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New York - Dance

Pilobolus invites you to Come to Your Senses! Engage with childlike wonder in the miracle of your senses through both classic and brand new repertory that begins by examining our biology and ends by utilizing the senses in a refreshing immersion in the biosphere. ​Pilobolus has performed on Broadway, at the Oscars, and the Olympic games, and has appeared on television, in movies, in advertisements, and in schools and businesses and created over 120 dance works. The company continues to propel the seeds of expression via human movement to every corner of the world, growing and changing each year while reaching new audiences and exploring new visual and musical planes. Combining dazzling surrealism, poetic movement, and sheer physical strength, Pilobolus creates work like you’ve never seen before. Seeing them at Lehman Center is an opportunity you can’t miss!

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The Russian National Ballet has been bringing timeless ballet classics to the stages of North America since 1999. Founded in Moscow during the transitional period of Perestroika in the late 1980s, the company used their new-found creative freedom, influenced by the political movement, to invigorate the tradition of Russian Ballet with new developments in dance from around the world. In 1994, the legendary Bolshoi principal dancer Elena Radchenko was selected by Presidential decree to assume the first permanent artistic directorship of the company. Ms. Radchenko is the founder of the Russian National Ballet, focusing on upholding the grand national tradition of the major Russian ballet works and developing new talents throughout Russia, with a repertory of virtually all of the great full works which continue to enlighten, inspire, and entertain audience across the continent.

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Online Class — Beginners Salsa Dancing: Easy 6 Step Formula
Your complete guide to dancing Salsa. From the foundation to being a show-stopper on the dance floor, Josie Neglia will take you step-by-step (literally) to fully understand and develop into a great Salsa social dancer even if you have never danced before! Seven modules are broken down in an easy-to-follow format. Then once you have all the working parts, you will put it together in a flowing way with Josie’s 6-Point Salsa Formula.

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XIValentine, A Virtual Variety Show
Roses are red, violets are blue, pop the Champagne, Company XIV loves you! Slink into a sensual evening at home with spectacular burlesque, circus, music, magic and aerial performances.

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The History of Joy – Social Justice: Online
Take an unforgettable theatrical journey through moments of everyday magic and extraordinary possibility. In partnership with award-winning poet laureate nominee Gill Sotu, The History of Joy is a 4-part series of cinematic performances inspired by real-life stories of struggle, beauty, and triumph. Each segment will be accompanied by creative interpretations of the theme by some of San Diego’s most innovative organizations in dance, theater, opera, puppetry, visual arts, and more. Inspired by the 8 pillars of joy outlined in The Book of Joy – written by the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Doug Abrams. Produced in partnership with The Rosin Box Project, this segment is themed around Social Justice and explores the pillars of humility and perspective. Featuring creative content and conversations by Pacific Arts Movement, artists Neil Shigley and Milan Finnie, North Coast Repertory Theatre, San Diego Repertory Theatre, and the San Diego African American Museum of Fine Arts.

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Hailed as one of Maria Caruso’s greatest solo creations to date, Metamorphosis has been performed across the globe since its premiere at Israel’s Karmiel Dance Festival in 2018. The evening length performance took root after Caruso’s extensive work with the Martha Graham Contemporary Dance Company and the artistic evolution resulting from her performances of Martha Graham’s iconic solo Lamentation. Hungry to create an expansive work for the world’s stage, Metamorphosis was born. The work is an emotional journey through life’s many transitions, and it is based on her own experiences but broadened to be more universal. Throughout the performance the audience is immersed in Caruso’s drastic emotional shifts as she uses a series of costume changes into differently colored dresses as a metaphor for turning points in her character’s journey.

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Take Root: Alison Cook Beatty Dance and Anabella Lenzu — Online
Take Root continues with Virtual performances for the month of July 2021 with works by Alison Cook Beatty Dance and Anabella Lenzu. Alison Cook Beatty Dance presents Mahaway: Spring Eternal is a two-act ballet that tells the story of a Mother Skunk named Akhushtal, her baby girl Mahaway, and a protective jaguar named Ix Chel. Anabella Lenzu presents The night that you stopped acting/La noche que dejaste de actuar, which confronts the absurdity and irony of life, while being an artist and a spectator in today’s world. The work reflects Anabella Lenzu’s experience as a Latina/European artist living in New York and comes from a deep examination of her motivations as a woman, mother, and immigrant.

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Take Root: Hee Ra Yoo and N/N Dance Collaborative — Online
Take Root August features works by Hee Ra Yoo and N/N Dance Collaborative. The Korean phrase “거의 다왔는데” means reaching for something that is just a little too far, but possible to obtain, roughly translated to English as “almost there.” Yoo and Dancers’ new work is about our collective dream to reach our desires in a modern, chaotic world. The dancers represent a crowd becoming a stampede, a warning of one possible outcome of our current path. Almost There was developed during Yoo and Dancers’ three-month residency at Dixon Place. N/N Dance Collaborative presents a selection of dance works crafted in situ, where movement and location are fully integrated. Nancy Brier’s Breezeblocks (2019), Mother Earth Sings (2021) and Now Was Zen (2021) are works that submerge us in otherworldly environments and take us out into raw nature – searching for humanity’s delicate balance between social and environmental, between dysfunction and transformational change. Nicole Speletic’s DNA (2019) and Dis-Ease (2020-21) peer into internal spaces, the ones deep within ourselves and the ones that we intimately inhabit — places which quietly bear witness to the lived moments we nightly withstand or daily pass through (created in Ljubljana, Slovenia).

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Take Root – October: Aya Jane Saotome & Nattie Trogdon and Hollis Bartlett
Take Root is a monthly curated series that supports dance makers by providing an opportunity to present a paired evening of work. Participating artists build their body of work; network with fellow choreographers, dancers, and collaborators; and find new audiences. Who Knows the Show presents a journey from East to West and beyond! From rural Japan to New York City, everyday life and extraordinary events are told through dance, theater, comedy and music. Directed and choreographed by Aya Jane Saotome in collaboration with the dancers and musicians. A collaged duet performance work, O Fallen Angel utilizes the body and performance as a vessel – a container for meaning-making. Confronting our collective and personal assumptions, perceptions, desires and relationship to the moving body on stage; this work is expressed through a patchwork of images, rigorous repetition, stillness, and deep formalism. O Fallen Angel is a vase for the audience to fill and a vase for the performer to hold. It is a work about ghosts and Enya, Florida, deserted places, mundane tasks, Haint Blue, relationship, desire, shame, rigor, repetition and what we hide under the surface – just right under the surface.

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Fertile Ground New Works Showcase – October 2021
Green Space is pleased to present October’s Fertile Ground New Works Showcase. All performances are planned to be in-person, with an attending audience. Fertile Ground is a monthly new works series for emerging choreographers and experimenting, established professionals. Five artists present a work-in-progress and receive audience-driven feedback in a post-performance discussion (with wine!) moderated by Artistic Director, Valerie Green.

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Fertile Ground New Works Showcase – January 2022
Green Space is pleased to present the 2021-2022 Season of Fertile Ground beginning in September 2021. Fertile Ground is a monthly new works series for emerging choreographers and experimenting, established professionals. Five artists present a work-in-progress and receive audience-driven feedback in a post-performance discussion (with wine!) moderated by Artistic Director, Valerie Green.

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Take Root – January: VISIONS Contemporary Ballet, Aika Takeshima
Ranardo-Domeico Grays/VISIONS Contemporary Ballet: Ranardo-Domeico Grays/VISIONS Contemporary Ballet will premiere Lifted, about self-acceptance, appreciation, and triumph. Also being presented is Beautiful Madness, which reveals three sides of one person. Poems are written and read by Grays with music by Vir-Amicus. Aika Takeshima: Aika Takeshima presents L Train. We are not in control of events. Each moment is not going to last forever. Everything is subject to change. Where is the stability? Things change in a few seconds, without acknowledging it. At the end, life seems like the L train line: Everyone goes in the same direction, but nobody has the same destination.

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Take Root – December: wantheatre/Huwang Zhang
Wan Dance Theater/Huiwang Zhang: Zhang’s new evening-length work, Degrees of Freedom, explores the concept of “self-reliance” within a tediously set choreographic structure. The piece begins with a solo body inquiring in task-based movement. Henry David Thoreau’s writing on the duty of civil disobedience in Walden inspires the work to expand into a trio experimenting with physical and social limitations of each individual. The dancers move on the premise of gravity and exist beyond the color of their skin. Degrees of Freedom begins the search for a structure that can allow individual free will to manifest, interact and disobey. Earlier stages of this work have been supported by the Queens Council on the Arts’ Independent Artist Grant.

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Fertile Ground New Works Showcase – November 2021
Green Space is pleased to present the 2021-2022 Season of Fertile Ground beginning in September 2021. Fertile Ground is a monthly new works series for emerging choreographers and experimenting, established professionals. Five artists present a work-in-progress and receive audience-driven feedback in a post-performance discussion (with wine!) moderated by Artistic Director, Valerie Green.

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Take Root: Biodynamic Movement Inc/Fisher & Choi, Syren Modern Dance
Biodynamic Movement Inc. / Fischer & Choi: In grappling with the dark and light aspects of being, this piece invites images of gore and transcendental flight. It quietly asks the audience to embrace their hidden desirable and undesirable expressions. Resistance is Fertile’ is at times a movement monologue invoking a circle of 1000 dialogues while set against the stark contrast of minimal stage design. This piece’s inspiration explores what happens when one may be removed from instinct and possibly devoured by the powers that be, metaphorically and literally. Syren Modern Dance: Thina meaning us/we in Zulu, is an ongoing project created by Kate St. Amand for the dancers of Syren during the Covid-19 pandemic. Inspired by music of South African composers Reuben T. Caluza, Philip Miller, and Ann Masina, Thina is a multi-phasic project that continues to unfold in real time, uniquely shaped by the ever-shifting conditions of the Covid-19 Pandemic. After 21 months away from performing in person, Syren is overjoyed to perform in NYC at Take Root in November, and to share phase 3 of Thina as a robust, full contact, group dance.

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Fall for Dance Festival
The 18th Fall for Dance Festival launches our re-opening for in-person performances! Experience the thrill of live dance again in five unique programs—each featuring three different groups of artists and companies presented this year without intermissions—all for the price of a movie ticket. Providing artists with valuable opportunities to create new works, four New York City Center commissions will be presented by tap dance superstar Ayodele Casel, modern dance legend Lar Lubovitch for New York City Ballet principal dancers Adrian Danchig-Waring and Joseph Gordon, and The Verdon Fosse Legacy reconstruction of a series of dances based on trios originally created for Tony Award-winning actor and dancer Gwen Verdon and feature New York City Ballet soloist Georgina Pazcoguin. The fourth, a co-commission with Vail Dance Festival, will be created by sought-after choreographer Justin Peck for New York City Ballet principal Tiler Peck and American Ballet Theatre principal Herman Cornejo.

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