nine quirky, questionable couples looking for love across the pond, and even 16 years after the movie premiere, we still ask ourselves these questions every Christmas … Is love: Falling for your secretary when you are Prime Minster? Falling for your secretary when you are married to Emma Thompson? Falling for the maid after your wife cheats on you? Falling for your best friend’s wife and showing up with poster boards? Whether you love Love Actually or love to hate Love Actually or have never seen Love Actually, you will actually love this musical! Get ready for awkward meet cutes, over-the-top grand gestures, and Mr. Bean! Oh, and lots and lots of love, actually.

Discount Price:$40 (Regular Price: $59) BUY NOW
Murdered by the Mob, an Interactive Comedy-Mystery Dinner Show
If you miss The Sopranos and have watched Goodfellas and The Godfather too many times to count, then you’re gonna love seeing who gets Murdered by the Mob. This outrageous interactive comedy-mystery has been entertaining New York City audiences for more than 15 years. When one of the made men celebrating at Arno Ristorante is the victim of a hit, everyone’s a suspect — including you. So fugeddaboutit and enjoy an Italian dinner, dancing and an entertaining show while mingling with mobsters and matching wits with the cop who’s on the case.

Discount Price:$85 (Regular Price: $115) BUY NOW
The Office: A Musical Parody
Singing! Dancing! Paper! It’s a typical morning at Scranton’s third largest paper company until a documentary crew begins filming the lives of the employees of Dunder Mifflin, for no logical reason. That’s right, Dunder Mifflin is back in business, with a couple of twists. You’ll see all your favorite moments from the show, and I really mean ALL. In just two hours, the talented cast and crew cover all the marriage proposals, management changes, office parties, Dundie awards and other shenanigans that make up the best moments of all nine seasons of the show. Don’t miss this hilarious, unauthorized musical parody of the hit TV show, The Office, now playing at The Jerry Orbach Theater in New York City.

Discount Price:$40 (Regular Price: $79) BUY NOW
Menopause the Musical
Four women at a lingerie sale have nothing in common but a black lace bra AND memory loss, hot flashes, night sweats, not enough sex, too much sex and more! This hilarious musical parody set to classic tunes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s will have you cheering and dancing in the aisles! See what more than 15 million women and fans worldwide have been laughing about for 18 years! It’s the Hilarious Celebration of Women and The Change!®

Discount Price:$27 (Regular Price: $54) BUY NOW
Motown With a Twist
This show has made thousands and sold out theaters. With stars from Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol and The Voice, Motown With a Twist is a ton of fun! The choreography is showstopping, the music is enchanting, and the production will wow audiences everywhere. The crowd goes wild for Motown classics from Smokey Robinson to Michael Jackson to Diana Ross.

Discount Price:$12.50 - $17.50 (Regular Price: $25 - $35) BUY NOW
Audible Theater Presents Approval Junkie
Best known as a regular on NPR’s news-based panel show Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me! and as a contributor to CBS Sunday Morning, comedian Faith Salie released Approval Junkie: Adventures in Caring Too Much in 2017. The Emmy-winning media personality returns to her home city to present a brand new one-woman memoir based on the daring compilation of essays, bringing her laugh-out-loud, often tender recollections of the turbulent emotional waters of adolescence and adulthood to the stage for a strictly limited run. With irreverent humor and charm, Salie regales the audience with tales of a life spent searching for validation. Whether its the pressure of a perfect GPA or undergoing an exorcism in an attempt to save her crumbling marriage and the subsequent struggle to pick the perfect outfit for the divorce, the gifted performer gives the audience an authentic, no-holds-barred look into her very relatable journey to self-acceptance, learning that the only person she ever truly needs to impress is herself.

Discount Price:$38 (Regular Price: $68) BUY NOW
3 Card Stud: Recorded Live — Streaming
Three elderly men find themselves caught up in a love triangle with a sexy young man and they can’t decide if he is sincere or playing them all or both.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Pride & Prejudice: A New Musical Stream
Sparks fly when spirited Elizabeth Bennet meets single, rich, and proud Mr. Darcy. But Mr. Darcy reluctantly finds himself falling in love with a woman beneath his class. Can each overcome their own pride and prejudice? Pride & Prejudice, based on the classic novel by Jane Austen, is a new musical adaptation by Tony Award nominee Paul Gordon (Broadway’s Jane Eyre). The show was filmed at the Tony Award-winning TheatreWorks Silicon Valley in Palo Alto, CA., where it played its world premiere from December 4, 2019 to January 4, 2020 and established an all-time box office record. The production was directed by TheatreWorks’ Founding Artistic Director Robert Kelley and choreographed by Dottie Lester-White.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Bullets on Broadway: A Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Bullets on Broadway is murder mystery party game you can download, print, and play! Plus, virtual playing rules are included to play by video chat with friends and family! The Story: It’s opening night of Murder in the First on Broadway, and nerves are high. The cast and crew are all a buzz backstage with the excitement of the lights, the sounds – and the dead body of big-shot Broadway Producer. There lies Jack Bialystock, shot in the back center stage before the curtain could rise. Was the murderer a cast member, like Anita Part who’s making her Broadway debut tonight, or seasoned performer Sienna Stealer? Was it the snooty theatre critic Bob Blandley, or a member of the audience like Megan Phan who somehow wandered backstage? There’s only one way to find out: play the game Bullets on Broadway! But hold onto your overpriced wine — the murderer may be YOU! Great gift and game for theater fans!

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin — Live Streamed Musical Event
A one-time-only live streamed broadcast musical event taking place this Mother’s Day! Experience some of America’s greatest songs in the context in which they were written! From “God Bless America,” to “There’s No Business Like Show Business,” “Puttin’ on the Ritz,” “White Christmas,” “Always,” and so many more … in a musical event that has been performed in theatres throughout the nation and abroad.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $50) BUY NOW
The Edgar Allan Poe Festival: Online
There’s one guest that’s still welcome in our homes: Edgar Allan Poe! To coincide with its annual Edgar Allan Poe Festival, Radiotheatre is releasing 10 of Poe’s best tales of terror from past festivals (with original orchestral scores + award-winning sound FX) — at $1 per tale!

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Emma: A New Jane Austen Streaming Musical
Fall in love again with the language of Austen with Tony-nominated Paul Gordon’s Emma. EMMA, a timeless love story from one of the most widely read writers of all time, is a musical that will entice modern audiences to fall in love again with one of Jane Austen’s most adored characters. Paul Gordon’s critically acclaimed stage adaptation re-imagines the Austen’s classic in mid-century modern yet keeps the language intact.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Online Murder Mystery — Pickleball Is Murder
Invite your friends to a virtual murder mystery. Buy the game, print out the parts, email them to the guests and the fun begins as you meet the characters. The winner of the inaugural pickleball tournament was shot to death last night and you are invited to help the newspaper reporter solve his murder. There are seven suspects, his spoiled fiance and her protective father, the coach who hasn’t been paid, the overbearing sponsor of the tournament, the jealous player who came in second, and the envious tennis coach. Each guest will read the part of one the characters; they will argue, share information, and discuss clues. One of them is guilty but no one, not even the murderer knows who is it and will not know until the last minute. The game includes the host manual/instructions and seven-character booklets with everything they need to know to play Pickleball Is Murder.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Murder Under the Big Top: Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Video chats have become a great way to keep up with friends and family in recent days — and now they’re a great place to uncover a dastardly murderer under the big top! Murder Under the Big Top is bringing whodunnit mystery fun to the world of a three-ring circus, with a fun game kit that’s playable by up to 20 people.

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Marry Harry — Online Musical Stream
Boy meets girl on a block in the East Village, a place like no other, where muses come to life, singing and dancing and magically providing guidance to two misguided romantics and their loving, albeit controlling, parents. Marry Harry is a romantic comedy that explores family (restaurant) business, family loyalty, marriage, love, food and finding one’s path in life with humor, heart and just the right amount of spice.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
Online Murder Mystery: Murder on the Set
Invite your friends or co-workers to a virtual murder mystery. The movie star/singer Dave Daly was poisoned on the movie set and you and your guests become the suspects; you might be the know-it-all psychic, the jealous understudy, the has-been actress, the hometown girlfriend, the sinister gambler or the director/detective. Everyone is suspicious, everyone has information to share and no one knows the identity of the murderer until the last minute. People will be “dying” to attend your online event. The game includes the host manual/instructions and seven character booklets with everything they need to know to play Murder on the Set.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Camp Moss-Keto Mystery of the Missing Trophy (Virtual Mystery Game)
Become a party legend by throwing this camp-themed mystery party for your next camp event, game night, birthday party, or gathering! Make memories with this ready-to-play printable game kit playable by four to 20 people! Virtual rules are included to play on Zoom! Written for ages 10 and up! Kids looking for an adventurous summer they’ll never forget have two choices inside the Great Swampland State Park: Camp Moss-Keto, nestled by still waters, and Camp Sue-Mack, situated among lush undergrowth. Each camp offers a wide variety of activities like competitive sports, arts, and wilderness exploration, culminating in the Great Swampland Olympics on the last day of summer. Whichever camp wins the most events takes home the coveted Calamine Trophy. But this year, someone has stolen the Trophy! Was it one the kids, playing tricks? Was it one of the camp employees, desperate for prestige? Was it an outsider, like the lost hiker who seems strangely knowledgeable about the camps? Or was it — YOU? Find out when you play Camp Moss-Keto Mystery of the Missing Calamine Trophy!

Discount Price:$14.50 (Regular Price: $29) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Beethoven: Live-Streamed Musical Event
An exclusive live-streamed theatrical event live from Florence, Italy. Dramatizing Dr. Gerhard von Breuning’s factual memoir, Aus dem Schwarzspanierhaus (Out of the House of Black-Robed Spaniards, Beethoven’s last residence), Hershey Felder brings Ludwig van Beethoven to life through the eyes of the Viennese Doctor Breuning who spent his boyhood by the Maestro’s side. Featuring some of the composer’s greatest works, from the Moonlight Sonata and Pathétique Sonata to selections from the 5th and 9th Symphonies, and the Emperor Concerto, Hershey Felder’s Beethoven is an intense, illuminating, unforgettable journey through time that immerses audiences in the astounding life of Ludwig van Beethoven. Proceeds from this event will benefit each of the many participating theatres throughout the nation.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as George Gershwin Alone — Live from Florence
George Gershwin Alone tells the story of America’s great composer, who with the groundbreaking “A Rhapsody in Blue,” made a “Lady out of Jazz.” The show incorporates the composer’s best-known songs from “The Man I Love” and “Someone to Watch Over Me,” through the hits of An American In Paris and Porgy and Bess, to a complete performance of Rhapsody In Blue. As the only actor-musician to create the role of George Gershwin on the stage, and with over three-thousand performances, from California to Broadway to London’s West End, for the first time, Hershey Felder will bring George Gershwin to life on the stage of one of Europe’s oldest and most famous theatres. We will bring the show to you LIVE from Florence, Italy.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
80s Mall Murder Madness: Murder Mystery Party Game
Have a blast from the past with you best pals when you play the brand-new murder mystery party game from Broadway Murder Mysteries, 80s Mall Murder Madness! It’s 1985, and real estate developer and “entrepreneur” Whit Wiley has just cut the ribbon opening the newest marvel in his shopping mall empire: the Wiley Waterside Galleria Mall in Malibu. Whit was to top the Forbes list of most rich and powerful men of 1985 — until he washed up in the mall fountain, strangled by his skinny tie. Who could be responsible for the murder of this influential businessman? Was it his first wife Willhemina Wiley, seeking revenge for Whit Wiley’s many extramarital affairs? Was it local super shopper Connie Sumer, angry over the Galleria’s inflated scrunchie prices? Or was it fashion designer Cal Von Cline, who objected to Wiley’s appallingly gaudy bad taste? Time to whip out that credit card and tease that hair as big as it can go — we’re shopping for a murderer in 80’s Mall Murder Madness!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Fabulous Fanny: The Songs & Stories of Fanny Brice – Online
Fabulous Fanny Brice brings the Roaring 20’s back with a bang for a theater experience right in your own home. Enjoy classic show tunes, good old-fashioned fun, and hilarity, as we travel through time with Fanny Brice, the legendary Jewish comedienne, Ziegfeld Follies/Broadway star, recording artist, and film actress extraordinaire. One of the most popular radio stars of all time, Fanny was the voice of “Baby Snooks” on air for 25 years and even better known as the inspiration for the musical & movie Funny Girl. Join her as she takes you on a nostalgic journey throughout her life and infamous relationships, while she entertains with many of her popular hits and songs inspired by her legacy. Perfect for all ages, lovers of history, and anyone that misses a fun night out at the theater!

Discount Price:$11 (Regular Price: $11) BUY NOW
No One Called Ahead — Online
Ben seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for. While you enjoy your rental, please consider donating to the actor’s fund to help those Broadway artists affected by the Broadway shutdown due to Covid-19. Featuring Justin Matthew Sargent with Lora Lee Gayer, Ann Harada, Storm Lever, Morgan Weed & Pamela Winslow Kashani. Ben seeks a weekend getaway but gets more than he bargained for when he begins to receive a series of visits from several astonishing women from the great beyond. Each encounter further rocks his world view. Will this night forever change the way he lives, loves and creates? Or will he make it to daybreak at all? This darkly comic romance with a tuneful contemporary score asks the question, “is there love after death"? For this artist, alone in the woods with his life on the line and his potential still undiscovered — the answer is not what he expected.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
The Twenties Were Murder — Online Murder Mystery
The year is 1928, the time of gangsters, flappers, prohibition and clubs serving “tea” in the back room. Big Charlie, the owner of The Big C. club, was murdered and you are invited to investigate and find out WhoDunIt. Every player will become a character; they might be Jewel, the jealous fiance; Chef Michel, the angry, former owner; Abby, the liquor supplier; Max, the body-guard; or they might be Dollye, the dancer; Louie The Kid or Senator Tom, Big Charlie’s brother. Each character has information to share and questions to ask. Bubles, the Club Hostess is running the investigation and she needs your help. One of theplayers is guilty but no one, not even the murderer, knows who it is and will not know until the last minutes when the sealed paper is opened and the murderer is revealed. the game is for eight players but more can particpate as the audience.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $30) BUY NOW
Horror on the Haunted House Tour: A Murder Mystery Party Game
This new murder mystery party game from Broadway Murder Mysteries is the perfect plan for Halloween and includes everything you need to plan, prep, and play! You are one of a group of thrill-seeking tourists gathered for a Halloween night ghost tour. You huddle close together as the howling wind swirls dead leaves around the five historic houses in the square. Four of them are guaranteed to be haunted by murder victims from decades past; the fifth house is where the tour starts and costumed actors re-enact the haunting crimes. The Tour Guide leads you up the dimly lit creaking staircase and turns you loose to explore the upper floor. Screams punctuate the silence as the actors jump out of their hiding places to portray murderers and victims. Suddenly, one more scream is heard and a heavy weight tumbles down the stairs. When the Security Guard turns on the lights, you can see the lifeless body of your Tour Guide sprawled on the lower landing. Somebody has pushed her—but who? Find out when you play Murder on the Haunted House Tour. But hold onto your maps because the killer could be YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Waiting in the Wings — Online
WAITING IN THE WINGS: THE MUSICAL stars two entertainers, destined for the big time, who are mismatched in a casting office from two very different online contests. Tony (Adam Huss), a stripper from New York, is cast in an Off-Broadway musical and needs to trade in his tear-away trunks for tap shoes and tights. Anthony (Jeffrey A Johns), a naive musical theatre enthusiast from Montana, needs to decide if he can strip all the way down just to stay in town. Hilarity ensues as they realize that in order to “make it” they’re going have to learn some new tricks. Shirley Jones, Sally Struthers, and Lee Meriwether round out this heartwarming homage to Broadway with some delightful cameos.

Discount Price:$4.99 - $14.99 (Regular Price: $4.99 - $19.99) BUY NOW
I Put a Spell on You Stream
A bewitchingly cinematic extravaganza awaits when I Put a Spell on You, the annual sold-out Halloween concert-meets-party, moves online Thursday, October 29, in a fully produced spectacle streaming at 8 pm Eastern. The virtual Halloween blowout, presented by Con Limón Productions and Jay Armstrong Johnson, will benefit Broadway Cares. I Put a Spell on You was created by and stars Johnson. The annual show is a spoof of and tribute to the beloved cult classic movie Hocus Pocus. This year’s COVID-safe digital film is not your average stream: it’s complete with larger-than-life performances and choreography, over-the-top costumes and makeup, unmatched production value and a healthy dose of Broadway magic. This year, the beloved Hocus Pocus-inspired Sanderson Sisters break the internet and recruit some of pop culture’s most iconic villains (think Cruella de Vil, Gaston, The Joker, Maleficent and more) to fulfill their delightfully devious plot. Johnson returns as Winifred Sanderson with Allison Robinson and Amanda Williams Ware as sisters Sarah and Mary. Broadway stars joining their adventure are Nick Rashad Burroughs, Drew Gehling, J. Harrison Ghee, Todrick Hall, Robyn Hurder, Eva Noblezada, Ahmad Simmons and Will Swenson. Special guests also include drag favorites Bob The Drag Queen, Kizha Carr, Marti Gould Cummings, Peachez and Alexis Michelle.

Discount Price:FREE - $500 (Regular Price: COMP - $500) BUY NOW
Terror in Tinseltown: A 1920s Hollywood-Themed Murder Mystery Game
Dress up in old Hollywood glamour and solve the murder of Sly Mandrake, star of the silver screen when you play the new murder mystery party game, Terror in Tinseltown. It’s 1928, and the birth of the talking picture has turned Hollywood on its ear. That is until famed silent movie star Sly Mandrake turns up dead on the set of his latest picture THE SINGING SHEIK. What seems to be a tragic accident now looks more and more like a Hollywood hit job. Who could have bumped off this heartthrob of the silver screen? Could it have been controlling director Burly Bellows, frustrated with Mandrake’s lack of elocution? Or was it his vengeful scene-stealing scene partner, emerging starlet Nettie Potts? Was is famed LA mobster Hoochie Coodilinni, or could it have been Mandrake’s scorned lover Zelda Pinchbottom? Pour yourself a glass of giggle water and do the Bunny Hug in this legendary Jazz Age whodunit, TERROR IN TINSELTOWN.

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder in A Paris Love Story — Live From Florence: Online
A very personal journey through the beloved city of Paris through the music of Claude Debussy (“Clair de Lune,” Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune …) and how this music shaped a whole new world of color in sound. This new world of “musical impressionism” gave us the beginnings of what we have come to know as “Movie Music.”

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Holiday Horror: Murder at the Ugly Sweater Office Holiday Party! — A Virtual Game
Dawn your ugliest holiday sweater and round up some friends to play this brand-new murder mystery party game by Broadway Murder Mysteries! The Tasty-Ful Design Company’s holiday office party is swinging—as well as a party can when it’s held in the breakroom on a Friday afternoon. And when everyone, from the VP down to the Security Guard, is decked out for an “Ugly Sweater” contest. But things are about to get uglier, as someone peeks into the copy room and finds Nepo Tasty, the owner’s nephew, strangled with the sleeves of his own sweater. Who would do such an ugly thing on such a festive occasion? It could have one of the employees that Nepo had insulted. It could have been someone who was jealous of his place in the owner’s affections. And ugliest of all—it could have been YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Holiday Horror: Murder at the Ugly Sweater Office Holiday Party! — A Virtual Game
Dawn your ugliest holiday sweater and round up some friends to play this brand-new murder mystery party game by Broadway Murder Mysteries! The Tasty-Ful Design Company’s holiday office party is swinging—as well as a party can when it’s held in the breakroom on a Friday afternoon. And when everyone, from the VP down to the Security Guard, is decked out for an “Ugly Sweater” contest. But things are about to get uglier, as someone peeks into the copy room and finds Nepo Tasty, the owner’s nephew, strangled with the sleeves of his own sweater. Who would do such an ugly thing on such a festive occasion? It could have one of the employees that Nepo had insulted. It could have been someone who was jealous of his place in the owner’s affections. And ugliest of all—it could have been YOU!

Discount Price:$19.50 (Regular Price: $39) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder in TCHAIKOVSKY — Live From Florence: Online
Based on the original OUR GREAT TCHAIKOVSKY, and featuring an extended focus on The Nutcracker Ballet (in honor of Christmas) as well as Tchaikovsky’s life in Florence Italy where he spent a good deal of time – Live from Florence will be filmed live on location where Tchaikovsky actually lived and worked in Florence. An interesting, surprising and engaging holiday treat.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Sholem Aleichem in Before Fiddler – Live From Florence: Online (World Premiere)
Sunday, February 7th, 2021 at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern. Before the beloved musical Fiddler on the Roof there was Sholem Aleichem and his beloved character of ‘Tevye the Milkman.’ Before the beloved songs, “Tradition,” “If I were a Rich Man,” “Matchmaker” and more, there was music of the old world… a music that imitated talking, laughing, weeping, and singing, where musicians didn’t just make music, they spoke to you in song – Klezmer. In Florence, Italy, one of the oldest artistic centers in the world, a group of such musicians have been by day, virtuosos in Florence’s world famous Maggio Musicale symphony orchestra, by night, they are the Klezmerata Fiorentina…with their ancient European roots, and Hershey Felder as their storyteller, playing an array of characters and music from the “old world,” from a Tevyeh, to a Yenteh, to a Rabbi, to a newlywed daughter, to many many more…

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Weekly Online Improv Classes for Non-Actors and Beginners
We hold a weekly online improv workout designed for beginning actors as well as non-actors. One and a half hours of improv games to help you boost your confidence, social skills, and shyness. Oh, and its lots of fun! Everyone welcome from first timers to pros! Our goal is to not only have fun but to have you leave class feeling better then when you signed on in a safe non judgment zone. Taught by a working actor with decades of experience on stage as well in shows such as 2 Broke Girls, 9.1.1, Parks and Rec as well as his recurring role on Suburgatory.

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder as Puccini — Live From Florence: Online (World Premiere)
In the tradition of the “one man composer shows” adding operatic voices when called for, Puccini is the story of the great composer’s deliciously scandalous life, his female characters, and how the real women in his life affected the women he created on stage. Filmed live on location in the places where these events and these compositions and premieres actually took place Puccini will include music from La Bohème, Tosca, Turandot and more.

Discount Price:$55 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Synetic Theater Streaming Subscription
View the best from our stage plus exclusive new films from the comfort of home. Synetic Streaming’s website and app suite is an on-demand, world-class viewing experience that will let you stream singular Synetic-curated content from your couch or on the go. The platform includes encore presentations of your favorite Synetic theatrical productions from our video archives, original short and full-length films produced by Synetic’s filmmaking division, and licensed content from kindred creators. Plus you’ll get behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive sneak peeks, interviews with cast members, and other exciting extras! Synetic Theater emerged from the creative vision of founders Paata and Irina Tsikurishvili, Georgian artists who moved to the United States in the 1990s. Trained in dance, theatre and film, the Tsikurishvilis combine traditions of the Caucasus with distinctly American styles to tell classic stories through movement, music, technology and visual arts. Synetic Streaming brings their artistry right to your living room. From our stage to your screen!

Discount Price:$9.99 (Regular Price: $9.99) BUY NOW
The Texas Tenors – Online
You cheered for them on America’s Got Talent, fell in love with them during their PBS specials – now see the Texas Tenors in a special live streamed performance direct from the McAninch Arts Center! One night only, Sunday April 11, experience their stunning blend of classical and gospel, show-stopping Broadway and toe-tapping country hits in this fully produced special virtual event.

Discount Price:$25 (Regular Price: $50) BUY NOW
Rooftop Movie Musicals
Join us for our Rooftop Movie Musicals Series across the hall on our outdoor terrace, social drink & food. Sit back, relax, put on your headphones, grab a drink, and enjoy classic, new, and innovative Movie Musicals from across the decades. Rainy days will be rescheduled and rain checks will be provided.

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Hershey Felder as Sergei Rachmaninoff in Anna & Sergei — Live From Florence: Online (World Premiere)
Hershey Felder stars as Sergei Rachmaninoff in Anna & Sergei — Live From Florence with special guests Ekaterina Siurina as Natalia Alexandrovna Rachmaninoff, Igor Polesitsky as Dr. Golitzin and more… Taking place as a memory play in the house in which the Russian Rachmaninoff died in Beverly Hills, this is the story of a very strange meeting between Rachmaninoff and Anna Anderson, the woman who claimed to be the sole surviving member of the Romanov Dynasty, the Princess Anastasia. Featuring Rachmaninoff’s most beloved melodies and music.

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Murder at the Debutante Ball: A Virtual Murder Mystery Party Game
Know those folks who say they’d kill to get ahead in life? Well, turns out one of them may have taken that turn of phrase just a little too literally in this fun, interactive online murder mystery party game. Murder at the Debutante Ball is a murder mystery party game you can download, print, and play! Plus, virtual playing rules are included to play by video chat with friends and family! The Story: The 187th Annual High Society Debutante Ball is destined to be a night for Charleston’s finest to remember. That is, until high society sweetheart Clara Lodesacash keels over mid-curtsey, in front of all her friends and frenemies. Who could have ended such a promising young woman’s life so brutally (and publicly)? Was it her oddball older sister, Patricia “Petty” Lodesacash, driven wild by jealousy? Or was it her rival belle of the ball, Quinn Quick? Was it notable southern playboy Shep Sheppard, or one of the Whitehead twins? Dust off your tuxedo jacket, pour yourself a mint julep and get ready to come out to society in Murder at the Debutante Ball.

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PURA VIDA! — Online
Pura Vida! follows Jodie and Greg, a jaded American couple visiting Costa Rica in hopes to rekindle their romance. Their dream vacation quickly turns to disaster upon entering their disheveled hotel room, filled with ants, scorpions, and deceit. Things turn from bad to worse when they discover they have been robbed, the shrimp was fishy, and the only person around to help is them a shady Irishman. Pura Vida! is an exploration of the modern-day relationship and having the wisdom to figure out if something should be saved or kicked to the shore.

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Chick Flix Musical Improv
Chick Flix musical improvisers re-create the past, present and future of YOUR RELATIONSHIP in an unforgettable Off-Broadway musical comedy. Each night we will briefly interview a brave couple in the audience and create a new “Chick Flix” inspired by their relationship. Skip the movies and watch your love story on a stage. Created by Emmy award winner Jacki Thrapp and starring a vaccinated cast.

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Become A Celebrity Fashion Stylist – Online
A common misconception is that you need a fashion degree to work in the industry but Amber Renae will show you how to be successful in the fashion industry without any formal degree in fashion. She’ll show you the ins and outs of the industry that led her to appear on Project Runway Australia and styling celebrities such as Paris Hilton. She has packaged up more than a decade of experience teaching in fashion schools, styling celebrities and dressing thousands of everyday people into this useful series of tools, tips, and techniques for creating and managing a successful styling business. If you have a passion for fashion, dreamt of styling the rich and famous, and want to make a real career out of your love of clothes – this course is for you! In this course, Amber will reveal all of her secrets for getting to the top of the game faster. More than just sourcing clothes and styling a shoot, this is a practical guide to setting up and running a profitable styling business.

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The History of Joy – Social Justice: Online
Take an unforgettable theatrical journey through moments of everyday magic and extraordinary possibility. In partnership with award-winning poet laureate nominee Gill Sotu, The History of Joy is a 4-part series of cinematic performances inspired by real-life stories of struggle, beauty, and triumph. Each segment will be accompanied by creative interpretations of the theme by some of San Diego’s most innovative organizations in dance, theater, opera, puppetry, visual arts, and more. Inspired by the 8 pillars of joy outlined in The Book of Joy – written by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Doug Abrams. Produced in partnership with The Rosin Box Project, this segment is themed around Social Justice and explores the pillars of humility and perspective. Featuring creative content and conversations by Pacific Arts Movement, artists Neil Shigley and Milan Finnie, North Coast Repertory Theatre, San Diego Repertory Theatre, and the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Arts.

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Group Therapy & An Evening with the Bard — Virtual Theatrical Bundle
A nine-months pregnant Mary, mother of baby Jesus, has excitedly launched her first-ever International Group Therapy Marriage Intensive weekend, which she’s cutely coined “IG-TMI!” She is all bells and ready to facilitate healing among the most challenging of marriages. Partnered with her wacky, defiant, and begrudged assistant Joseph, who is also her fiance. Joseph couldn’t care less about Mary’s marriage-saving ventures as he’s determined to use this weekend to get an answer once and for all about who exactly is the Father of Mary’s baby?! ​Journey with this epically zany cast of Biblical couples for a modern-day look at how these historical foundational relationships compare to today’s code of relationship standards, requirements, deal-breakers, soul-searching, and God’s order. Bellies will laugh, tears may flow but which of these marriages will weather the storm? Take advantage of this play and use the virtual pass to gain access to a second FTC show: An Evening with the Bard, a theatrical staging of the poetic works of Dr. Maya Angelou!

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Hailed as one of Maria Caruso’s greatest solo creations to date, Metamorphosis has been performed across the globe since its premiere at Israel’s Karmiel Dance Festival in 2018. The evening length performance took root after Caruso’s extensive work with the Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company and the artistic evolution resulting from her performances of Martha Graham’s iconic solo Lamentation. Hungry to create an expansive work for the world’s stage, Metamorphosis was born. The work is an emotional journey through life’s many transitions, and it is based on her own experiences but broadened to be more universal. Throughout the performance the audience is immersed in Caruso’s drastic emotional shifts as she uses a series of costume changes into differently colored dresses as a metaphor for turning points in her character’s journey.

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Escape The Theater! a Virtual Escape Room Game
This virtual escape room is the perfect game to play solo or in groups and is great for Broadway fans! The Setting: You and your friends have won a backstage tour after the 43rd night of 43rd Street. Lucky you! You can’t wait to see behind the scenes at a real Broadway theater! Although another competing show down the block may be getting slightly better reviews, you’re absolutely thrilled. You might even get to meet some of the famous stars in the show! The performance was extraordinary. Okay, maybe the script could use a little work, and the music felt a little off, but the dancing wasn’t too terrible. After the show, you eagerly wait inside the theater until you are greeted by a kind looking gentleman, who begins your tour. Suddenly, the lights all go out. You hear a rumbling noise like all the doors are locking, and the room starts to smell like . . . gas? That can’t be good . . . Can you escape the theater before it’s too late? This virtual game can be accessed via a secret website and players can play anytime solo or in groups using the secret code.

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The History of Joy: Generations & Sacred Rituals
Take an unforgettable theatrical journey through moments of everyday magic and extraordinary possibility. In partnership with award-winning poet laureate nominee Gill Sotu, The History of Joy is a 4-part series of cinematic performances inspired by real-life stories of struggle, beauty, and triumph. Each segment will be accompanied by creative interpretations of the theme by some of San Diego’s most innovative organizations in dance, theatre, opera, puppetry, visual arts, and more. Inspired by the 8 pillars of joy outlined in The Book of Joy, written by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Doug Abrams. Produced in partnership with The Rosin Box Project. This segment, Generations & Sacred Rituals will feature creative content and conversations by the San Diego Shakespeare Society, Konstellation Press, Malashock Dance, Project BLANK, and PGK Dance Project.

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Hershey Felder: BACKSTORY – The Story Behind the Creation of Berlin, Bernstein, Gershwin: Online
It can arguably be said that in the last century, three children of Russian and Ukrainian immigrants shaped an American Musical Landscape. Irving Berlin (1888-1989), George Gershwin (1898-1937), and Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) gave us “God Bless America,” “A Rhapsody in Blue,” and “West Side Story," respectively, and the “story behind the story” is even more fascinating than heretofore has been revealed. Hershey Felder, who is the only artist to have created all these three characters on the stage, has had the opportunity to be close with family members and descendants of all three great American artists. In this exclusive evening, Hershey will give us little known stories and music that you won’t soon forget.

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Crossovers Live! With David Hyde Pierce — Online
Host Brian Stokes Mitchell is joined by actor, director, and America’s favorite on-screen-psychiatrist David Hyde Pierce. David’s Tony-winning Broadway career (Curtains, Spamalot and Hello, Dolly) and four-time Emmy-winning portrayal of Dr. Niles Crane in Frasier will be front and center as we learn how he liked working with eccentric stars such as Tim Curry and Bette Midler and how the producers of Frasier forbade him to remove the name Hyde from his name because they thought it added to the image of his snobbish character. Also in the mix will be his film career (Little Man Tate, Nixon and Down with Love) and his directing efforts, including Broadway’s It Shoulda Been You. Hosted by Tony Award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell (Man of La Mancha), Crossovers Live! is an exciting and innovative talk show featuring stars who’ve made the jump from stage to film, television or music. Cheeky, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining; iconic artists share rarely heard stories and elaborate on their transition between different types of stardom. Candid discussions and unexpected laughs are just further reasons why Crossovers Live! is can’t-miss entertainment. A minimum of 10% of net proceeds from Crossovers Live! will benefit The Actors Fund.

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Crossovers Live! With Kristin Chenoweth — Online
Host Brian Stokes Mitchell is joined by Tony and Emmy award-winning actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth. She’ll give us her take on how an opera student from Oklahoma winds up winning a Tony for You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown and then creates the iconic role of Glinda the Good Witch in one of Broadway’s biggest hits ever, Wicked. We’ll hear about her move to TV and winning an Emmy for Pushing Daisies, as well as her time on cultural TV touchstones The West Wing and Glee. She’ll also discuss her success in the recording studio with her No, 1 album from 2016 The Art of Elegance, her more recent recording For the Girls, and she’ll share exactly what a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame means to her. Hosted by Tony Award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell (Man of La Mancha), Crossovers Live! is an exciting and innovative talk show featuring stars who’ve made the jump from stage to film, television or music. Cheeky, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining; iconic artists share rarely heard stories and elaborate on their transition between different types of stardom. Candid discussions and unexpected laughs are just further reasons why Crossovers Live! is can’t-miss entertainment. A minimum of 10% of net proceeds from Crossovers Live! will benefit The Actors Fund.

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Crossovers Live! With Bernadette Peters — Online
Broadway icon, film and TV star Bernadette Peters joins Host Brian Stokes Mitchell to discuss her prolific Broadway career, including her Tony award winning performances (Annie Get Your Gun, Song and Dance), her vast TV career ranging from The Muppet Show and Ally McBeal to Mozart in the Jungle and The Good Fight, as well as her film career including her Golden Globe-winning performance in Pennies from Heaven and other memorable hits such as The Jerk and Annie. She’ll also discuss her Grammy nominated recording career, her “pet” charity Broadway Barks and her New York Times best-selling children’s books. Hosted by Tony Award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell (Man of La Mancha), Crossovers Live! is an exciting and innovative talk show featuring stars who’ve made the jump from stage to film, television or music. Cheeky, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining; iconic artists share rarely heard stories and elaborate on their transition between different types of stardom. Candid discussions and unexpected laughs are just further reasons why Crossovers Live! is can’t-miss entertainment. A minimum of 10% of net proceeds from Crossovers Live! will benefit The Actors Fund.

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Crossovers Live! The Holiday Finale — Online
To complete our star-studded season, join host Brian Stokes Mitchell and some very special guests for Crossovers Live! The Holiday Finale! Celebrate the season with a holiday lineup of crossover stars for a night of inspiring conversation and raucous holiday cheer. Wrap up the year in style and join us for the Crossovers Live! Holiday Special! Hosted by Tony Award-winning actor Brian Stokes Mitchell (Man of La Mancha), Crossovers Live! is an exciting and innovative talk show featuring stars who’ve made the jump from stage to film, television or music. Cheeky, thought-provoking, and wildly entertaining; iconic artists share rarely heard stories and elaborate on their transition between different types of stardom. Candid discussions and unexpected laughs are just further reasons why Crossovers Live! is can’t-miss entertainment. A minimum of 10% of net proceeds from Crossovers Live! will benefit The Actors Fund.

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Hershey Felder’s Great American Songbook Singalong: Live! — Online Broadcast with Audience Interaction
Based on the popular ‘Audience Singalongs’ that took place on Sunday and Monday nights during runs in theaters throughout the country, Hershey Felder and his team have created an event, where you can be directly involved and take part with a world-wide audience from home. Hershey will be interacting with you live from Teatro Verdi in Florence, Italy. When you purchase a ticket for your household, you will be able to enjoy the show from the comfort and privacy of your home, but you will also have the chance to submit a request for a song, or audition to sing live virtually during the live performance. Details for submissions will be in your ticket confirmation. Of all the submissions, 100 songs will be chosen and put into a hat. On the live broadcast, 20 songs will be picked out of the hat, and performed for and with a worldwide audience, some of whom will join the broadcast virtually. As usual, Hershey Felder will entertain with historical background on the chosen song and its composer and lyricist. The only criteria for song requests is that the composer and lyricist be American. Songs may come from any period in American history. Instructions for submission will be found in your purchase confirmation email. If your song request is chosen, you will be offered a complimentary pass to a show of your choice from the new season of shows announced at the end of the broadcast.

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Fresh Out Of The Box
The Funnest Sketch Show In New York City.

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Sleepy Hollow the Musical
Things happen in the hollow at night. Things we don’t speak about, and things you don’t want to know. 200 years ago Ichabod Crane lost his way in the hollow and was never seen again. Did the headless horseman get to him? Don’t look to the kindly folk of Sleepy Hollow for answers – they don’t take to strangers. Nominated for an Innovative Theatre Award for best original music, this musical adaptation of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow features live music and spell-binding choreography that draw you into the hollow and takes you for a breathless ride.

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Sponsored By: Sketch Comedy
Sponsored By: is a variety sketch comedy show featuring improvisers, stand-ups, musical guests, and well … sketch comedy!!

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I Mostly Blame Myself
I Mostly Blame Myself is a live sketch show based on the YouTube show of the same name. It’s a series of dark, weird yet relatable sketches that approach controversial topics we’ve been too nervous to discuss with our peers, such as: Did most of us peak in high school? Probably. Beverages will be offered before the show and during a brief intermission.

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Drunk Shakespeare
A self-proclaimed “drinking club with a Shakespeare problem,” the merry members of New York’s Drunk Shakespeare Society invite you to The Lounge for a night of suds and sonnets, cocktails and couplets, booze and … well, you get the idea. As one member of this talented cast of lead-livered actors imbibes more than their fair share of liquid courage, an outrageous evening of theater ensues as they attempt to lead the rest of the cast through a Shakespeare story in just over one hour. Rest assured, the results will be sloppy, silly and occasionally iambic as the night devolves into inevitable debauchery.

Discount Price:$29 - $49 (Regular Price: $55 - $93) BUY NOW
The Rose Room: Circus and Nightlife Supper Club
The Rose Room is an acclaimed circus and variety nightclub featuring award-winning international cuisine, world class entertainment, and an afterparty like no other. After a sold-out runs at 3 DollarBill and NYC’s Theatre District, The Rose Room has partnered with FEVERUP for a permanent residency at the historic NYC vaudeville club The Triad. Join us for nights of magic, mayhem, and wonder.

Discount Price:$35 (Regular Price: $50) BUY NOW
The Marvelous Mrs. McCluskey
Her husband’s an ex-con, her kids are stupid, but Ernestine McCluskey wants something more. She gets more than she expects when her clown nemesis becomes her manager and convinces her to try standup comedy. Join the crazy in this improvised comedy between desire, disgrace, and friendship.

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The Visitor
With heart, humor, and lush new songs, Pulitzer Prize and Tony-winning team Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey and Kwame Kwei-Armah bring their soul-stirring new musical based on the acclaimed independent film, The Visitor by Thomas McCarthy, to The Public for its World Premiere. Widowed and living alone, Walter is a college professor whose life has lost a sense of purpose. When Tarek, a vivacious drummer, and Zainab, an iron-willed jewelry maker, enter his life in the most unexpected circumstances, Walter is swept up into their struggle to stay in an America that they have made their home, but seeks to cast them out. Tony winner Daniel Sullivan directs this unforgettable new musical about friends and lovers caught between two worlds.

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A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet
Two nobodies dream of writing one hit song for everybody, but their day job composing jingles for commercials isn’t the big break they hoped. That is, until they’re plucked from obscurity by a world-famous pop star named Regina Comet (if destiny had a child, it would be her), and she wants them to create an anthem for her supernova pipes … and her new perfume. They’re so close to the big-time they can smell it, but following your passion doesn’t always lead where you expect. Making a hit song can be a shitshow. A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet is everything you want the first new musical premiering in NYC to be: whip-smart and stupid funny, packed with songs as catchy as a jingle, and only 80 minutes (half a Wicked) long. Don’t miss this hit in the making that’s for anyone who has a dream and isn’t ashamed it’s unrealistic.

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Diamond Series: Jennifer Holliday
Tony® and Grammy Award winner Jennifer Holliday makes her highly anticipated return to Feinstein’s/54 Below with a dazzling show featuring Broadway love songs to celebrate Valentine’s Day week. She will sing her own thrilling renditions of popular tunes and jazz standards from Broadway musicals along with her signature torch song of unrequited love from Dreamgirls. She’ll also pay tribute to some of her favorite composers, including George Gershwin, Harold Arlen, Rodgers & Hart, Cole Porter, and Duke Ellington, accompanied by a sextet of NY’s most accomplished musicians. Holliday catapulted to fame with the starring role in the smash hit Dreamgirls. She won a Grammy Award® for the show-stopping “And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going” and a Tony Award® for Best Actress in a Musical for the role. She won a 2nd Grammy for her take on Duke Ellington’s classic “Come Sunday." In 2016, she returned to Broadway in a revival of The Color Purple as sultry singer Shug Avery. Her credits also include Sing Mahalia Sing: The Mahalia Jackson Story, Downhearted Blues: The Bessie Smith Story, Harlem Suite, Chicago, Grease, & Black Nativity. Guests will be greeted with a welcome drink and hors d’oeuvres prior to a three-course dinner and an up-close and personal performance. Following the show, guests are invited to linger and savor their evening in the warm and stylish environs of Feinstein’s/54 Below. To ensure an intimate, comfortable, and never-to-be-forgotten experience, seating is limited.

Discount Price:$280 - $360 (Regular Price: $350 - $450) BUY NOW
Diamond Series: Megan Hilty
Join us for an intimate evening with Megan Hilty in her Feinstein’s/54 Below debut. The beloved star of stage and screen brings her powerful voice and sparkling personality to a show that ranges from Broadway hits to country classics and everything in between. A fan favorite for her portrayal of Glinda in Wicked and Doralee Rhodes in Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5: The Musical, Hilty became known worldwide as triple-threat Ivy Lynn in NBC’s Smash. She starred as Patsy Cline in Lifetime’s original movie Patsy & Loretta, earning a Critics Choice Award Nomination. Her TV credits include recurring roles on Girlfriends Guide to Divorce, The Good Wife, Braindead, Louie, and more. She received acclaim for her performance in Roundabout Theater Company’s revival of Noises Off, for which she earned nominations for the Tony®, Drama Desk and Drama League Awards and won a Audience Award for Favorite Featured Actress in a Play. Megan has performed internationally, including concerts with the NY Pops at Carnegie Hall, the National Symphony Orchestra at The Kennedy Center, & the NY Philharmonic at Lincoln Center. She has recorded 3 albums. Guests will be greeted with a welcome drink and hors d’oeuvres prior to a three-course dinner and an up-close and personal performance. Following the show, guests are invited to linger and savor their evening in the warm and stylish environs of Feinstein’s/54 Below.

Discount Price:$280 - $360 (Regular Price: $350 - $450) BUY NOW
Annual Pass The Mic: A Play Festival Amplifying AAPI Voices — Online
A Virtual Play Festival amplifying Asian American and Pacific Islander Voices. 5 new plays written and directed by AAPI artists, inspired by the current iteration of the movement for racial justice, equity, and AAPI represenation in the arts. Hosted by IAMA member Parvesh Cheena and writer-comedian D’Lo. Written by: Adam Gwon, Kit Yan, Alaudin Ullah, Charlie Oh, Nina Ki, Nicholas Pilapil, Jeanne Sakata, Nandita Shenoy, and MarkNoa Gardner. Directed by: Rodney To, Nelson T. Eusebio III, Gaven Trinidad, Jennifer Chang, Chay Yew, and Jully Lee. Special Performances by: Deborah Craig, Noa Gardner, Alladin Ullah, and Po’ai Lincon. Stay with us for the post-show discussion with select artists and a representative from CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment) and FilAm Arts about the importance of representation and the creative process. Half of the proceeds from this show will be donated to CAPE (Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment).

Discount Price:$7.50 - $10 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Paper Kraine
We’re back for a sixth season of new works in development! The Paper Kraine was created in 2016 to bring together works in their earliest stages, audiences, and nonprofits. Monthly, the PK team curates a new works sampler platter around a theme related to a nonprofit – all PK ticket proceeds and a passed hat go to support the work of organizations like the Ali Forney Center, UNWRA, Mentors Against Violence Prevention, and the ACLU.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
From the company that brought your the off-broadway hit Sense & Sensibility, comes a world premiere Jane Austen adaptation of Persuasion, written by Sarah Rose Kearns and directed by Bedlam Artistic Director Eric Tucker. In the aftermath of the Napoleonic wars, a shy English spinster seeks to win back the love of the man she jilted eight years before. Jane Austen’s last and most romantic novel, Persuasion first appeared in print in 1818, and is a meditation on love and loss, and what is constant in a changing world.

Discount Price:$20 - $45 (Regular Price: $40 - $90) BUY NOW
Fertile Ground New Works Showcase
Green Space is pleased to present the 2021-2022 Season of Fertile Ground beginning in September 2021. All performances are planned to be IN-PERSON, with an attending audience. Fertile Ground is a monthly new works series for emerging choreographers and experimenting, established professionals. Five artists present a work-in-progress and receive audience-driven feedback in a post-performance discussion (with wine!), moderated by Artistic Director, Valerie Green.

Discount Price:$7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
Alexis Michelle
Alexis Michelle returns to Feinstein’s/54 Below, this time with an unabashed tribute to her first true love, BROADWAY! Join Ms. Michelle, star of TLC’s Dragnificent! and RuPaul’s Drag Race, for an evening of her signature blend of theatrics and style! With songs made famous by Golden Era leading ladies from Lansbury to Loudon, Merman to Martin, Alexis is ready to open a new window and live, live, live! Broadway is back and so is Alexis Michelle! Music Director: Brandon James Gwinn, Creative Producer: James Will McBride.

Discount Price:$25.50 - $59.50 (Regular Price: $30 - $70) BUY NOW
F.I.R.E, Virtual Play
It’s Summer Drinks Night at an average Fifth Avenue hedge-fund and, for the generally isolated back office accountants, the most important night of the year. But when an emergency audit comes crashing down on the team moments before the exodus, networking and free snacks are replaced with panic and chaos. If the gang is to get through the night unscathed, they will have to confront those all-too-avoidable truths that conveniently slip into the shadows of corporate comfort.

Discount Price:$12.50 (Regular Price: $25) BUY NOW
Lorna Luft
Using her unique perspective born from a lifetime in entertainment, join Lorna Luft at Feinstein’s/54 Below as she brings levity to the craziness in the world around us by sharing favorites from the Great American Songbook. Expect some songs made famous by her mother and film legend, Judy Garland, as well as stories from Hollywood, Broadway, and beyond as only she can tell them. Born to legendary entertainer Judy Garland and producer Sid Luft, Lorna Luft made her performing debut singing on The Judy Garland Show. Since then, she has had dozens of starring and guest-starring roles on film and television, ranging from Grease 2 and Where the Boys Are ’84 to the series Murder She Wrote and Sean Saves the World. Lorna was co-executive producer of Life with Judy Garland, the 5 time Emmy award-winning miniseries based on her best-selling memoir, Me and My Shadows. Lorna has starred in American and British productions of Irving Berlin’s White Christmas. Her credits include her Broadway debut in Promises, Promises; Off-Broadway’s Snoopy and Extremities; the national tour of They’re Playing Our Song; a British tour of Pack of Lies; and Gypsy, Grease, Guys and Dolls, Mame, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown, among others. Lorna is a gifted concert and cabaret artist, performing in venues such as the Hollywood Bowl, Carnegie Hall, The London Palladium, and L’Olympia in Paris. Her acclaimed multi-media production, Songs My Mother Taught Me – The Judy Garland Songbook, melds one of the world’s most familiar songbooks with personal memories. It won two Ovation Awards, and a CD based on the show was released by First Night Records.

Discount Price:$55.25 - $106.25 (Regular Price: $65 - $125) BUY NOW
Marilu Henner: Music & Memories!
With the energy of a teenager, the wisdom of a sage, and the memory of a superhero, Marilu Henner, star of Taxi, Evening Shade, and Gettin’ the Band Back Together, takes you on a journey through her decades-long career filled with Broadway shows, movies, two hit sitcoms, and three husbands! Hilarious and heartfelt, this is an evening you won’t forget!

Discount Price:$42.50 - $80.75 (Regular Price: $50 - $95) BUY NOW
Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” “The Tell-tale Heart,” “The Masque of the Red Death” — Online
Join us for an evening delight live virtual play by Stephen Mead has made a specialty of reciting works of Poe, from memory, and bringing them to vivid life before your eyes. Stephen has had the honor of performing these works at the International Edgar Allan Poe Festival and at Poe House in Baltimore numerous times and has performed them at many venues in the USA, UK, and continental Europe. Now he will perform “The Raven,” “The Tell-tale Heart,” “The Masque of the Red Death,” and others for you in your home. Most 19th-century literature was written to be heard as well as read. and Stephen’s gripping performances of these pieces have enthralled audiences in the USA and UK since 1987. No costumes, no special lighting, no sets, only the performer in a bare space engaging your imagination. The program will consist of “The Raven” – one of the most famous and haunting poems ever written (about 12 minutes). “The Masque of the Red Death” – the chilling and strangely beautiful parable of the plague (about 18 minutes). “The Bells” – a famous and exciting poem (about 7 minutes). “The Tell-tale Heart”: an utterly gripping and incredibly powerful depiction of madness and murder (about 18 minutes), with spoken introductions making a total of about an hour. Stephen was born in the U.S. but lived in England from an early age and graduated from London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and speaks with a British accent. Hailed as “a brilliant artist” by Washington City Paper and ‘a virtuoso” by DC Theatre Arts, this will provide a gripping and unforgettable experience

Discount Price:$7.50 (Regular Price: $15) BUY NOW
CHEMICAL X: The Powerpuff Girls Improv Show
Every month, a group of loud actors completely make up a never-before-seen and never-to-be-seen-again episode of The Powerpuff Girls, with an added free screening of a classic episode after the performance. Yes, everything is improvised, even the fights.

Discount Price:$5 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
SILENT BUT DEADLY: A Mime Experience
Using our head, shoulders, knees, and toes, we’ll be contorting and wiggling into your hearts and nightmares. After a long year of miming in the digital theater world, SILENT BUT DEADLY is back for in-person performances guaranteed to make you think… something or other.

Discount Price:$5 (Regular Price: $10) BUY NOW
Carmen Cusack: Baring All
Tony Award® nominee Carmen Cusack, star of Bright Star, as well as the upcoming world-premiere musical from James Lapine and Tom Kitt, Flying Over Sunset, and featured in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, returns to Feinstein’s/54 Below in Baring All. Centered on her original music – old and new – and the stories within it that shaped her, Carmen will lay open her heart and what she has learned about herself and the world. Join Carmen as she shares her personal songbook to expose an evening of vulnerability, connection, and hope.

Discount Price:$55.25 - $106.25 (Regular Price: $65 - $125) BUY NOW
The Seth Concert Series: Shoshana Bean + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Shoshana Bean’s three independent solo albums have all topped the iTunes R&B and Blues charts in the U.S. and U.K., with her fourth and most recent project, Spectrum, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Jazz charts. She has sold-out solo concerts around the globe, lent her voice to countless films and television shows, amasses millions of views on YouTube, and performed alongside Ariana Grande, David Foster, Postmodern Jukebox, Brian McKnight, and Michael Jackson. Shoshana is a veteran of the Broadway stage having made her debut in the original cast of Hairspray, starring as the very first replacement for Elphaba in Wicked and most recently as Jenna in Waitress. She won a IRNE Award for her performance as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl and earned a Jeff Award nomination for her portrayal of Cee Cee Bloom in the pre-Broadway musical production of Beaches. SiriusXM Broadway host Seth Rudetsky is bringing back his acclaimed concert series every Sunday with his favorite Broadway stars! Those who have seen Seth’s concert series know that there is nothing else like them. And, best of all, because these concerts are completely live, YOU get to participate! Often Seth will read comments during the show AND take song suggestions from the audience.

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The Seth Concert Series: Erika Henningsen + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Erika Henningsen was most recently seen as Cady Heron in the original Broadway Cast of Mean Girls, for which she was nominated for an Outer Critics’ Circle Award. She made her Broadway debut as Fantine in the recent revival of Les Miserables and can be seen as Kim Ravenal in the PBS Special of Show Boat: Live from Lincoln Center with the New York Philharmonic. She recurred on Peacock’s Emmy-nominated series Girls5eva and appeared in Amazon’s original comedy Harlem. She recently founded the First Time Voters’ Club in partnership with Producing Blue to encourage young voters in involvement in the political sector and is an ambassador for the non-profit organization, She’s The First. SiriusXM Broadway host Seth Rudetsky is bringing back his acclaimed concert series every Sunday with his favorite Broadway stars! Those who have seen Seth’s concert series know that there is nothing else like them. And, best of all, because these concerts are completely live, YOU get to participate! Often Seth will read comments during the show AND take song suggestions from the audience.

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The Seth Concert Series: Jessie Mueller + Seth Rudetsky – Online
Jessie Mueller is a Tony and Grammy Award-winning actress and singer. She most recently appeared on Broadway in Tracy Lett’s The Minutes, the Kennedy Center’s The Music Man, and Julie Jordan in the recent revival of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel (Tony & Grammy nominations, Drama Desk Award.) She originated the roles of both Jenna in Waitress (Tony, DD & Grammy noms) and Carole King in Beautiful-The Carole King Musical (Tony, Grammy & DD Awards). Other concert appearances include Chicago’s Lyric Opera, Jazz at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall. SiriusXM Broadway host Seth Rudetsky is bringing back his acclaimed concert series every Sunday with his favorite Broadway stars! Those who have seen Seth’s concert series know that there is nothing else like them. And, best of all, because these concerts are completely live, YOU get to participate! Often Seth will read comments during the show AND take song suggestions from the audience.

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At This Performance
At This Performance … returns to The Green Room 42 featuring Broadway’s Standbys and Understudies. Stephen DeAngelis continues his ongoing salute to Broadway and Off-Broadway Standbys, Understudies and Alternates with its next edition of At This Performance … at The Green Room 42. Hosted by series Producing Artistic Director and Casting Director Stephen DeAngelis, the popular series allows performers to showcase their versatility and share anecdotes about their experiences. At This Performance … debuted in October 2003 and to date has showcased the talents of 1037 Standbys, Understudies and Alternates who have covered 4894 roles in 539 Broadway and Off-Broadway productions including (in alphabetical order): Heidi Blickenstaff, Alex Brightman, Laura Bell Bundy, Matt Doyle, Telly Leung, Caissie Levy, Kyle Dean Massey, Rory O’Malley, Bryce Pinkham, Kate Rockwell, Sarah Stiles and Jessica Vosk.

Discount Price:$19 - $49 (Regular Price: $29 - $69) BUY NOW
Mykal Kilgore
Grammy nominated R&B-Soul singer-songwriter, Mykal Kilgore, is ready to get back on stage and give the world all he’s got! For his Feinstein’s/54 Below show, Kilgore pulls his bubbly persona, the joy of the holiday season and familiar holiday nostalgia, together with his creative twist. His multi-octave vocal ability is powerful and elegant – and stretches across music genres, while his lyrics color the outlines of each of our personal experiences. This eclectic, energetic mix is guaranteed to educate, entertain, and elevate the lives of all who have the luxury of experiencing his unmatched sound. Mykal Kilgore was born and raised in Orlando, Florida, before moving to Nashville, Tennessee as a singer-songwriter after attending Florida State University. This led to his growth in theatre and his start on Broadway, where he was mentored by Billy Porter, and grew as a performing artist. His credits include Motown: The Musical, The Wiz Live! and Hair. Mykal Kilgore has experience giving a breath-taking performance and this Feinstein’s/54 Below show will be another one that allows him to spread positivity and love through his art.

Discount Price:$59.50 - $119 (Regular Price: $70 - $140) BUY NOW
Give ’Em Hell Harry! A One-Man Show Starring Clifton Truman Daniel
Give ’Em Hell Harry!, by Samuel Gallu, is a faithful and often humorous portrayal of President Harry S. Truman’s life and presidency. It spans his childhood, his political apprenticeship as a judge in Jackson County, MO, his years in the US Senate and his momentous two terms as president. Actor James Whitmore originated the role in 1975. Clifton Truman Daniel took up the mantle in October 2017, marking the first time in history a US president would be portrayed onstage by a direct descendant … in this case, his oldest grandson.

Discount Price:COMP (Regular Price: $75) BUY NOW
Golden Girls Live On Stage!: The “Lost” Halloween Episode
America loved the long-running NBC sitcom The Golden Girls, tuning in weekly to laugh at the bawdy antics and hilarious quips of geriatric roomies Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia. Now, you can be a live audience member at the Producers’ Club in New York for an affectionate parody with an all-male cast portraying the (mostly) silver-haired ladies live on stage as if they’d never left their Miami home. Enjoy an episode that never was: “The Lost Halloween Episode,” which recounts the girls embarking on a field trip to Salem, where schoolteacher Dorothy is teaching The Crucible.

Discount Price:$27.75 - $39.75 (Regular Price: $42.50 - $55) BUY NOW
The Wildly Inappropriate Poetry of Arthur Greenleaf Holmes
New poetry and comedy from the world’s pre-eminent poet of the perverse.

Discount Price:$25 - $30 (Regular Price: $30 - $35) BUY NOW
Friends The Musical Parody
Friends! The Musical Parody is the comedic musical that lovingly pokes fun at TV’s Friends, celebrating the adventures of your favorite group of 20-something friends as they navigate the pitfalls of work, life, and love in 1990s Manhattan. Friends! The Musical Parody re-creates our favorite moments from all 10 years of Friends through an uncensored, fast-paced musical filled romp.

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Hershey Felder presents A Holiday Special – Online Film
Over some 30 years, patrons have asked for productions telling the stories and featuring the music of composers and musical stars throughout the ages. For our season closer, the artist chosen to be featured will be based on patron choice. If you purchase a full season pass you will be able to send us your request, one per ticket. The now-deceased composer/artist with the most requests will become the subject of our second season closer. Winner of this audience event will be granted a walk-on role in the filmed production, all expense paid travel and lodging to location of production for five days. Submissions close June 30th, 2022.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder presents The Crazy Widow (Of Moses de Leon) – A New Musical Film
In the 13th century, the medieval walled city of Avila, Spain, was home to hundreds of Jewish Mystics, among them Moses de Leon, author of The Zohar, the work of literature upon which the Kabbalah – Jewish Mysticism – is based. Red strings tied around wrists and other such fanciful actions are only a tiny part of a little-known story that is sure to surprise, delight and elicit a great deal of wonder about a wild, mystical world.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder presents Chopin in Paris – A New Musical Film
Based on the well-known play Monsieur Chopin, and filmed in Paris and Warsaw, Hershey Felder recreates Paris, 1848, at the time of the revolution where the great Polish composer-pianist Fryderyk Chopin gives a piano lesson that reveals his secrets about music — and even more so — about himself.

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Hershey Felder presents The Assembly – A New Musical Film
The true story of Holocaust survivor Eva Libitzky who spent her post-war life in America visiting primary and secondary schools through the United States to tell her story. At one particular school, a diverse group of students who study music but are unaware of the events of WWII gather at an assembly to “honor” their guest with music. As Eva’s story reveals itself, there is a shocking turn of events, where everyone present finds themselves reliving a very terrifying past. In collaboration with the San Diego School of Creative and Performing Arts.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder presents The Verdi Fiasco – A New Musical Film
March 6th, 1853. Venice, Teatro La Fenice, Guiseppe Verdi’s opera, La Traviata has its opening night. Would a story about a courtesan dying of consumption sung by a soprano too “ample” to be consumed by anything, and a cast of characters that seemed to have wandered in to the theater off the street, survive the most vicious public shaming an opera had ever seen? Even Verdi himself wasn’t sure.

Discount Price:$50 (Regular Price: $55) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder presents Mozart and Figaro in Vienna – A New Musical Film
The world first heard and saw The Marriage of Figaro in Vienna in 1786. The opera considered by many the first and perhaps only perfect opera born of a staggering collaboration between Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Lorenzo da Ponte – a Jew, a priest and a brothel owner all rolled into one. Da Ponte had been banished from Venice due to his low-rent behavior, and he ended up in Vienna, where he was introduced to Mozart by Mozart’s landlord, a mutual acquaintance of both. Finding each other full of jokes and hijinks, with Mozart at the helm, the two of them decide to take a banned play by the French writer Beaumarchais and turn it into the greatest and move beloved opera ever composed.

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Hershey Felder presents Dante and Beatrice in Florence – A New Musical Film
The heroine of Dante’s Divine Comedy is Beatrice whom he met but only twice in Florence, once when he was nine, and against when he was 18. Dante was so smitten with Beatrice that she remained his ideal love for the rest of his life. Our story begins in the little church that still stands in Florence where they first met more than 700 years ago.

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Hershey Felder Live From Florence: 2-Show Holiday Subscription – Online
Described by American Theatre Magazine as “a seductive portraitist, compelling storyteller, and superb concert pianist,” Hershey Felder is truly in his element when he’s on stage embodying the greatest composers of all time. Watch his talent shine with two performances that’ll capture the spirit of Dante and Mozart. This package also includes unlimited access to the Live From Florence library of all of Hershey Felder’s previous streaming events.

Discount Price:$89 (Regular Price: $385) BUY NOW
Hershey Felder Live From Florence: 7-Show Subscription
Hershey Felder is a phenomenon — there’s no other way to categorize this truly unique talent who’s created close to a dozen hit one-man bio-musicals about the greatest composers ever known. With this 7-show season subscription, you’ll witness Felder’s extraordinary range in action as his Live From Florence performances bring to life Chopin, Verdi, Mozart and more. This package also includes unlimited access to the Live From Florence library of all of Hershey Felder’s previous streaming events.

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Get Happy: Michael Feinstein Celebrates the Judy Garland Centennial
Join Michael Feinstein as he travels through the life and songs of Judy Garland to kick off her 100th birthday. This event will be celebrated in 2 parts, with 2 new multimedia live shows executive produced by Liza Minnelli, that will feature film clips, never-before seen photos, rare audio recordings, great music, and good humor. Each part can be enjoyed independently or together. Part 1, The Early Years, December 15-19 at 7:00pm: Michael will explore the early parts of Judy’s life and career from vaudeville through the MGM years. Part 2, The Later Years Dec 22-24 at 7:00pm, Dec 25 at 8:00pm, Dec 26 at 7:00pm Michael will explore the later parts of Judy’s life and career from her many groundbreaking concert performances, TV, post-MGM films, and more. Join Michael and music director Tedd Firth, alongside award-winning producer and broadcaster Elliott Forrest and Judy Garland author, John Fricke, for a colorful journey through her career with new arrangements, medleys, and surprises. Michael Feinstein, Ambassador of the Great American Songbook, has built a dazzling career, from recordings that have earned him 5 Grammy Award nominations to his Emmy nominated PBS-TV specials to his acclaimed NPR series and concerts. His work as an educator and archivist define him as one of the most important musical forces of our time. On Dec 25, our regular menu will be replaced by a Christmas prix fixe with classic holiday dishes and other festive favorites. Guests will be charged $85 each for their meals (this does not include beverages or tax/gratuity).

Discount Price:$72.25 - $131.75 (Regular Price: $85 - $155) BUY NOW
Is This A Room
You are about to witness Reality Winner’s last hour of freedom. IS THIS A ROOM takes place on June 3, 2017 when former Air Force intelligence specialist Reality Winner was surprised at her home by the FBI. Every word, cough, and breath you hear on stage is taken straight from their actual conversation. This theatrical thriller stars EMILY DAVIS as Winner in a performance “of heart-wrenching rawness and lucidity.”

Discount Price:$39 - $126.50 (Regular Price: $42.50 - $149) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: The Reparations Show
What have you done for us lately? If you don’t have a good answer, we’ll send you our Venmo username. The Reparations Show is a variety show that will center stories created by and about Black and Indigenous artists. This weekly show kicks off on Juneteenth as part of FRIGID New York’s Queerly Festival, and each week will be hosted by a different BIPOC artist. The show is the brainchild of Erez Ziv, managing artistic director of FRIGID New York, and Kevin R. Free, the Curator of The Queerly Festival. It was created as a way to offer paid opportunities for BIPOC artists. Besides featuring work by these artists, each episode will include a segment called “This Week in Reparations” that examines an organization’s statement of solidarity with the #BLACKLIVESMATTER movement and keeps track of the work they have done toward that goal since releasing the statement.

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They were murdered in a basement, and seventy years later I acquired them as relatives. The tragic story of my adoptive family.

Discount Price:FREE (Regular Price: COMP) BUY NOW
David Sabella Sings Kander & Ebb: 25CHICAGO25, Feat. Haley Swindal
David Sabella, original co-star in Chicago the Musical, celebrates the 25th Anniversary of Broadway’s longest running American musical with the music of Kander and Ebb and a special behind-the-scenes look at the show’s creation and his long history as “Mary Sunshine.” Sabella, best known for his years on Broadway in the musical Chicago, is also an award-winning actor, and an internationally recognized classical singer whom Luciano Pavarotti deemed “Excellent, not good, excellent!” In addition to originating the co-starring role of “Mary Sunshine” in the 1996 revival of Chicago with Bebe Neuwirth, Ann Reinking, Joel Grey, James Naughton and Marcia Lewis, Sabella starred as Julian Eltinge in Jules, and as Phillie in The Phillie Trilogy by Doug DeVita, for which he won an “Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play” award from the Fresh Fruit Festival. As a voiceover artist Sabella has starred in several network television cartoon series, including Peter Pan and the Pirates for FOX and Teacher’s Pet for Disney. And, as a classical singer, he starred in the title role of Giulio Cesare (Virginia Opera, available on Koch International Label), L’incoronazione di Poppea (Utah opera), and Die Fledermaus (Lincoln Center). Featuring Jana Robbins (The Tale of the Allergist’s Wife, Gypsy), Haley Swindal (Chicago, Jekyll & Hyde)

Discount Price:$76.50 (Regular Price: $90) BUY NOW
Mornings at Seven
Mornings at Seven, Paul Osborn’s treasured comedy classic, returns to New York for the first time in 20 years this fall featuring an all-star cast. Set in the early 1920’s in a small midwestern town, Mornings at Seven tells the story of the 4 Gibbs sisters, all of whom live within within a “stone’s throw” of each other. Now in their late 60’s, the sisters and their husbands find themselves at a dramatic “fork in the road,” forced to confront long-standing rivalries and betrayals as well as the fears and disappointments of advanced middle age. At once hilarious and deeply touching, Mornings at Seven lays bare the inner workings of the American family in all its messy, embarrassing, ridiculous glory.

Discount Price:$47.50 (Regular Price: $79) BUY NOW
Tammany Hall
Tammany Hall, a new, site-specific, immersive downtown theater experience takes you back to the legendary Election Night of November 5, 1929 for an intimate experience of the corruption, scandal, and romance that brought New York’s most notorious political machine crashing down. Cast your vote and await the results of the night’s major mayoral race while exploring 15 rooms spanning 7,500sq.-ft. of Soho Playhouse, one of New York’s landmark Jazz Age hotspots. Rub shoulders with some of New York’s most legendary politicians like Jimmy Walker and Fiorella Laguardia, showgirls like Legs Diamond and Betty Compton, and a host of nefarious gangsters and molls, all in the very rooms where it all happened during the Prohibition Era. Observe political plots in the club room, spy on trysts in the penthouse suite, peek in at Follies rehearsals on stage, and maybe even knock back libations while conspiring with henchmen and government spies in the underground speakeasy. Experience the original political machine and cast your vote at Tammany Hall.

Discount Price:$49 (Regular Price: $69) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: Stories in Heels
From Joan Crawford to Joan Collins; from Mama Jean to Monica Lewinsky; from Peggy Lee to Joey Heatherton, Jamie Brickhouse has been the fly to the flames of these larger-than-life ladies. Brickhouse pays them glamorous homage with a cabaret-style evening of stories all told in high heels, giving tall tales new meaning. Called a “natural raconteur” by the Washington Post, Jamie is a National Storytelling Grand Slam champ, 4-time Moth StorySLAM winner and TikTok “#storiesinheels” star with over 2 million views.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: A Star Alone
This hilarious romp features a small town, naive girl, who despite all odds, makes it to the Couture runways of Paris which is the highest realm of modeling. After blindly going from one country to the next with no direction, and jaw dropping experiences, she is luckily guided by the men in her life to survive and achieve success. A native of Portland, Oregon, Shailah relocated to New York, to pursue her modeling career. After signing with the Ford agency, she soon moved to Paris, where she lived for over two years, and became a much sought after, International Couture model. She traveled to places like Germany, London, Milan, Rome, Japan, Portugal, Finland, Africa, and more, modeling for the most prestigious designers in the world, including Yves St. Laurent, Givenchy, Dior, Valentino, Versace, Armani, just to name a few. After a very successful, lucrative career in Paris, she moved back to New York City, where she is now based. She has penned an intriguing memoir entitled Wild Child to Couture Style: The Shailah Edmonds Story, which chronicles her tumultuous journey from Portland to Paris. It was featured in The New York Times along with her play A Star Alone, which had two sold-out performances.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
A solo stand-up/theatrical production that demands to exist. Overcoming childhood sexual abuse, she disassociates imagining people as animals. BIRD is a solo play: part stand-up, part memoir, part fever dream created by Kylie Vincent (Adult Swim) and Barbara Pitts McAdams (Laramie Project). A new age solo piece that aims towards sharing and uplifting a story of sexual trauma through the elements of comedy & theatre. A solo show using elements of stand-up & memoir to tell the relevant story of BIRD. The personal story begs the question, can Bird soar above sexual abuse? She disassociates imagining people as animals, coping through comedy and imagination. Vincent is a stand-up, activist, and theatre artist in New York City. Previously, in her capacity as March For Our Lives NY State Action Director, Kylie is a frequent speaker & producer for art & activism events. As an actor/sketch artist, Kylie has been seen in NBC’s pilot Gen Z, Adult Swim’s Digikiss, and UCB NYC’s Hells Kitchen, Main Stage. Kylie has traveled to Europe for Stand-up in her Amsterdam Tour & been published in multiple outlets for her comedy writing such as LOL Comedy & Points In Case. With her first full-length play BIRD, Kylie brings her loves of comedy, activism, and theatre together, sharing her story and a cathartic, empowering message about sexual violence and survivorship.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: ACES: Storytelling Sets From Some of NYC’s Best
10-minute storytelling sets from folks who have had their work featured by The Moth, The Onion, The New Yorker, The Public Theater, and more. Hosted by David Lawson who most recently performed in Rage Restaurant, a sketch for Comedy Central. Over the past year his work hosting and curating storytelling shows for The Queens Theatre’s #QueensTheatreAtHome program has been profiled by Time Out New York, NBC New York, and American Theatre Magazine.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: Animal Farm
A one-woman show adaptation of George Orwell’s classic, Animal Farm. With a pair of sticks, I transform into every animal in this show and narrate. Reilly Arena is a 22-year-old actress hailing from Los Angeles, California where she lives with her boyfriend and two blind cats. She has extensive training from the UMN/Guthrie Theatre BFA actor training program, HB Studios, Groundlings, and Stella Adler. She is so thankful to Erez for this opportunity, her loving boyfriend, and her ever-supportive mom to whom she owes everything. This production is dedicated to her papa, who always has a copy of Animal Farm on his shelf.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: Still Sick: Stories of Long Covid
Join award-winning and critically acclaimed Una Aya Osato and friends for their first performance of stories navigating life with Long COVID. March 2020, NYC was the epicenter of the COVID-19 global pandemic. That’s when we first became sick. Thousands of New Yorkers like us who contracted COVID-19 over the last year and a half have not gotten better. We are the Long Haulers. Come hear our stories about negotiating family, work and life in this new reality, and the community we’ve formed to make it through. Una Aya Osato is a performer, writer, sex educator, CareBear, clown, and stripper from NYC. They are an award-winning actor and playwright who tours her original work nationally and internationally. Una is also a co-founding member of brASS: Brown RadicalAss Burlesque, a BIPOC femme burlesque collective. Una has been featured in The New York Times, Teen Vogue, NPR’s CodeSwitch, NowThis, and many other publications and platforms.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: What a Difference a Year Makes
Michele Carlo has always been determined to find the”silver lining”; in anything. But has the “CoñoCarajo”; pandemic finally been what’s tougher than she is? Michele is a native New Yorker, a Nuyorican, a natural redhead, and remembers when a slice of pizza (and the NYC subway) cost 75 cents. As a storyteller, she has performed across the U.S., including Joe’s Pub, RISK! live shows and podcast, and the MOTH’s Mainstage in NYC; and has appeared on NPR (Latino USA) and PBS (Latino Americans of NY & NJ, Stories from the Stage). She is also the author of the NYC-set memoir Fish Out of Agua: My life on neither side of the (subway) tracks.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
GOTHAM: Double Bill: The Devil & The Sugar
The Devil by Jackson Sturkey: A work in progress, for Jackson had never believed that the Devil lived in the house at the bottom of the hill. When at the end of the summer of 2018 he was asked if he remembered that teacher from his is private Christian high school, he did not. This story unpacks the machinations of the institution and how they spent years hiding the Devil they know. Singer/Songwriter. Cabaret Performer. And Host extraordinaire. Jackson Sturkey is one of the last of the Good Time Charlies. He normally can be found at many haunts of the east village and is also a Perennial player of Frigid NYC, Plan B Variety show, Liquid Family Dinner Cabaret, Ten foot rat Cabaret, NYC talent show and many more. His obsession with old Hollywood can be seen in his insta feed @outlatetonight. His most recent home has been Pangea. The Sugar by Gastor Almonte: After a near-fatal hospital stay that ended with a diabetes diagnosis, Gastor returned home to the shocking discovery that this was a prevalent issue in his community. Gastor Almonte is an award-winning stand up comedian, storyteller, writer, and host. He’s appeared on Comedy Central’s This Is Not Happening, VICE and PBS. TIMEOUT magazine named him one of your “New Comedy Obsessions.” He’s a 2020 Webby award winner for his appearance on World Channel’s Stories from the Stage. He’s the host of The War Report Podcast with Shalewa Sharpe and his debut album Immigrant Made reached No. 1 on iTunes, Amazon Music and GooglePlay charts.

Discount Price:$10 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW
The Fever
What’s the cost of comfort? In The Fever, playwright, actor and cultural icon Wallace Shawn (My Dinner with André, The Designated Mourner) captures the crisis of conscience of a privileged American traveler visiting a war-torn country. Faced with the disparity between her rarified world and the real world, she can’t help but wonder if she’s part of the solution, or part of the problem. Three-time Emmy Award nominee Lili Taylor (Six Feet Under, American Crime) stars in this profoundly engaging and provocative journey, directed by The New Group’s founding Artistic Director Scott Elliott. The Fever’s creative team includes Arnulfo Maldonado (scenic design), Qween Jean (costume design), Cha See (lighting design), and Justin Ellington (sound design).

Discount Price:$38 (Regular Price: $68) BUY NOW
Lackawanna Blues
Tony Award winner Ruben Santiago-Hudson returns to MTC for the Broadway debut of his brilliant solo play celebrating the strong, big-hearted woman who raised him: Miss Rachel. In a 1950s boarding house outside Buffalo, Nanny, as she was affectionately called, opened her doors to anyone and everyone in need of kindness, hope, compassion and care. Giving a tour-de-force performance accompanied by live music written by acclaimed composer Bill Sims, Jr. and performed by Blues Hall of Fame Guitarist Junior Mack, Santiago-Hudson embodies more than 20 vibrant characters, creating a richly textured reminiscence that’s inspiring, uplifting and right at home on Broadway.

Discount Price:Sold Out (Regular Price: Coming Soon) BUY NOW
Season Reopening Celebration
Join the fun as the NYGASP Repertory Company and Orchestra engage in a romp through favorites from the G&S canon – including the first rate opportunity to indulge in audience requests performed impromptu after intermission. Old friends, fresh new faces, and our loyal orchestra members can’t wait to share the glee of the G&S repertoire with our cherished friends and fans who “plough the sea”!

Discount Price:COMP (Regular Price: $60) BUY NOW
Theatre in a Meeting Room: Manhattan Edition
The Ultimate NYC Experience. Watch two brand new theatrical shows in an intimate location. Only 10 tickets available per show.

Discount Price:$5 - $7 (Regular Price: $10 - $15) BUY NOW
The Broadway Cast Reunion Series: Beetlejuice — Online
Meet the original Broadway stars of the Tony-nominated musical Beetlejuice. He’s back … and deader than ever! Beetlejuice is returning to Broadway and haunting a brand new house. Based on Tim Burton’s dearly beloved film, this hilarious musical tells the story of Lydia Deetz, a strange and unusual teenager whose whole life changes when she meets a recently deceased couple and a demon with a thing for stripes.With an irreverent book, an astonishing set, and a score that’s out of this Netherworld, Beetlejuice is “SCREAMINGLY GOOD FUN!” (Variety). And under its uproarious surface (six feet under, to be exact), it’s a remarkably touching show about family, love, and making the most of every Day-O! The Broadway Cast Reunion Series gives audiences a chance to do what they may never have done before: visit “backstage” with the cast and hear personal, hilarious, unscripted stories and gossip – as the casts really let their hair down. Viewers can even ask questions via the chat feature!

Discount Price:$15 (Regular Price: $20) BUY NOW